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Babykicks Organic

I first saw this diaper a couple of months ago.  I wasn’t sold on it because of the crazy colored snaps, it makes it look more complicated than it is (to me.)  I did know of the amazing reputation of BabyKicks for their super absorbent inserts and prefolds.  I got the diaper in the mail and after prepping ( a lot, remember, this is hemp.  A ten wash minimum before this puppy is ready for action.) and putting it on my son, I was in love with the fit.  And, in the morning, when there was no leak, I loved it more.  It is a great fitted for going coverless as well, if you are into that sort of thing.

About BabyKicks, the company:

BabyKicks has been designing and manufacturing superior hemp diapering products in the USA since October 2000.  BabyKicks strongly believes in social responsibilities. As a result BabyKicks has started to move some of its production (particularly the cutting and sewing) to be done by local disabled workshops and we could not be happier with the quality and commitment.

What BabyKicks say about their diaper.

This fitted does it all and when we dreamed it up we had your baby’s comfort in mind. Our premier organic fitted is designed to be the only diaper needed from birth thru potty training. Made of luxurious 50% certified organic cotton for softness, 33% natural hemp for absorbency and durability, and 17%% polyester for stretch, this diaper will wrap around baby hugging every curve and keeping messes in. The diaper even comes with a free Joey-Bunz insert and the features include:

Great Fit: This diaper will give you the flexibility you desire and your baby an amazing comfort and feel with its trim-fitting design – no bulkiness here – while providing a wonderful fit!

Side-Snapping Snaps: Side snaps make changing a breeze and eliminate wing droop. Fold the diaper inside the pocket for a trim fit on a newborn, or leave the waist snaps slightly loose for easy up and down on a potty training toddler (you can use this fitted as a training pant).

Front Pocket: The unique front stuffing pocket allows for easy access and virtually eliminates insert shift. The pocket feature on this fitted gives you all the flexibility in the world to add as much (or as little) absorbency as your child needs – be it during the day with an added Joey-Bunz Insert or maybe at night with one of our ultra-absorbent Pre-Folds.

One-Size Design: Our one size design grows with baby and this truly is the only diaper you will need! There is no need to figure out what size is right for your baby or worrying about your baby outgrowing the diapers you just bought. Our BabyKicks Organic Fitted fits newborns (7lbs/3.2 kg) to toddlers (40lbs/18kg) comfortably and securely. The color coded snap-sizing system makes adjusting and finding the right size and fit super-easy.


Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The diaper looks, um, imtimidating even to me. Something about the colored snaps makes it look harder. The reality isn’t bad at all. You only have to affix 4 snaps per diaper change. You won’t be needing to change the rise for each change, of course. And, if you are using it as a pull-up, which I haven’t tried since my son isn’t able to stand on his own, it is probably easier (or maybe harder depending on the child.) If you are shown how to size this diaper in person, as I was, to the preemie size, that is also easy, but possibly hard to explain in text. But of course, that is why I am here!
Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ Hemp is a very expensive fabric because of the legal issues. It always has to be imported. The diaper costs 19.95. That is pretty pricey for a fitted. You can buy a pocket diaper that is waterproof and one size for less money. But, night time diapers, or diapers absorbent enough for night time, are usually pricier also. You are able to use this from 7 lbs (or less if you go with the unsnapped fold over technique), up to a 40 pounds toddler.
Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ With the hemp, cotton, and polyester (for stretch, makes a sung fit) combo, this diaper is a beast. I love it. It fits like a glove on my son, which means no leaks. And, it is super absorbent.
Fit ✰✰✰✰✰ Perfect, can’t complain a bit, and don’t see any issues with it fitting in the future. Adding stretch makes all the difference.

Overall:  This diaper is really great!  It does have a hefty price tag for a fitted, but the performance and fit make it well worth it.  It is better to invest in quality than quantity when it comes to diapers capable to working overnight.

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