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Harper has always had very sensitive skin. Like, I’ve given up dairy (not easy for a vegetarian, cheese is my favorite protein source) to help us manage her eczema. We’ve tried every cream, oil, balm, and prescription we’ve been offered and still struggle with keeping her skin clear. So when Christine of Soapbox Holistics suggested I try her Baby Bum Balm on Harper, I was cautiously optimistic. After just a day of use, I fell in love with it. My husband saw the results and is ready to order it by the bathtub full.

soapboxBaby Bum Balm is a diaper rash ointment that can also be used for eczema, dry skin, insect bites, and skin irritations. It’s made of jojoba and olive oil solar infused with calendula flowers, as well as extra virgin coconut oil and shea butter. I’ve tried evco on Harper many times, it’s our go to preventative as cloth diaper users, but blended with these other ingredients seems to give it super powers. I’ve never seen it so effective!

Many of the natural eczema treatments I’ve tried have a very gritty texture, like a sugar scrub, which can be irritating to Harper’s skin and make her scratch more. Soapbox Holistics’ product is smooth and rich and spreads easily, and a little bit goes a long way.

The scent of the balm is intoxicating, pleasant and refreshing, not overwhelming. It reminds me of my uncle’s greenhouses, full of life. I love the smell so much, I may start using it as an aftershave balm for my legs, too.

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After applying some of the balm to my daughter’s skin I wrapped her up in some soft cotton pjs and set her down for a nap. By the time she woke up her skin was already looking better, smooth, moisturized, and less pink. I reapplied at each change just to be sure and by the next day her skin looked healed and sweet. We continue to use the balm at least once a day now, generally in the evening when we change her into an overnight diaper. I am so impressed by the dramatic results we’ve observed.

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