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As Autumn grows more aware of her universe, she has become more and more specific about what she wants to hold and touch and see. Harper has been pretty game about sharing her toys these last nine months, probably because it was often a suggestion or her own idea to present her toys to her baby sister. Now that it is not a choice she is making and she sees Autumn reaching out and taking what she wants, you can see doubt flicker in her eyes as she decides how she feels about this sharing business. She is still relatively patient, especially considering her age, but I can see it is a behavior (for both of them) worth keeping an eye on. When I was little I was the baby sister and I became so used to joining my big brother’s games or playing with his toys that I was painfully offended when he tried to dissuade me and couldn’t even fathom that maybe he deserved to keep them to himself sometimes. I’m going to try not to let that kind of dynamic develop here, though it’s difficult when so many toys are not “Harper’s” or “Autumn’s” but just toys in their own right, taking up residence in whichever bedroom has the space.

An AppleCheeks Size 1 and 2 in use

Today I am reviewing the AppleCheeks pocket diaper. This classic has not changed in style or features since Kim’s review in 2010, though they have introduced a new insert made with stay dry micro fleece on one side and micro terry on the other, as well as a third size option for their covers, made for children 30-65+ lbs, which fills a very important need with a lot of families. I actually have a funny story about the size three, I was at MommyCon Orlando with Kim and helping answer questions at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center when a parent asked about diapers that could address an older or larger child. We didn’t have any size three pockets at our table, so I ran over to a nearby table where a friend and local retailer had AppleCheeks for sale. I asked her if I could borrow a size three and she gave me a long stare, eyed little Autumn all wrapped up on my back, and asked finally, “To use?” I laughed and explained it was just to show and I would direct any customers to her table, but I’m still cracking up at the idea of someone asking to borrow a cloth diaper from a shop to use and then return.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ With a very simple shape and generous opening to stuff, these pockets are pretty foolproof, even to a beginner. You can lay the insert inside or on top of the microfleece lining and after use you can rinse and wash without having to remove the insert from the pocket, the wide opening will allow the insert to agitate out on it’s own. With sized covers that eliminate the need for rise snaps, this is one of the most easy to use snap pocket diapers I’ve tried. These are also a great choice for daycares and caregivers since they are so intuitive, especially if you prestuff them before packing them.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At twenty dollars for a pocket cover (twenty five for the size three) and nine twenty five for a two layer bamboo insert like I tested (AppleCheeks insert prices range from five dollars to eleven fifty depending on your choice of material and style) this diaper is not cheap. However, it is made from quality materials, designed and manufactured in Canada, and will last a very long time. One diaper I am testing is several years older than some other big name diapers I use as frequently and yet it shows much less wear.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I used this pocket with an AppleCheeks one size bamboo from rayon insert (try saying that three times fast). This insert is made from two layers serged together, and measures about twelve by fifteen inches so you can fold it to meet your baby’s needs. I love that this insert is so absorbent, yet still so trim, and that I have the option to lay it inside the pocket like an all in two if I want. The generous sizing of the pocket means you can also customize the absorbency if you prefer a certain material or need additional absorbency.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ With three sizes to choose from (size one is suggested for babies seven to twenty pounds, size two for babies eighteen to forty pounds, and size three as stated above) you can select a diaper to fit your child without the need for rise snaps. I can say the size suggestions for the size one are pretty accurate, Autumn was pushing twenty pounds when I received a size one diaper and it was definitely a squeeze to get that diaper on her, she had some serious tush cleavage… The size two fits her much better. I was dubious as to how one diaper with no rise snaps could fit an eighteen pound baby as well as a forty pound baby, but with strong and stretchy elastic at the tummy as well as the back and legs, and the renowned Applecheeks ruffles at the legs. I haven’t experienced any leaks with this diaper, and despite recently replacing the elastic on one that is several years old it is still holding strong and works just as well as a new one.

Overall: AppleCheeks pocket diapers are strong quality pockets that are a cinch to use and come in loads of fun colors and designs. I love their online release parties when a new limited or retailer exclusive diaper is offered. If it isn’t in your budget to load your stash with these lovelies, I still suggest you pick up at least one or two for caretakers in your baby’s life or even just for those days when you want to have a stress free experience with minimum effort and still have good results.

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