Applecheeks- Trend Setting Daycare Cloth Diapers

When I began thinking of cloth diapers that would work well in a daycare setting of course my mind went straight to All-in-One’s but then I remembered that there are a few cloth diapers that have inserts that agitate out in the wash.  As a parent receiving a bag of dirty diapers every day that is a feature that would be important to me.

That’s when it hit me.  Applecheeks!  Besides being one of the most stylish cloth diapers on the market Applecheeks have a pocket opening in the center of the diaper.  The insert agitates out by itself.  You can see all fo these great features and why they make great daycare cloth diapers by watching my video above.

Have you seen an Applecheeks on a baby?  I mean, come on!  These things are unbelieveably cute.  The little ruffles around the legs and back are functional but more than that, they are so stylish!

Speaking of the leg and back elastic- Applecheeks are made for a snug, leak free fit.  When your baby’s stools are loose in the early days you will want to make sure your diaper is up to the task of holding it in.  Rather than pack an extra 8 outfits a day for your care provider consider using a diaper with trusted leg and back elastic like Applecheeks!

Other features that you want in any diaper- a stay dry lining, absorbent inserts like the one size bamboo or the stay dry microfiber.  You can also choose any of your own inserts if you prefer because the envelope cover will hold them all.

Because Applecheeks loves me as much I love them they are letting me host a giveaway for 1 Little Bundle and 1 Storage Sac (wet bag)!  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and show them some love!

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