AppleCheeks One-Size Diaper Review

4 Ease of Use
3 Bang for the Buck
5 Performance
4 Fit

I swear I’m not nesting. Bennett and I have been spending a lot of time lately in his old room, which will soon become his baby brother’s room, but this isn’t nesting. I’m 29 weeks, and I find myself more and more drawn to that nursery down the hall, wanting to sit and rock in the nursing chair, watching soon-to-be big brother play with rattles and teethers that he once grasped with wrinkly newborn hands. The room is bright and clean, despite Bennett firing newborn cloth diapers over his shoulder from the drawer that once was out of his reach. I find myself visualizing a newborn boy in those diapers strewn about the floor, his lean little legs wiggling while I change him, and…feet: precious, petite, wrinkly, new feet. Honestly, I’m not nesting, not yet anyway—otherwise I’d be fretting over my toddler disorganizing the nursery. Instead, I’m just daydreaming.

It’s especially difficult not to daydream about a baby on the way when you have AppleCheeks at your fingertips. Those ruffles…*swoon.* And the addition of a one-size option to the beloved sized AppleCheeks trio is hopefully going to make fans of this Canadian cloth diaper brand very pleased and also reign in some AppleCheeks newbies.


Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Besides adding 3 rows of snaps on the front for sizing adjustments and being slightly trimmer than the size 2, the AppleCheeks One-Size diaper has stayed true to its original design: it’s still an envelope style pocket diaper with a wide opening to accommodate even dad’s big hands; you can still choose to either stuff the pocket with tri-folded bamboo or your favorite inserts, or you have the all-in-two option and can lay them on top of the super soft microfleece lining; if the shell isn’t soiled, you can let it air dry (and trust me: it dries fast) and reuse multiple times before it’s due for a wash; and the wide opening should allow inserts to agitate out in most washing machines. I have a HE front loader, and unfortunately for me, the insert has gotten stuck every time, but I don’t mind unstuffing after the prewash. I also personally take the shell out to air dry to prolong the life of the cover, but you absolutely can throw it in the dryer.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This cover alone costs roughly $22; tack on a 2-ply or 3-ply AppleCheeks bamboo insert, and you’re looking at about a $32 purchase for this pocket diaper. This may be a bit steep, taking into account that AppleCheeks considers this one-size diaper to be an “addition” to its sized system and does not necessarily eliminate the need for the other sizes. Of course, if you’re fortunate enough to have a nice stash of inserts already and the one-size option ends up being a perfect fit for your lean little babe that truly will work from birth to potty training, the price tag may be worth it for this quality pocket diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The first time my husband saw this diaper he said, “There’s no way pee or runny newborn poop won’t seep through those ruffles.” But to his surprise, the ruffles do quite the opposite. The gathered ruffled elastics at the front and back waistline and around the leg openings give a tight, yet gentle, seal on baby’s waist and thighs. We have had zero leaks thus far. Plus, the ruffles really are an adorable touch. My only complaint so far is that I haven’t been able to reuse the shell many times, if any, before washing, since the stay-dry microfiber lining seems to hold onto that soiled smell.


Fit ✩✩✩✩ The one-size option, when fully unsnapped, is trimmer than the size 2 (18-40 lbs) and more forgiving than the size 1 (7-20 lbs), making it a great match for slimmer babies between sizes and those bursting out of their size 1s but drowning in a size 2. It’s ideal for the inbetweeners. Basically, it should work from 6-35 lbs but doesn’t guarantee you won’t need to pick up another sized option, depending on baby’s build, which some fans may not like. I happen to have a lean toddler, and it fits just right fully unsnapped. Plus, I see this being a fabulous fit for a newborn—I’m excited to give it a whirl when baby number 2 arrives in 11+ weeks—with the 3 rows of snaps for sizing adjustments and the two rows for securing the diaper at the waist. The double row allows you to stagger snaps, the tabs are wide (say “bye” to wing droop), and the ruffles are unyielding: perfect for itty bitty newborns.

Overall: This one-size envelope shell from AppleCheeks is an exciting addition to the brand’s classic sized diapers. Ultimately, I think avid fans will be pleased, but I don’t doubt some may be disappointed if they were expecting a single solution and still feel the need to purchase from the sized options. All in all, we’re liking this diaper and the buttery soft bamboo insert, and I can’t wait to get this on our newborn’s bum this spring.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet (in stock now)

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