AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review

< a href="">applecheekslogoApplecheeks is a brand I only heard about this year.  The premise behind the system, and the adorable look of the diapers had me intrigued so I wrote to them about doing a review.

Applecheeks has done an amazing job of thoroughly illustrating instructions for use, which you can see here. They also have a very cool video of their own, seen here.

My review is of the envelope cover and hemp inserts.


Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ Like I said above, Applecheeks has the most user friendly guides I have seen. Even though the system isn’t hard to figure out, I imagine even a newbie to cloth diapers would have an easy time of it if they watch the video and use the illustrations. Not having to pull out inserts of attach laundry tabs makes taking them off as easy as a disposable. They will need to be stuffed, or have the insert laid inside, and they have snaps, which aren’t always easy for some people.
Bang for the Buck ✰✰ OK, the major drawback of this diaper is the price. 19.00 for a cover, and between 7-8 dollars for one insert. You can buy kits with one cover and 3 inserts, which will save you some money. To get your money’s worth, using them as an All in Two is a wise idea.  Just be warned, using it as an All in Two means you will have a potential for wet microfleece.  Airing out covers between uses is a good idea.  I don’t like using hemp against my son’s skin because it can get rough over time. If you want it as an all in two, bamboo would be a good choice. I’d like to see a cotton insert as well.
Performance ✰✰✰✰ As both a pocket diaper, and an all in two, things went swimmingly. No leaks. We used the hemp inserts, not the bamboo. We never had any wicking issues, and even overnight he was dry.  As an all in two, the insert stayed in place well, no sliding around.  It fit perfecty between the elastic, no gaps.
Fit ✰✰✰ I haven’t tested this diaper over a long enough time to say how the two size system works. Everything is subjective to your baby’s height and weight combined. The size 2 had a good fit on the legs, not very tight at all, so room to grow. The waist had plenty of snapping room left.  He technically could have been a Size 1 when we began testing this since there is an overlap, so I wonder if it would have fit him.

Overall- If you get past the price tag, you will have a really great cloth diaper.  The best feature has to be the agitating out insert.  I personally prefer using this diaper as a pocket, but I just like pockets.  I don’t need to use it as an all in two, since I have enough diapers.  If I didn’t I might feel differently.  Even though air drying your covers is always best, mine get dried in a dryer.  The serged edging on this diaper got caught on the velcro every time, and it started getting fuzzy.  This was my biggest concern with the diaper, but it didn’t affect the function in anyway.  Like I said, I would love to see an organic cotton insert, which would be good to use against baby’s skin.  The bamboo would be good for that as well.  My personal preference is to not put hemp on the baby’s skin.  I also love the tag logo on the back, I think it makes it even cuter!  And, the colors are awesome!

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Applecheeks is a brand I only heard about this year.  The premise behind the system, and the adorable look of the diapers..." />