Announcing my Rockin’ BlogHer 2012 Sponsor- Rockin’ Green!

This girl is going to BlogHer 2012 in NYC and representing Rockin’ Green!

So what exactly is BlogHer and who is Rockin’ Green, you are probably asking yourself.

BlogHer is the largest conference for women (and even some men!) bloggers that happens every year.  There are several informative sessions each day.  I’m especially looking forward to the “Dress for your Blog” session with a stellar panel including The Feminist Breeder, Baby Rabies, and How to be a Dad.  I attended last year in San Diego and was able to learn a lot (especially about videos and YouTube) and meet some long time blog friends.  This year the conference will be held in NYC.

Rockin’ Green is the brand behind my very favorite cloth diaper detergent.  I can STILL remember when Kim, creator of RnG, announced during a Twitter party one fateful Monday that she was working on something cool that would revolutionize cloth diaper laundry.  Several years later I can say without a doubt that she was right!  Kim has formulated an award winning cloth diaper detergent with specific formulas for Soft, Hard, or even Normal water (not to mention Femme Rock for Mama Cloth, Dog House Rock for pet beds, and Funk Rock for soaking diapers and getting rid of the barnyard smell and ammonia).  Add to this that their detergents are environmentally friendly with no dyes, enzymes, brighteners, and phosphate free you can feel good about using it on your diapers and even clothes.

From the beginning I’ve been cheering RnG on from the sidelines and watched the business grow from a small soap company being run out of the home, to a small warehouse with a few employees, to a larger warehouse with more employees and retailers all over the world!  I even had the pleasure of visiting the small warehouse a few years ago- Did you know Rockin’ Green is made in San Antonio?  

Being sponsored for BlogHer means that I’ll be representing Rockin’ Green for the next 3 months.  You’ll notice a new ad in the sidebar and posts on behalf of RnG.  Representing Rockin’ Green isn’t a chore at all because frankly I recommend RnG to my own personal friends and DDL readers if it fits the bill.  Rockin’ Green has solved all of the repelling issues I used to have in my early days of cloth diapering and Kim and the gang have always been available to help with my laundry questions.  I’ve tried several brands of detergent and always come back to Rockin’ Green!

I want to extend a huge thank you to Rockin’ Green for making BlogHer 2012 a reality.  Dirty Diaper Laundry is my pride and joy and I welcome any and all opportunities to make it the best blog and cloth diaper resource it can be.  I know BlogHer is the place to learn and network and I am looking forward to another amazing experience in August!