Announcing my BlogHer 2011 Sponsors!

I’ll be Child Free at BlogHer '11!
Making the decision to go to a blogging conference seemed like a no-brainer but it was hard. I have two babies who need me. Initially I was going to make it a family affair but since BlogHer is in San Diego this year I was worried about the time change and the short stay so they boys are staying home with their Dad.

Other than my children my next concern was the expense.  Travel, hotel, ticket, miscellaneous expenses- these all add up! I decided to seek sponsors to offset the cost.

My goal was to work with companies that I already knew and loved.  I don’t do “sponsored” posts (posts where I’m paid to write about a topic) because I do value the mission of this blog and the trust that you have in my voice.  While I do accept items to review and have participated in a few cloth diaper related blog parties that were compensated with- you guessed it– cloth diapers, that is the extent.  My monetary income is derived from my amazing advertisers and my affiliate sales. That is it.

I emailed my top picks for brands that I loved.  I was escatic to hear that they wanted to work with me as well. So who do you think I’m representing at BlogHer?!


Boba My Favorite Soft Structure Carrier for toddlers and Swaddlebees– makers of my new favorite sized side snapping diaper!

I would never represent a brand or company I wouldn’t recommend to my best friend.  And considering how often I have told people about the Boba, and am already telling people about the new Simplex, this is a natural fit.

So what does this mean exactly?

Boba and Swaddlebees are helping with the cost of my trip (they are not covering the entire cost so unless I find another sponsor this will be out of pocket *hint *hint) and in return they are getting advertising space on my blog.  I’ll also be sharing some of their promotions or news on my blog, Fanpage, or Twitter.  Any posts about them will have a disclosure since it would be considered a “sponsored” post however I would never post something that I don’t feel is worthy of being shared.  I have other exciting ways to promote their brand in store as well.

I can’t even say enough good things about these products. I love my Boba for Fletcher these days.  He thoroughly enjoys riding on my back and especially enjoys being tossed onto my back using the Superman Toss.  The Simplex is one of the first diapers I grab and it makes a fab trainer for Fletcher too!  Plus. they are wicked trim!

Thank you Boba and Swaddlebees for helping send me to BlogHer!  You rock!

What about you guys?  Are you going to Blogher?  If you are and you consider yourself a Green or Cloth Diapering Mama join the Facebook Page. This will be a great place to connect before the big event.  I know I will want to feel like I “know” people there!

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