AMP Duo One Size Review

AMP is a brand that I have heard a lot about.  Yet, it somehow remained shrouded in mystery to me.  It wasn’t until a Twitter chat that I decided I had to review it.  So many told me it was a must try!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰ The AMP is a snap diaper that has a 3 step rise.When you make the rise adjustment it can be difficult to snap the waist when you are towards the middle due to some fabric that gets in the way.Thefrontopeningpocket makes stuffing harder if you are using smaller rise settings.  I found that if you need to fold over the insert, you might unfold it by stuffing the pocket.  I just hold tight to the folded portion while stuffing it and it solved that problem.  Once the diaper has been used you need to pull the insert out some.  With it being in front it will always be wet (using a cloth wipe to pull can help avoid getting pee on your hands) but you will have poop free insert pulling!)

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ I wouldn’t say this diaper is the cheapest, because you can find cheaper.  I can tell just by looking at it that is is quality made.  And after using it and washing it repeatedly it has held up beautifully.  Not once did a velcro tab from another diaper hook to it!  I see this lasting through many children, so it is worth the money if you plan on keeping them around for a while!

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ I have used this diaper overnights and regular daytime/ naptime use.  It never leaked.  I always like to warn you that my son is NOT a heavy wetter.  There hasn’t been a diaper he has soaked through yet.  The insert has, however, been mostly soaked though.  You may want to add a doubler for overnights or purchase their 3 layer hemp insert for overnight.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I had some problems with finding a perfect fit for my son, but I got there.  The thighs did seem larger than most one size diapers. When on the medium rise setting the thighs did gape some.  I’d say my son has average sized thighs.  This could be a great option for those chunkier thighed babies.

Overall- I love the shell.  It looks really nice on and I love how the edges look like they would be really soft on my baby.  The front and back has elastic, a feature not every diaper has.  Also, AMP has fab colors to choose from.  With so many how could you make a decision?

I know from talking over email with Andrea that the diaper has been made with lots of thought.  The design has been tweaked over time in response to customer feedback, to make it as good as possible.

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