A Day Without Diaper Laundry…

diapersIt has hit me on a few occasions that one day, I won’t have a baby in diapers!  When will this day come?  Will there be a time before my next baby is born (whenever that is) that my son is out of diapers?  Or will he still be in them when the next is born?  Then, that baby will stop needing them one day.  I may only have 2 babies, so, what then?

Obviously DDL has a heavy focus on cloth diapers.  I can’t review diapers without babies in diapers!  Gasp!

My options are:

Outsource the written review and film the video myself.  Or…

Stop doing written reviews and just film the video just to show how it works.

I would like to continue the site long after my babies are out of diapers.  I do enjoy blogging!  I will also have to start doing reviews of other items in order to keep the site running.  I have already started branching 0ut,so it won’t be a shock.

Imagine a life without dirty diaper laundry…  I will miss it when it is gone!

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