7 Incredible Hand-drawn Cloth Diapers

7 Incredible Hand-Drawn Cloth Diapers

7 Incredible Hand-Drawn Cloth Diapers

The newest and greatest trend in cloth diapering is the custom drawing/coloring of diapers using fabric safe pens and paints.  The concept is catching on and spreading like wildfire!  I’ve even tried my hand at designing my own (and failed.. my creation won’t be listed here!) but these diapers are truly works of art and deserve to be featured in this gallery of  7 Incredible Hand Drawn Cloth Diapers. The diapers represent work done by fabric paints and fabric markers, some are done by individuals and some by WAHM’s who sell their custom creations.

Awesome Mario Diaper

You know we are starting off with this amazing Mario cloth diaper from Cobette Creations, right?!  She uses fabric paint to create the rich colors and has dozens of other examples of her work on her facebook page.    If she does wind up making a Golden Girls diaper as I’ve heard a whisper of I might need to make a baby to wear it.


Breastfeeding and cloth diapering tend to go hand in hand this diaper drawn by Doodle Fluff must be a popular option! She has created many breastfeeding diapers.  Find her creation on Doodle Fluff.

Grinch diaper

Using a green Lalabye as the perfect canvas the artist drew a masterful Grinch face for a lucky little one to wear!  Image and diaper via Tara Breen Dye.

Custom First Bday Cloth Diaper

A custom drawn cloth diaper can make for a unique way to commemorate special occasions, like this one for a first birthday.  Diaper painted by Bright Bottoms, find more of their creations on Facebook.


Did you heart just skip a beat?  Mine did when I first saw this incredible Starry Night inspired cloth diaper done on the perfect shade of blue, a very retired pointy tab Fuzzibunz. This is the work of Abby Cobb of Cobette Creations.  Her works definitely stand out!

Unicorn Applecheeks Cloth Diaper

Unicorn+Applecheeks=Perfection.  Not sure what else there is so say except, wow!  This is another Doodle Fluff creation done in fabric markers.  She has more artistic talent in her pinky than I have in my whole body judging by her Facebook page.

geodiaperLittle ones can get in on the fun of designing cloth diapers now too!  Jene Stith’s daughter designed this diaper and I love how it turned out!  Simple, modern, and colorful!  This diaper was drawn using fabric markers.

Feeling inspired yet?  I’d try drawing on a retired diaper, perhaps one you use for swimming or one that’s delaminated before stepping up to the real deal.  A few tips- use an embroidery hoop or wrap the diaper around a ball or other object to smooth out the fabric (some artists stretch the elastic out and clamp them for the best results but I’ll leave that up to you on what you feel comfortable doing).  Seal your art in the dryer and add extra coats to darken the colors.

Markers and Paints for Drawing on Cloth Diapers

The consensus is that the Tulip SOFT line of fabric paints is great as are the Crayola Markers for diaper art.  Tulip also makes fabric markers as does Sharpie.  


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