7 Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Week 1

Wyatt loves decorating for the holidays and thought Fletcher's room needed more decorations.

This week I have been keeping Wyatt busy, but doing simple tasks and making easy moves.  I will say that the snowflake Elf and S’mores elf were my oldest son’s favorites this week.  Enjoy!

I let Wyatt open the first drawer in the advent calendar.
Wyatt found a place on an actual shelf. Imagine that.
Naughty Wyatt found his way to our bar but got caught on our Elf booby trap.
Elves love their sweets! Wyatt decided to raid our pantry and whip up Elf sized S’mores. Fletcher loved this one.
Wyatt found his way into my cloth diaper ornament.
Wyatt loves decorating for the holidays and thought Fletcher’s room needed more decorations.
Wyatt got into the bag of cookies I baked for the new neighbors. At least he offered to share his loot with the other weirdo elves.

Make sure you visit my original tutorial for making your Elf bendable and have grippy hands (these come in very handy) and my newest tutorial for giving your elf magnet mittens and a new snazzy pom-pom for his hat.

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