4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge- Day 3: Open Topic

Day 3 means we are almost halfway through our 7 day challenge to use flats and handwash for 7 days. This week there are over 30 bloggers participating who have been linking their posts and today instead of there being a prompt for writing they are picking their own topic. Today I’m going to write about my over night diaper and my clothespins (Tantalizing, I know).  Make sure to scroll to the end to view others’ links.  


One of the most nerve wracking issues for me regarding the challenge is overnight diapering. Harper has always been a heavy wetter and leaving her in any standard pocket or all-in-one generally results in soggy pajamas and an early wake up call. At home I reserve my most absorbent fitteds and richest wool to save me from washing her bedding every day, but with the flats challenge, my fitteds are not an option. Last year I tried doubling up my flats, which resulted in a very bulky diaper but managed to keep her jim jams dry as long as I put the diaper on immediately before nursing to sleep and changed her the moment she woke up. This year her current wool covers are too snug to comfortably fit the doubled up flats and with the pack’n’play we’re borrowing from my best friend as her temporary camping crib I really don’t want to risk soiling her bed. I field tested my favorite flats before our trip and was thrilled to find that the generous size(about 17 inches square!) of my bamboo flat from Sweet Iris allowed me to manage a very thick but stretchy diaper fold that would still fit comfortably under a breathable wool cover. So far we’ve made it through one night at home with this combo, and one night camping. I put some extra flannel receiving blankets under the blanket she sleeps on just in case, but the mix of bamboo, additional thickness from size, and evenly distributed fold under a wool cover seems to be hitting that sweet spot that keeps Harper dry and happy all night long.

On a more fun note, I decided the mostly-electronic-free days of camping would be an excellent time to enjoy a little arts and crafts time. My poor old wooden clothespins are used and abused every day, and they are showing their age. I could just pick up a new pack, but I thought it would be more fun to give them a little makeover with supplies I already had on hand. I packed a set of Martha Stewart craft paints I’d picked up on sale a while back, and a cheap paint brush, and when Harper was busy happily playing on her own I sat down at the picnic table and gave my clothespins a fresh coat of paint. I also brought a white paint pen in case I wanted to add chevrons or polka dots or stripes, but I liked the look of the solid colors so much I just left them alone.

I didn’t get overly precious about the process, I didn’t take apart the pins or paint inside every little crevice. When Harper needed me I’d drop my brush in a little water cup and come back to finish later. It’s not perfect, but I think that’s part of the charm.

I did an even number of each color so I could pair off matching colors when pinning diapers. I realize that may seem silly, but something about the brightly colored pins securing my equally bright and cheerful diaper laundry just makes me smile. It’s amazing how chores which might seem tedious or even grueling become fun with just a little bit of effort and creativity. It reminds me of that Mary Poppins song, “Spoonful of Sugar” or maybe the dwarves’ song from Snow White “Whistle While You Work”(can you tell Harper and I have been on a Disney kick, lately? I discovered the “Frozen” station on my iTunes radio and it’s been so fun to sing along with all my old favorites. Harper loves it when I sing).

I’m really interested to see what you will blog about on this open topic day. I can’t wait to read all your entries and see what you have to say!

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