Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 2- What Does it Take?


Today is Day 2 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge and our topic of discussion is “Supplies.”  What are we using for the challenge in terms of flats, covers, acessories, and washers.  Scroll to the bottom to see the other blogs that have linked up!

The reason this is the “Flats” and Handwashing Challenge is because flat cloth diapers are the most versatile and inexpensive cloth diapering option in existence.  Nothing can match them.  Think about it- every cloth diaper you own started as a simple piece of cloth.  They are all variations of a flat diaper that has been cut, sewn, snapped, shaped, and attached to a waterproof cover.  Did I just BLOW YOUR MIND?!

Getting back to basics can save you money but it can also save you frustration over many of the more hotly debated aspects of cloth diapering such as the perfect fit, or the easiest to use, the fastest to dry, and so on.

A flat cloth diaper will cost as little as nothing to a few dollars but most cost between $1.00-$2.00.  They can be found in unexpected places (Target sells Tea Towels that make great flats and Ikea sells Burp Cloths that are even better) and can be used in so many forms that fit is virtually not an issue.

The modern waterproof cloth diaper covers aren’t as inexpensive but because they last many uses before needing to be washed a family can get away with only owning a handful.  For full time cloth diapering 4-6 is totally doable.  Look for covers with a wipeable lining.  If you aren’t sure whether a cover has a wipeable interior look it up in the Cloth Diaper Finder and read the description, I have this for every cover.

My Diapers and Covers- Expect to see a large variety of flats and covers being used.  In my case I will be using a variety of Osocozy and Ikea burp cloths.  I’m using the covers I have with me while I live in North Carolina including Flip, Thirsties Duo, Swaddlebees Capri, and some gDiaper pants. (some links to affiliate Kelly’s Closet)

To secure my flats onto the my son when I’m not using a pad fold I’m using a set of Boingo’s– a new alternative to pins.  I don’t have my Snappi or pins with me in NC so these are all I’ve got!

Many participants are taking it to the next level and using only upcylced materials such as t-shirts and bed sheets made into flats.  They will use upcycled wool sweaters made into covers, homemade fleece covers, or other homemade covers.

Washing- As for washing you will find this can be done so many ways!  I will once again be using the Camp Style bucket washer system I made last year {my tutorial}.  I feel the quick, repeated agitation gets the diapers very clean.  Others will use bath tubs, sinks, wash boards, gloves and hand scrubbing, or non electric crank washers.

Drying- For drying I’m using the large drying rack my Mother-in-Law has from Ikea (as you may recall I am still stranded in NC while we wait for our home in Florida).  Last year I used a smaller Ikea rack and the Octopus, also from Ikea!

I’m looking forward to learning all about their experiences with these.  Read along with the many bloggers taking part in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge to see what supplies they are using.

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