2013 Year in Review {Video}

There’s only one day left in the year 2013!  Instead of my typical end of the year post where I recount the top moments of the year, I’ve decided to put it in video format.  Covered in this video are highlights from the year in cloth diapers as well as a few personal reflections about 2013 from the blog’s perspective.  I tried to keep the video succint but there was a lot to cover, so enjoy all 10 minutes of it!

If you HATE watching videos here is a quick (I got long winded) summary of what is covered:

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In 2013 we saw new prints from bumGenius plus the introduction of their wool dryer balls, mama care product, and the newborn Econobum kits.  Thirsties introduced their new One Size Pocket and improved the hook and loop.  New prints, improved newborn diaper, and new leggings from GroVia. Happy Heiny diapers are back in business with new owners and a new All-in-One (review soon).  Bummis released their first One-Size option in the Simply Lite, a cover with a 3 Step Rise. A new brand emerged called Tidy Tots with a One Size System that uses no rise snaps or leg elastic adjustment (Lara is reviewing them now and will let us know soon what she thinks.)  There was also a new product introduced by Diaper Dawgs– the little silicone mits for your fingers come between you and the diaper inserts.

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In the “news” this year, or at least, in Facebook and forum world, bumGenius announced that they had a patent on the 3 Step Rise adjustment in conjunction with other attributes.  While I don’t know what all is happening with this, it did cause quite the conversations online.  This was back in October when things were at their most talked about.  Now things have died down so it seems.  We’ll see how it shakes out, or won’t, depending on how things go.

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Items that gained popularity this year, but that aren’t new, were discussed.  This includes Moraki diapers; they’re now being carried in many larger cloth diaper retailers and have a great following that is gaining momentum.  The Spray Pal, seen in the “Poop Avoidance Devices” film several months back, is also gaining a lot of new fans and winning over customers who want to keep the overspray down when using a diaper sprayer.  Hybrid fitteds by WAHM’s are also becoming a popular item.  These fitteds are not to be used over and over, rather, they are slightly “water resistant” thanks to their hidden layer of fleece beneath the outer material.  They aren’t waterproof but they can  go longer without needing a cover, unlike more traditional fitted diapers.

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This year also saw big changes here on the blog.  My son potty trained which meant I had to find a new mother/baby team to start reviewing diapers.  The show must go on!  After looking in a local cloth diapering group I found a perfect fit when I met Lara and her daughter Harper.  Harper is now 1 year old and Lara has reviewed over 20 diapers in their time here. Harper seems to be growing right before our eyes in videos and pictures.  Lara takes lovely photos to go with the posts and has been gracious enough to let me accost her every few weeks with a video camera.

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For the blog, 2013 has been another great year.  I’m always amazed and grateful at the opportunities that come about from my work here.  In the video I mention a few of the biggest accomplishments including the 3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, the Everything but Cloth Diapers series that included several videos covering cloth diaper accessories, and releasing two free cloth diaper booklets for download or viewing online that address ways to cloth diaper on a budget.  I was also able to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas for my third time.  This expo allows me to see the newest products, often before they release to the public, and is a great chance to meet or catch up with the brands and retailers that I work with regularly.  This year I made a little video about Menstrual Cups that has turned into one of my most viewed videos of all time.

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The biggest news is more of an announcement!  I was asked to be a speaker at Baby Fest, an event hosted by Babies in Bloom.  Baby Fest takes place in San Diego on March 23 and all proceeds will benefit March of Dimes.  January of Birth Without Fear will also be a speaker (she is amazing).  Along with speakers there will be hands on workshops, vendors, raffles, and prizes.  If you are in the area I hope you’ll plan to attend, I would love to see you there!

I pinch myself some days because I’ve found a job that fulfills so many of my passions and rolls them into one.  I love educating people about modern cloth diapers, I love video editing, filming, and photography, I accept photoshop as a necessary and daily part of my life (way to go, Pinterest), and I especially love learning from and speaking with all of you through various social media outlets.  Some of you have watched my children grow (both of them!) from tiny babies into full fledged little people.  Many of you may have even been on Twitter with me during my homebirth, or perhaps you saw our birth story and photos.  I won’t get too gushy (I’ll save that for my 5th Blogging Anniversary in April) but just know that you are all a part of my online extended family and I’m so glad you have taken this journey with us.

So to all of my friends at the other end of the computer/phone/tablet I wish you a Happy New Year!  May it be filled with love, happiness, good fortune, great food, better friends, and fluffy new diapers!

Happy New Year

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