2 Year Molars Can Suck My Big Toe!


I still have an eye mask on the top of my forehead that is acting like a headband.  My 2 year old is just now acting semi-normal after spending the past 4 hours either crying ,screaming, nursing, whining, kicking legs, directing me to walk him in circles, or telling me he needs candy.  Apparently candy is the only cure for teething pain… I didn’t get that memo.

Last week all of my boys, husband included, passed around a wicked stomach virus.  This week Everett is in a lot of pain and can’t be soothed unless he has a boob in his mouth.  Even then it isn’t a sure thing. Me?  Well… I’m exhausted, annoyed, miserable, hallucinating, and neglecting all other responsibilities in the home and online.  My diet of late has been whatever I can graze or a simple and quick food.

Touched out is an understatement.  One on hand I’m glad that we are still nursing because I know it is giving him some relief.  On the other hand… I want this kid OFF OF MY BOOBS.  It is perfectly normal to have both of those feelings.  Oh child, please stop asking for “milk milk” because my boobs and my sanity can’t take being on 24/7.

Ev has texture issues so none of the pain relief options we have tried, even just some ice, haven’t worked.  I would be more than happy to dose him with some Tylenol but he gags it up and pukes.  I’ve tried almost everything but it seems like we are just going to have to ride out this storm.

I’m looking forward to having my son back, the one who I can just tuck in at night and who will sleep until 4 am until needing to cuddle.  The kid who plays happily with his Transformers and brother.  I’ll be even happier when I don’t have a tiny dictator demanding my boobs.

2 year molars… you can suck my big toe.

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2 Year Molars Can Suck My Big Toe!

I still have an eye mask on the top of my forehead...
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