10 Harry Potter Cloth Diapers for Muggle Babies

I haven’t done a fun cloth diaper themed gallery in a long time but after being inspired by a DDL reader who had an entire stash of Harry Potter cloth diapers I decided that was ny next gallery! I’ve linked each diaper maker- keep in mind many of these are OOAK (one of a kind) customs or were made in limited numbers. You can usually contact the WAHM who made the diapers to see if they’ll do a custom for you!  I will readily admit that I haven’t read the books though I do love the movies, and maybe when Fletcher is a little older we can read them together.  (don’t burn me at the stake… I get my geek on in other ways)

Harry Potter Cloth Diapers

Bunzuke Diapers takes the craft of making diapers to a new level. They made several Harry Potter cloth diapers back in 2013, when this photo was taken. They also make costume-like diapers (as you can see with the Hedwig diaper) with attachments like tails, wings, capes, and more. Often these are custom slots.

Crunchy Love Co Harry Potter Custom Diaper

Crunchy Love Co. offered this incredible custom Harry Potter diaper at auction last February, 2014. Every inch had some connection to HP- the back was Potter’s likeness, front has a fabric with spells, and the inside was HP colors- even the soaker and the lining! The post is no longer there to find out how much this puppy went for but I bet it was more than a steak dinner.

Hufflepuff Harry Potter diaper from Honeybuns

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers has many geeky diapers and non-geeky to choose from, this one has the Hufflepuff embroidery design.

Harp Diapers Harry Potter

Harp Diapers, a WAHM based in Canada, has made several HP diapers but this one stood out to me because of that aqua fabric.  Most Harry Potter diapers tend to be burgundy/red and gold/yellow!
littlebuttintro2 copy

Little Butt Diapers- we reviewed these several months ago and just happened to get an amazing Harry Potter diaper.

Baby Coon Harry Potter Fitted cloth diaper

Baby Coon Designs makes hybrid fitteds- this one in particular features a Harry Potter theme.  They also create wardrobe items like pants and skirts.


Dapper Derrieres is  new to me but I’m glad I learned about them because they have an an incredible array of geeky diapers and have sold many Harry Potter cloth diapers.

Harry Potter with Scarf Smellephant Diaper

Smellephant Fluff creates very unique cloth diapers, many that take on the likeness of the characters themselves in a way I’ve never seen done before!  This Harry Potter cloth diaper has an uncanny likeness to Potter himself.  I’m partial to their Link diaper.  I only wish the photos were a bit better, I bet this is lovely in person and on the bum.



Binky D is known for their geeky and pop culture referencing diapers.  They had this custom up for grabs just recently and offer other custom slots if you need a HP diaper of your own.

Maximum Smiles Hybrid Harry Potter Diaper

MAXimum SMILES has created a few hybrid fitted Harry Potter cloth diapers and I like in particular how the glasses line up nicely with the snaps in this example (design seems to be done with a bleach pen?!)  This is a brand that seems fairly new but if they keep making super cute diapers they should do very well.


If you want to create your own Harry Potter (enthusiast sewers at home) Spoonflower seems to have some very unique HP fabrics.  They aren’t the cheapest fabric source but they are awesome!

You can also see my other galleries including Nintendo Themed Cloth Diapers, Geeky Cloth Diapers, and Music Themed Cloth Diapers.  Suggestions for the next themed gallery?  Let me know in the comments!

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