You Never Forget Your First Cloth Diaper

It was only 3.5 years ago but to me it feels like ages.  I was browsing the message boards and websites dedicated to cloth diapers for information.  I was pregnant and set on using them for my first child.  I found out that a store existed nearby, Jillian’s Drawers, and decided to drag my hubby to touch and feel them.  The internet shouted at me that bumGenius 3.0‘s were the IT brand.  Best rated, Best performance, Best bang for the buck.  They were One Size fits most, easy on and off like a disposable with velcro closures, and economical compared to the cost of disposables.  I was sold.


I’ll never forget that visit to Jillian’s Drawers.  Never underestimate the importance of seeing a cloth diaper in person.  I chose to purchase a few bumGenius 3.0’s and a couple of Happy Heiny’s.  I took them home and played with them.  I adjusted a bumGenius 3.0 to the smallest rise setting and put it on a teddy bear that sat in the nursery.

I was really proud of that stash of diapers I compiled over my pregnancy, which had 24+ infant prefolds, 12+ preemie prefolds, XS Thirsties covers, 2 Happy Heiny’s, a couple of crummy WAHM diapers that didn’t work at all, and a small treasure of bumGenius 3.0’s in various colors.  I also bought 6 white BG 3.0 seconds from someone locally that were new. In time I added more diapers but those were in my stash before Fletcher was born.

Since that time 3.5 years ago I have tried at least 150 cloth diapers in every size, style, color, print, and closure imaginable.  Many I purchased and many more were sent to be reviewed.  Throughout it all I have kept a large portion of my original stash.

Sitting in my cloth diaper baskets still remain 6 white bumGenius 3.0’s that were converted to snaps 2+ years ago after the velcro gave out (see them here in a video of my stash).  I finally gave up on my first batch of purchased bumGenius Organic AIO’s (now known as the Elemental) but those lasted me 2.5 years.

Most of you would rightly assume that I never have to buy cloth

Fletcher at 4.5 weeks

diapers.  I don’t.  If I chose to I would have 200+ cloth diapers, probably more.  Instead, I keep my stash at a manageable size.  And it is mostly made up of bumGenius 4.0’s and my old 3.0’s.  I’m not calling them the best diaper ever made, or the prettiest.  They do work great and I like the colors and prints, but there are certainly other diapers that work as well and that have nice colors too.

They just hold a special place in my world as the first cloth diaper I purchased, used, and loved.  I am somewhat of a collector at this point.  Despite having more diapers than I need I just HAD to purchase one of each new color and an Albert print.

I love a lot of other brands but the simplicity, quality, customer service and ethics, and the colors always keep me coming back to buy more.  I also find having many of the same brand is helpful for babysitters and dads.  At least they can learn to use one system reliably and master it, and not have to learn 50+ different diapers.

When I am asked about cloth diapers and prompted to give only one brand to try I usually say bumGenius.  They can be found in most diaper stores and are even in some big box stores online.

PS: If you must know where ALL of those free cloth diapers go that I receive, I send my review diapers to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, an organization helping families start cloth diapering who otherwise could not afford to.  Every few months I send a giant box of diapers their way.  As a new way to help them get more diapers and make my life easier I have started requiring two diapers for review, one to test and one to film.  Now I can send DOUBLE the diapers their way!!!  

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