Wordless Wednesday: My Cuddly Babies

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  • Mandy

    My kids have about the same age gap as yours and when I got preggo with my second I was wondering how I could give them both the same love and attention. Now I realize I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s SO nice to cuddle with both of them either before nap time or bed time. Sometimes if I’m lucky we get cuddle time inbetween but I realized this is how my life should be and it’s amazing! Congrats to you on such two awesome boys! 🙂

  • so cute. I’m due again in August, it will be interesting to see if mine are as lovey together!

  • Cute. Have you tried the product Undercover Mama? It’s an awesome nursing cami that straps onto any nursing bra. I love how it hides my sides when I’m nursing. So many people just think I’m holding a sleeping baby, so I never get any odd looks.