Wordless Wednesday- Crying over spilled *breast*milk

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100_1669Yes, my husband wasted 4.5 ounces of my milk.  *cries*



Practicing being Diaper Free.  Notice… he has scooted mostly off of his “diaper.”

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Kim Rosas began Dirty Diaper Laundry in 2009 out of a desire to help more parents understand modern cloth diapers. She lives in Florida with her husband of 5 years and her two boys. Even though none of her boys wear diapers anymore she is still just as committed to promoting them. In her spare time Kim enjoys video editing, photography, and coffee.
  • http://upcountrysmiles.com Cindy O


    I’d cry too..in fact perhaps I have wayyyy back than. Way to go!!!
    Happy WW:)
    Cindy O
    Stop by

  • http://cheesecakepoi.bravejournal.com/entry/36631 cheesecakepoi

    Happy WW. I played this week too.

  • http://www.symphonyoflove.net/blog/646/wordless-wednesday-soft-pink-blooming-flower.html BK

    I hope baby didn’t have to go hungry because of the spilled milk. :)

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