Wordless Wednesday: 1 Week of Ev

My two boys
He smiles a lot in his sleep. He dreams about puppies
His first bath. 5 days old
His first time out in the ring sling. He loved it!
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  • He’s so precious. I love the photos of you with your two boys. So darn sweet!

  • Laura

    These are such cute photos! You look so happy. Congrats again!

  • Aw, we always said our girl was chasing bunnies. Then, one night, she giggled, and we said she caught one!

  • You look so happy, and he is so sweet!

  • Congratulations on your new son. Precious!

  • Angela V

    You and your boys look great! Our DS2 didn’t have his first bath until he was a number of days old, too. Even though the hospital REALLY wanted to wash him. LOL! We got him out of there ASAP, he was still less than 24 hrs. old. So glad you had a wonderful homebirth!