Wool? Seriously?

woolweek copyThis post is part of “All About Wool Week” on Dirty Diaper Laundry.

Wool?  If you already use wool covers and you happen to tell someone who has no clue about cloth diapers, you know the reaction.  “Wool?  Seriously?  How does that work?  Isn’t it itchy?  How do you wash it?  What if poop gets on it?”  If you haven’t used wool yet, you probably have a lot of the same questions.  Let me answer all of those.

Yes, seriously.

Wool is a breathable and natural fiber that has natural lanolin which makes it water resistant.  Because it is a natural fiber it is not “waterproof”.  When you use wool, you lanolize it even more with pure lanolin like you can buy at any drug store to treat sore nipples.  Wool goes over non waterproof diapers like prefolds, flats, and fitteds.  It is the perfect solution for super soakers, especially at night.

It can be itchy, but you should find high quality wool and it should be soft from the lanolizing process.  You can even find some with a cashmere blend or cashmere parts.

Wool only needs to be washed every 1-2 weeks unless it gets poop on it.  One of the amazing properties of wool is that it is naturally antibacterial.  When wool is left to air dry after use it will lose any urine smell it had and be ready for use again.  This is because the urine reacts with the lanolin to make a natural soap, which will clean itself! (For those of you who joke about the perfect cloth diaper being one that washes itself, this is pretty close!) When you wash wool you can buy special wool wash with a small amount of lanolin already in it.  This will allow you to go longer before needing to full on lanolize your wool.  Fill a tub with warm (not hot) water and a few squirts of your wool wash.  Swish it around, squeeze it, let site for 15-30 minutes, spin it in your washer or squeeze in a dry towel, and let dry.

If you get poop on your wool you need to wash it right away to prevent stains!

Wool is a very intimidating prospect, even for the most seasoned cloth diapering families.  It seems like it takes a huge commitment but after lanolizing your wool there is very little upkeep.  There are so many benefits of buying and using wool.

  • Wool is a natural fiber.
  • Buying wool can support WAHM’s since many wool covers are made by moms.
  • Using wool can actually save you time and money since you wash it every few weeks.
  • Wool can be super cute and work as clothing and a diaper cover.
  • By buying wool you are also supporting the families who raise sheep.  You can even look around for local farms and buy the yarn there to have it made into woolies by a WAHM!

Wool was the final frontier in my cloth diapering journey.  I am so glad I have given it a try.  It really does work amazingly for overnight.  For “All About Wool Week”  I am going to be reviewing the many types of wool out there and giving you a hands on look at how to care for your woolies.  Plus, there are lots of giveaways!

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