Which Brand Should Feed Your Print Addiction? Take the Quiz!


pinterestpinprintsquizWant to know which brand makes prints that are in tune with your style choices? Take this simple 5 question quiz to find out! Leave your answers in the comments and tell me if it’s what you expected!

Print Quiz

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  • Cowgirl America

    I got thirsties, but most of their prints don’t really excite me LOL
    I think I got that answer because I was choosing for style rather than print. (Duffle bag vs backpack etc)

  • Cowgirl America

    Ooh! Second time around I got Smarty Pants, yeah… I could go for a stash of their diapers! LOL

  • Anna Mar

    I got the blueberry nut. I do really like their prints, but only have one of their diapers in my stash. 🙂

  • Anel Winney

    I got Smart Bottoms twice! I’ve never used them before, now I’ll have to’

  • H.N.

    I’m a “BumGenius Mobber”! While I do quite like their solid color range, not all of their prints are that exciting to me.