Where, oh where, has my menstrual cup gone?!

♫♪ Oh where, oh where can she be?!  She’s not in the drawer, behind it, or in my purse.  Perhaps my kids hid her from me! ♫♪


Happy Birthday!  That’s what my uterus said on January 25.  What a shitty gift.  My uterus is a habitual re-gifter because she gave me that same gift on Christmas Day.  No biggie, I’ll just grab my Lunette and be on my way.  These days periods aren’t a big deal because the menstrual cup is one of those life-changing devices that makes each monthly visit less uncomfortable and less of a chore.

WHERE IS MY CUP?!  I looked in my “cup” drawer and only found the cups left over from demonstration videos of the wrong size, or the one cup (I’ll leave the brand out of this because it is a personal thing, the cup works fine) that doesn’t fit me well.  FINE.  I’ll try the other cup again, what choice do I have?

After several attempts it just wasn’t working- even with the stem trimmed it was too low and I couldn’t manage that way.  My only other option was to use the tampons leftover from many moons ago.

I had forgotten how much I despise those things.  The only thing they have going for them is that they are quicker to use.  I have been so uncomfortable for this cycle and the CRAMPS!  I forgot what a pain cramps were and now I know conclusively that the cramps were not just related to my period.  That realization is a bit frightening, that something so small could impact your week in such a miserable way.

Today I find my cup, even though it is too late for this month.  Did the kids find it and use it as a hat on a tranformer?  Maybe it is in one of the 15 purses that are in my closet?  In luggage from a trip?  IS LIONEL RITCHIE HOLDING IT CAPTIVE?  God why is my memory so bad, I just used this thing last month for crying out loud!  Mom brain, that is why.

If you haven’t made the switch YET just think about my week.  It sucked… I had to change tampons every couple of hours, I have a waste basket that looks like a biohazard bin at the hospital and I think my husband now has a new appreciation for my cup usage.  It has felt so wasteful!  Not to mention the cramps…

Try my videos on menstrual cups if you still aren’t convinced that you can do it.  A general, all about menstrual cups introduction and then the more advanced and more instructional video on how to insert and remove cups (no vaginas shown.)

You can buy menstrual cups discreetly online through Amazon, or through trusted cloth diaper retailers too! (affiliate links)

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  • GMRM

    Where was it?

    • kimrosas

      No idea. Still haven’t found it!

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

      • Mandy

        You know the answer, right? Once something is thia lost the only way to find it is to buy another. But them you’ll have it when the one you’ll near-instantly find wears out after 10 yeara or whatever it is. 🙂

  • Idigia

    Happy Birthday!
    Happened to me once. It’s lost again and I may get my period back any day after 2 years of happy hibernation

  • Emily L.

    Darn, loss of a fairly good investment :-/ I *just* got my first cup in last week! Should get to ‘try it out’ next week. Wish me luck!

  • Sarah Griffin

    Just reading this makes me want to try a cup even more now. I hate the cramps that come with my monthly and would love to be able to save money and change tampons less. I don’t even know why I use them since they only make it maybe an hour on heavy days. I read that there are different sizes. My worry is that I would buy the wrong size. Does the Lunette have the long tail that everyone complains about or is that the diva?

    • kimrosas

      Both have stems but both can be cut off so they’re a non issue. Each brand tells you the size chart to decide if you need a 1 or a 2.
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

      • Sarah Griffin

        Thanks! I went and bought one yesterday!! I can’t wait to try it. I hope I love it!!

  • Brianna Engebretson

    I have terrible cramps! I’ve been thinking about trying a cup, but this post has made up my mind!! Hopefully it works!