When will we max out the cute cloth diaper names?

Lately I have had this nagging thought in my head: One day we are going to run out of cute cloth diaper names.  The good news is that this will be due to the growth of cloth diapers as an industry and the many brands that are out there and those that have yet to be made and named.  The bad news is we will not have enough cute names to go around.

FuzziBunzLogoThe pioneers of cloth diapers had it easy.  Every synonym for “rear end” was available.

The first modern pocket diaper chose the name “Fuzzibunz”

Then the next pocket diapers came along.  bumGenius!, Happy Heineys, Rumparooz, and Smartipants.

Don’t get me wrong, not all cloth diapers reference the booty.  Some are just cute.  Kissaluvs, Lollidoo, BabyKicks, Kiwi Pie.

Then there are the just plain weird, like Krap Katchers.

I suppose there will always be room for cute names, but only so many ways you can say “butt” in a funny and adorable way.

So what do you think?  Am I underestimating the creativity of future entrepreneurs?  Or are we doomed?  And, I want to hear your favorite cloth diaper name!  Leave it in the comments!

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  • It does seem to be getting a bit carried away, though some names do make me laugh! May I suggest “Poo Pockets”?
    .-= Sarah@Diapers Online´s last blog ..How many diapers and what size should I buy for my baby on the way? =-.

  • My favorite cloth diaper company name referring to the booty is AppleCheeks!
    .-= Tara @ This Military Mama´s last blog ..Liam is One Month Old =-.

  • We are Thirsties lovers at my house. There is something nice about being able to say the brand of the diaper and not have eavesdroppers turn their heads when you say it.

    But I’m sure diaper makers will continue to amaze us with their creativity.

  • I think that after they use up “butt” names, they’ll move on to a new theme. Krap Katchers? Is that really a name of a diaper? Wow….special…
    .-= Karen S.´s last blog ..7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 7 =-.

  • these are cloth pull-up trainers/diapers but I would have to say Antsy Pants haha.

  • My name doesn’t have much to do with butts OR babies, but I like to think it’s fairly memorable : ) My only problem with Thirsties is the visual I have when I think of the words “thirsty” & “baby urine.”

  • Katie O

    My favorite diaper name is Knickernappies, I just like the way it feels when I say it, but even cuter, I love the way it sounds when my two year old says it!

  • Heather m

    my Fav diaper name is Applecheeks! and its also my fav diaper!! 🙂

  • I would imagine people will keep coming up with clever names…but may have to venture into the category of just “cute” brand names that might not reference butts or poop or babies. 🙂 I really like my new Tots Bots diaper AND that name. I like rhymey stuff.
    .-= Secret Mommy´s last blog ..First EVER Review/Giveaway! Snikiddy Snacks =-.

  • Totally had to go look up Krap Katchers….they do exist! 🙂
    .-= tiffany´s last blog ..The Perfect Back-to-School or Back to Work Lunchbox GIVEAWAY- =-.

  • Rosanne

    Cutie Poops and Bottoms! A cloth diaper store near where I live in Orland Park. The sign on their store has diapers covering the o’s in poops. It is really cute!

  • My husband hates the names of most cloth diapers! He’s a marketing guy and just can’t wrap his mind around how booty and poop names can be successful lol

  • Joy

    I guess we’re kinda the odd balls that avoided the cutesy/butt connotation. My husband (like yours Autumn) isn’t into the fuzziness of most cloth diaper names, and is proud of the fact that he came up with RagaBabe. I have no doubt that there will be plenty of bottom related names to come 🙂

    • sXenerdX

      I was going to say I like the name RagaBabe because it’s unique.

  • Marla

    My guess is, we won’t run out of names for awhile. Just think how many ‘themed’ names are out there for coffee shops and hair salons. 🙂