What’s a Cloth Diaper? Animated Video for Newbies!


One of the things that I have noticed lacking in the cloth diaper world is an introduction to cloth diapers that is simple, not overwhelming, and that isn’t brand specific.  Generally speaking, the only people interested in putting the time and effort into this type of thing are big brands.

I got the idea in my head to make an introduction video to cloth diapers but a live video just wouldn’t do!  This video will be a permanent fixture on www.whatsaclothdiaper.com whenever I get the time to get that site up and running!

I would guess that I spent about 12 hours of solid drawing and editing.  Certainly someone with the proper software and know how could have done it in an hour or less but that someone wasn’t me.  The idea really grew.  I had not anticipated making it as animated or colorful as it turned out.  The initial idea would show a picture for one idea, then another.  The more I played with it the more complex it got, until an idea originally planned for 3-4 frames turned into 15-20 individual frames to make it “animated.”  In the end I had 195 frames.

Unfortunately some of the text just wouldn’t get bigger so it is only readable in HD formats.  And I probably could have slowed some of the scenes down but I figured if someone really wanted more time to read the text they would pause.

Special thanks to my friend and DDL contributor Kristen who watched about 20 unfinished versions of the video and gave feedback.  Kristen had the idea of adding a wetbag to the diaper scene.  I kind of hated her for it because I felt like the video was done, and it proved to be very hard, but it was worth it.  She also drew the dryer and baby trunk for me because I couldn’t get one to look good to save my life!  My husband also watched a ka-jillion versions and drew the toilet outline for me.

I hope this video converts a few people who just don’t understand what a Modern cloth diaper is.  Even prefolds have become more modern with the Snappi and easy to use covers!  Feel free to share this video with your friends!

The final phase of my QR project is underway.  Then we can all talk about how to get your hands on cards, stickers, posters, etc with this code and cloth diaper information that you can share with locals.

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  • That’s adorable. I love the poopy diaper.


  • This is SO awesome!

  • Melissa

    awesome job! LOVE IT

  • OMG! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!! Great job!

  • Dannyscotland

    Wow, that was incredible! I can’t (I mean, I can, but wow) believe you did that! I have to say, of all the pro-cloth diaper sites I read, you are by far the most vocal and creative advocate I follow. It is so awesome. I wish I had this video available when I was learning about diapers! Thank you for doing this for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      shucks, thanks! What a compliment!

  • I love how you are an advocate for cloth diapering without pushing one particular brand or style. Nice job. By the way, I shared your website with a reporter who was researching for a story, “Disposable Diapers yeah or neah”.

    • Anonymous

      neah!!!! heh. Thank you for the shout out! I definitely have my favs but I think people should get to see information without always being exposed to popular or paying brands.

  • sXenerdX

    Awesome! I wish it were a little slower but AWESOME!!!! I love your site and always refer people over here (and come over here too).