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Dear friends,

I am at a point with DDL where I am either going to work harder to make it a success, or pull back and focus less on the blog and more on other things.  I recently made the hard decision to leave my ad network, BlogHerAds, which has a higher payout than any other ad network.  With that high payout also comes strict rules.  In order to bring you reviews and giveaways that are higher quality, I decided to leave the network.  Unfortunately, this means I am back to making very little actual money from the time I put into this site.  I love that my video reviews are helping so many of you make choices on what diapers you would like to buy for your precious little ones.  If I did cut back the site, I would try my hardest to continue with those.

My question for you is this: what would you like to see more of, or less of, on DDL.  More reviews and giveaways?  Less?  More written content?  More cloth diaper information?  More personal posts?

Please take a moment to answer these questions on the poll.
I would also love to hear your comments.  This is also a good opportunity to suggest diapers or other items would like to have me review.  I have a few things up my sleeve, so I am at least going to be going full steam until Christmas.  Then we will see where the wind blows.  Blogging is something I enjoy, but when blogging turns into a “job,” but a job that makes no money, there are decisions to be made.

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  • I really like your blog. It is one of my very favorites and I read (or try to read) a lot of blogs. I can understand how time consuming it must be though because I hardly have time to read the blogs I like much less post. I really like the diaper and baby carrier reviews, giveaways, and information. But I also like any other product reviews especially baby products like high chairs, baby gates, strollers. You seem like such a fun person, from what little I know of you I like your style. I like when you post personal stuff about your adventures with fletcher and when you made those nintendo frames. I hope you continue to blog!
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..babywearing week! =-.

  • Val

    I love your diaper reviews and videos and other reviews. You are the most updated site on diapers and was the first to give us the new information on the new diapers from the conference you were just at. The give aways are a nice addition, but not on the top of my list. I check your site everyday. You are better than diaper pin which never has new stuff up to read. I love your research and topics are extremely helpful.

    I am in total understanding that family comes first and a job that actually pays the bills. So, first THANK YOU for all your hard work and useful information for I would hate to see you go. I personally appriciate all your help. Good Luck on your choice.


  • Blogs are tricky things. I’ve been trying to build an audience, but it takes longer than I anticipated. I am torn about the whole review/giveaway thing. While I love them, I think it’s also clear that it’s difficult to provide an frank review when someone is paying you to endorse their product. So, I love reviews and tips with personal info that are simply about helping me make the best choices. I also like giveaways, but wish people would do away with all of the tweet entries. I don’t have time to constantly tweet about something and I’m starting to think that twitter is a place where people post much more than they ever read.
    I enjoy your style and have loved reading your carrier reviews, stories, and videos. I also like when posts mix personal with informative, if that makes sense.
    .-= Mindy´s last blog ..Play Groups are for Moms =-.

  • @Jaime I am planning on keeping this blog more focused on diapers, carriers, breastfeeding, and the like. I do have another website that does reviews of other items, on mamaneedsthis.com 😉

    @Mindy It definitely takes time to build an audience. While I feel I do have one, albeit not a HUGE one, more traffic and a larger audience is always appreciated! Also, I don’t do paid reviews, at all. Being paid does make it hard to give an honest review. They always say, ‘Don’t but the hand that feeds.” If that hand isn’t feeding me, it is ok to bite, or nibble a little.

  • I’ll be completely honest and say I selfishly LOVE the giveaways. There is something so fun and satisfying about getting fluffy mail when money is tight, and we are being careful of our family budget. It’s silly, but I feel like I’m doing a tiny bit of providing by entering (and winning!) giveaways. I got my Mio cover (with stars!) and prefold today. : ) I also do appreciate the diaper reviews and videos. I’m the only cloth diapering mama in my circle of local friends and sometimes I just want to ask someone how they do it and what they’ve tried that works. Because of that too, I love to read other people’s personal stories. Giving a face to the mamas and babies who use cloth makes it all the more rewarding. I love reading kid stories and mama stories and real life stuff. I hope you are able to stay with the blog. : ) I really like coming here.
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..It’s still autumn in our yard! =-.

  • PS I really do go read people’s tweets and learn about giveaways on twitter. It’s a fun thing to do on a relaxing evening at home.
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..It’s still autumn in our yard! =-.

  • I know we’d all like to see more giveaways… but how about have themed weeks or even months. Interview some mums, cloth diapering ones and non-cloth diapering ones. Have contests, and have other bloggers participate to win something at the end. maybe have more guest bloggers. Good luck!
    .-= Cinella´s last blog ..Sundays in My City ~ Bargins~ =-.

  • I LOVE your blog. I started my blog because your blog inspired me. I however would like to see more of your everyday life as a Mom to cute little Fletcher. Don’t get me wrong. I love all your Reviews, but would like to see more of the everyday with cloth diapers.

  • I totally hear you on this dilemma. I would love to make money with my blog too but aside from a few free things given to me for a review (and I don’t like to do many reviews so I don’t get much) right now I make $10/month from my blog. I spend more maintaining my site per month than I make. Right now I NEED to pull back from my blog because it is interfering with my ability to research and write my entrance essay for applying for my masters degree, but I love it and am finding it very hard to do so. I too have not gone with the BLogHer ads because I would like to offer paid ad space and currently have a great sponsor who’s paid six months in advance anyway. But I also find it hard to find people willing to pay JUST for ad space. Catch-22 either way. Sorry I have no advice but just wanted to say I relate.

  • Robin

    I would like to see a ranking of all your diaper reviews. In comparison, where does each one stack up next to each other. What is you VERY favorite and which would you literally toss out?

  • Meg

    Kim, I know I am way late on this but what about a question and answer day each week or so? I have so many things I would love to ask you but don’t get the chance! For instance, I see most diapers have a 30 lb weight limit, where do I go from there as Blake is getting there but isn’t potty trained yet? LOVE your blog!