What BlogHer ’12 Really Looked Like: Crowds, Sights, Parties, and Friends

This year I decided I would push myself to film video footage of my time in NYC at BlogHer.  I’m learning more and more about video editing and wanted the excuse to edit a video not related to cloth diapering.  NYC has all the excitement and views a videographer could want.  Add to that the mega-conference known as BlogHer and the parties and friends…..  I knew I would leave with some good footage.

In no particular order you will see in this film:

Jenny from Conscientious Confusion
Real Posh Mom
Punky and the City
Calley and hubby from The Eco Chic
Julie from The Cloth Diaper Geek
Diana from Onya Baby
Mona from Eco Nuts
The President of the United States
Martha Stewart
Amanda from Eco Friendly Family
Giant Banana
Giant Bowling Pin
Handome Booth “Babe” beckoning me
Amalah (eating the unicorn butt)

My first day in town I was studious and filmed every few minutes.  The next day I was hungover…. and the next…. and the next….  each day was filmed a little less.  I didn’t even film my last day in town when my roomie Julie (Cloth Diaper Geek) and I wandered about NYC sightseeing.  We visited the WTC Memorial, a  random part of town when he got lost and wound up under a Kmart from the subway (no joke), the American Indian Museum, Battery Park, SoHo, Canal Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, Broadway, and Times Square.  I also didn’t film during any of the sessions, during most of the parties I attended (how can one hold a video camera, a wine glass, a purse, and grope strangers all at the same time?), and during many keynotes and lunches/dinners.

I’m sad that there isn’t a shred of evidence that we hung out with Anna and Jen from Hahas for HooHas.  I bet you don’t even believe me but we did hang out and I did fold a napkin into the Jo Fold.  Or that there is no footage of the late night bar hangout after Queerosphere with Amanda from Eco Friendly Family, Annie from PhD in Parenting, Diana from Onya Baby, and @Palinode.  I am glad there is no evidence that I danced or that I kept rubbing Jamie from The Grumble‘s dress and telling her how much she looked like a mermaid.  The camera missed me ooooing and awwwing over photos of Think Feminist‘s adorable daughter and ogling the TDF shoulders of Jenny from Conscientious Confusion.  I really saw so many people and regret that I didn’t have a camera crew around to follow me so that I could remember them all.

The shots I do have will show you, I think, that BlogHer is more than sessions and Geek Bars.  It is more than special celebrity speakers and swag.  To me BlogHer is the only place where you can feel at home with people just like you.  These are MY people!  They know what I mean when I say “Google Juice” and they know how important what I do is to me because what they do is that important to them.  Being that much of my social life involves the internet it is nice to feel normal once a year.

If you are a blogger thinking of attending BlogHer and you haven’t yet I would urge you to go at least once.  See what the fuss is all about.  Forget about scheduling and swag and private events.  I had more fun while wandering the hotel and bumping into old friends and meeting new ones.  Grabbing an unexpected dinner and chatting for hours, crying my eyes out with friends about how much our lives used to suck and then laughing together, and searching for water at 2:30 am because THERE WAS NO WATER IN THE HILTON IT WAS LIKE THE SAHARA.  I still don’t know if I will go back next year but after watching my own video I kind of want to go back right now!


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