We Have Been Hit

By the sickness.  Our entire family of 4 has been subjected to colds.  Then, my toddler started puking.  And having diarrhea.  And then it struck my husband.  And I am frantically trying to kill this thing and get life back to normal.  No one should have to clean up poop and puke to the extent I have been lately.

I will say…. thank god for cloth diapers.  The wet poops my toddler had would have just leaked right through to the floor in a sposie, but we only had one leak in our cloth despite the diaper being filled front to back and side to side.  I didn’t exactly enjoy spraying the diaper but it was better than cleaning poop off of my floor or furniture like I had to do with the puke.

Hopefully life will get back to normal soon.  I have some good ideas for posts just no time to write them!  If you are battling the sickness, good luck!

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