Washing Cloth Diapers is the Easy Part…

How can you possibly find time to wash cloth diapers?  Isn’t it hard?  These are questions I am often asked by the people I meet in real life when they learn that I use cloth diapers.  Washing cloth diapers only adds a tiny bit of extra work into my life.  What people without kids don’t realize is that washing diapers is the easiest part of my day.  Just raising the kids is the hardest.  Retreating to my laundry room for two minutes to add detergent or toss my diapers in the dryer is a quiet oasis away from the children.  I know that when I emerge I’ll come out to one kid screaming because he is locked inside of his toy box or another kid jumping from the coffee table onto the couch exclaiming “I’m Spider Man!.”

Washing cloth diapers is easy.  Keeping my kids alive, fed, my house clean, my sanity in tact; these are all things that are difficult.  Since cloth diapers save money and waste less I’ll choose taking my washer and dryer’s time for a few hours.  Because let’s face it- your washer and dryer do the dirty work!  The time I actually spend on laundry is about 10-20 minutes.  I’ll take it.

To show you what washing diapers really looks like I filmed everything that happened in my day while I did my laundry.  You’ll see that my time “working” on laundry is overshadowed by the time I’m doing other things in my home.  It’s a brutally honest look at my daily life.  I am in pajamas during the entire film and my house isn’t ready for company.  I get a little pass though since I just moved in a couple of weeks ago!

I want to send a special thank you to my cloth diaper laundry detergent of choice, Rockin’ Green Soap!  I’ve been using their products since they came out and buying them when I run out (I don’t get free soap, ya’ll).  They also happen to be my BlogHer 2012 sponsor and are generously covering the cost of travel and lodging for my trip next week!  Their detergent makes my job a little bit easier by not having to worry about repelling diapers and other issues that happen with grocery store brands.  Thanks RnG!  

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