Waiting to See Red

This post about about menstruation.  You have been warned.

I haven’t had a period in almost 100 weeks.  That is about 24 months or 2 years.  Everett is 14 months old and I was pregnant for 41.5 weeks.  Before that I had 2 cycles and went 1 year and 5 days without a period while breastfeeding Fletcher plus the 38 weeks while I was pregnant.  200 weeks without a period from the past 4 years.  I’m not complaining, I think that is pretty awesome and that I’m lucky.  Breastfeeding works to keep menstruation at bay for me but it doesn’t for everyone.

But.  (Yes, there is a but.)  I’m reaching the stage of paranoia.  Every twinge of the abdomen, every uncomfortable feeling, every back ache makes me run to the bathroom expecting to see red.  Usually I chant to myself while pulling down my pants “please no red, please no red, please no red” and sigh with relief when I see none.

I would happily breastfeed for another year or more if it came with a guarantee of a life without periods.  In fact, I am one handed typing this while breastfeeding my 14 month old and bouncing him to sleep on my yoga ball.  I haz talent.  One reason I’m sure my period hasn’t returned is that we are still nursing on demand 24/7.  I don’t keep track but I would guess that Everett nurses 4-12 times a day and 2-4 times at night.

Once my lovely lady returns I will be attempting to use the Diva Cup.  After starting to use cloth diapers on Fletcher I learned about the wonderful world of reusable menstrual products.  There are cloth options for Moms (called Mama Cloth) and those come in a variety of absorbency levels (just like disposable Maxi Pads) and even panty liners.  Because I was a tampon girl before learning about a reusable feminine care I will be giving the reusable menstrual cup a go.

My opinion on the Diva Cup went from the initial “Ewww” to the curious “How do you get it IN there, won’t you have to put your hands in that thing….” to “OK, I’m intrigued, tell me more” to the research phase and the “Hmmm… that is kinda cool.” and finally to the “I’m gonna buy one.  This is better than disposable tampons and will save money and waste.”

Unlike my environmental drive to use cloth diapers the deciding factor to use a Diva Cup was really based on what using chemical and paper products INSIDE my body was doing to it.  I have yet to actually go out and purchase a Diva Cup because I am trying not to tempt fate.  Part of me would like to be prepared and the other is too superstitious.  If I have one SHE will finally come back.

If I had the sanity for it I am pretty sure I would just keep getting pregnant and breastfeeding.  That is how much I hate periods.

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