Wahmies One Size Video Review

Wahmies OS S-Hooks

Update: This product and company are no longer around.

The NEW Wahmies One Size Diaper is truly a diaper that fits from birth to potty training that sets no limits from thin & short to tall & chubby to everything in between. It is easy to use with an opening in the back for effortless soaker stuffing. It has soft and fluffy polyester velour against the baby’s skin to wick away moisture that stays looking as good as new wash after wash. It features a gentle waist elastic to help with the newborn stage and beyond. Four rise settings adjust from tiny newborn to busy toddler and the AMAZING QUICK HOOKS to make adjusting size limitless.


Ease of Use ✰✰ S- Hooks are not easy peasy, and definitely not daddy friendly. My husband refuses to use this diaper, and the other S Hook diaper I have by a different brand. Moms can figure it out. There will be a total of 4 S Hooks to secure, the inner S Hooks which should keep the wings from drooping. The Hooks are easier to place than they are to undo, there is a trick to it, and it takes practice. I am still not 100% about getting them out easily. Since it is a pocket you will also need to stuff it before use.
Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ These diapers generally do not come with an insert, although some retailers offer one with it. You can purchase it for 17.95. You will need to either buy an insert, adding to the overall cost of the diaper, or just use a prefold or any inserts you already own. You can get velcro or snap diapers for the same price with inserts, but this is one of the only S Hook options, and is less expensive and widely available, plus it comes in cool colors. The liner is velour and super soft, so it is a step above a regular suedecloth or microfleece.
Performance ✰✰✰✰ The diaper worked great with no leaks.  There isn’t much else to say, sometimes no news is good news.  It is dependent on the insert you choose as well.
Fit ✰✰✰✰ This diaper does fit newborns! Most snap down rise diapers don’t fit a newborn, and are too bulky. I do like how well this fits my son, without a lot of extra bulk. It has a high enough rise to fit older toddlers, and has elastic on the stomach. It has more of a high cut on the thighs. The only issue I had with the fit was how it dipped in the front. It didn’t affect the function in any way, but I kept worrying he would pee up the front. Luckily that never happened! There are more than enough adjustment settings, and you get a very precise fit with the S Hook design.
Overall- This diaper wouldn’t be top pick in my stash because it is just too hard to put on my son. He is a wriggler, to an extreme. Every diaper change is a struggle, and I dread every one of them these days. It functions well, so I can’t complain about that. I don’t want to make it sound like it isn’t a good diaper. It is, and it works quite well. For me, it isn’t my type. If you need a diaper that your baby cannot undo, will begin fitting at the newborn stage all the way to potty training, or if you want a diaper that is going to stand the test of time, this one would be great for you. If you love the diaper but aren’t sure about S Hooks, it comes in a snaps version as well, but you will lose the infinite sizing possiblities.

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