Tutorial: Make a Furry Bunny Tail for your Cloth Diapers! Easter Photo Prop

DIY Bunny Tail Tutorial

A photo of a baby wearing a cloth diaper with a bunny tail attached caught my eye on Pinterest {original photo} and I knew I needed to recreate the shot for an Easter card.  I didn’t find a ready made bunny tail when I was shopping (though I did find 2 pairs of furry bunny ears at Michael’s for $4 each) so instead I decided to make my own out of yarn.  I couldn’t find the first tutorial I had planned to use so I asked my Mother-in-Law if she knew how to make them and she showed me the cardboard circle method!  I attached my tail using a badge holder which explained why it is high up on the bum.  To get it centered on the diaper you’ll have to find your own method.  Hint- tape does not work.

Time required: Less than 10 minutes.

Supplies: Boa Yarn in Desired Color.  Also called “eyelash yarn.”  I found it at Michaels.  it looks like a stuffed animal, not hard to find! ($3.99)

Spare cardboard (free)

Scissors (free)

Clip on Badge holder (OPTIONAL)


Step 1: Take your cardboard and cut two circles out.  You’ll need to visualize how “big” you want the tail.  The size of the pom pom will correlate to the size of your circles.  Take the two whole circles and cut a smaller hole in the center.  The hole needs to be big enough that you can pass the ball of yarn through it.  There is a direct relationship between the hole and the circle- cut a huge hole in the circle and you defeat the purpose of the large circle.  The space between the outside edge of the circle and the start of the hole inside represents the length of yarn.  Less=smaller ball.  More=larger ball.  I used thin cardboard but have also used currogated cardboard, both work fine.


Step 2:  Roll a ball of yarn up.  The fluffier and fuller you want the tail to be the more yarn you need to roll out.  I made a small but tight ball the first time.  This time I used two balls that were looser.  My first tail came out heavier out fluffier.   Second is on the thinner side but because the yarn is furry it is hard to tell unless you handle them.

Step 3:  Tie the yarn around the two cardboard circles and wrap around and around until you are satisfied with the amount.  You can always add more if you run out of yarn on your ball and still want more.

Step 4:  Cut a length of the same yarn about 6-8 inches.  Take a pair of scissors and find the space between your two cardboard circles.  Snip the yarn all the way around the circle.

Step 5: Thread the single strand in between the two circles and tie a knot tight.  This knot pulls the whole thing together to make it a ball.  Remove cardoboard circles after knot is tight and secure.  LEAVE THREAD LONG IF YOU WANT TO USE THEM TO TIE THE TAIL ONTO SOMETHING.

Tada!  DIY Bunny Tail using Yarn and the “pom pom” method.

Optional Step 6:  Use a badge clip to attach the tail to the back of a diaper or pants.  Make a loop with the yarn and tie it into the snappable loop.  Attach tail to cloth diaper or pants and Voila!  Fluffy Bunny Tail and Perfect Photo Prop for Easter!  (Tip: you’ll need your baby to be wearing a shirt to cover the top of the badge holder.  You can even make the loop longer for the tail to hang down further.)

Everett almost looks like a real bunny in his new outfit!

PS- do not leave your yarn unattended or this might happen…

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