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Autumn has picked up on language very quickly, partially thanks to her big sister speaking to her so frequently in the high pitched, short phrase sentences she understands so well. A side effect of learning the vocabulary of a headstrong three year old is that my one year old now responds to nearly every question with “No way.” It is hilarious in her squeaky baby voice and she has other words that are much less jarring to a wary parent (she also says please and thank you constantly, and has learned the words to request her most common desires rather than just wailing or whining… I think she actually whines far less than her older sibling) but it still leads me to think about how much our environment affects us. My experience is limited since my girls are not in a daycare and we haven’t found a playgroup that we are especially interested in just yet. Have you noticed a distinct influence on your child from the people who surround him or her each day? What is the most obvious difference you can attribute to a peer?


Today I’m sharing one of the most unique and easy to use all in one diapers I’ve had the pleasure of using. It has some features I think any cloth diapering parent can appreciate, and I can’t hide how much I love it. I could go on with a laundry list, but the more organized format of these reviews helps me avoid gushing so I’ll get right to it.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is an all in one style, yet it is enhanced with two trim snaps that allow the stay dry fleece liner and the inner core of a tongue style hemp/cotton 100% natural insert to be released for more efficient washing and drying. The pieces are all sewn together so there is never a part to be misplaced, but the ability to open it up so quickly and easily does make my laundry routine much simpler. I’ve even experimented with hand washing this diaper during a recent power outage, and I was delighted by how quickly it scrubbed clean and bubbles rinsed away. I prefer to line dry when weather allows but found unsnapping the diaper made both line drying and machine drying go faster, which is often a concern with parents using thick inserts with all natural fibers. I will mention I have occasionally had an issue if machine drying where the insert will twist a bit and not want to lay perfectly smooth afterwards. This is purely cosmetic and I’ve tucked it in regardless and used it many times but when I had a moment to spare I ran a hot iron over the hemp/cotton material and it flattened out just like new.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Tushmate offers the one size version of their all in one at a price of twenty three fifty eight for a solid color, or twenty five ninety eight for a pattern. Their new patterns are unlike any I’ve seen before, in that each diaper has the same pattern placement (no crossing your fingers or digging through a basket at a cloth diaper boutique trying to find perfect “bum placement”) AND they’ve perfected a design that allows for the art to be right side up on BOTH sides of the diaper! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, upside down patterns have always been a pet peeve of mine and these designs are so lovely, you’ll want to show them off. Currently there are two patterns available, the Deep Sea Wonders you see Autumn wearing here and Vintage Winter Love, as well as solid colors in yellow, light blue, orange, and brown. I really like that all of these options are pretty gender neutral and a bit unexpected.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ With a strong TPU shell and several layers of cotton and hemp absorbency, this diaper gets better and better over time. After about eight washes I’d say it reached full capacity and is still going strong. I love that the liner has gently encased elastic on the legs as well as the strong elastic on the shell, I can see this being especially helpful for younger babies who are EBF (exclusively breast fed) to prevent any leaks which may be more common with softer more liquid messes. The construction of this diaper also allows you to easily add additional absorbency without having to lay it on top of the diaper which can be confusing for caregivers who may not be as familiar with your routine. I love that I can add an additional insert (usually hemp or bamboo) underneath the original materials, and snap the liner shut, and to a babysitter or grandparent it is still exceptionally simple to put on but now has the strength to last all night (no more waking up the baby after a night out to change her before you go to sleep or waking up to change the sheets).


Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tushmate all in one is suggested for babies eight to thirty five pounds. My girls are currently at about twenty four pounds and thirty pounds, respectively, and are both able to wear this diaper (though my elder daughter no longer needs diapers she tried it on for me so I could check fit) comfortably with room to grow. I will say with the generous absorbency of this diaper you will find it can be a bit bulky, especially on a smaller child. If you have a new baby I highly recommend the Tushmate newborn (DDL has a video review available in the archives) which will fit comfortably from five to fourteen pounds, perfect for those early months and tiny baby thighs. You can then upgrade to the one size diaper when your little is ready and while you may need to size up on pants you will have the peace of mind an effective and economical diaper can bring.


Tushmate diapers are a high quality diaper that really is perfect for every occasion. Many of the diapers in my daughter’s stash are categorized as “overnight”, “play at home”, “babysitter approved”, “durable for outdoor play”, or “pretty but bring extra changes”. This diaper effectively works every time, without hauling extra back-up changes or needing fancy special treatment. An extra insert for overnight for long roadtrips is all I’ve ever added to this diaper, it is truly exceptional. While it may not be the cheapest cloth diaper, it is a great value that lasts a long time and is easy and convenient for a vast variety of families. This is one of the diapers I recommend to families who are nervous about trying cloth because it is so simple and works so very well.

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