Tush Mate One-Fits-All Hybrid/AI3 Diaper Review


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and were able to celebrate the fathers in your lives. We had a great day surrounded by family, and Harper got to finger paint (I made edible baby safe paint) for the first time as part of her gift for her dad. She loved squishing her hands in the paint, and smacking her palms against the paper hard then dragging them to make trails in the paint.


I’m really excited to review today’s diaper from TushMate because this is our first time using a hybrid and we love how versatile it is! We mostly used it as an All-In-Three or as a cover with flats, though we tried every option except disposable inserts (because I don’t have any right now).

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩

When I received my TushMate shell, fleece liner, and pair of hemp/organic cotton inserts, I was a little intimidated. They arrived in separate (but adorable) envelopes and as someone who is usually comfortable with pocket diapers and all-in-ones I was nervous I might be in over my head.

My fears quickly dissipated when I leafed through the charming little instruction manual that was included. It points out the features of the diaper and the various ways it can be used. I was excited to try this transformer and see what it could do.

First I tried the all-in-three variation to see how absorbent it is. I laid out the cover and snapped in first one insert, then the second insert (for extra absorbency), followed by the fleece liner. It sounds like this might be a bit time consuming, but with the built in snaps and the intuitive design everything clicked together in seconds. I was surprised and impressed by the ingenuity of the snap layout and how the layers fit so perfectly.


Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩

A starter kit including the cover, liner, and inserts like I tried is $25.78, or you can purchase pieces separately. Covers are 16.58 each, inserts are between 8.58 and 9.78, and a three pack of liners is 5.88. You can find hybrids at higher and lower costs than this, but I think this is a bargain if you are reusing the cover and just swapping out the inserts. I’m especially interested in using this diaper as a cover with flats, prefolds, my own inserts, or disposable inserts. If you’re using microfiber you’ll want to use the fleece liner (microfiber should never touch baby’s skin, it draws too much moisture from baby’s skin.)

I used this cover quite a lot during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. It washed well, dried quickly, and contained messes. If someone on a budget were planning to start cloth diapering their baby, I would highly recommend a few of these and a big stack of flats or prefolds with good ratings. You could take advantage of the bells and whistles when you need them (such as overnight or with the babysitter since the fully assembled diaper is very easy to use) and rely on pad folded cloth tucked in the generous flaps the rest of the time. I’d probably also suggest stocking up on a few extra fleece liners, the stay dry feature is awesome and the elastic sides and snaps keep it in place and contain messes much better than the homemade fleece liners I’ve tried to set in with other diapers. Just remember if you use a cream that is not cloth diaper safe you’ll want to wash your fleece separately (another reason the fleece is smart when using a babysitter, I’ve heard so many horror stories of diapers needing to be stripped after an over-zealous grandparent tries to help).


Performance ✩✩✩✩

The PUL seems a little thin but it is not sticky at all and I haven’t had any performance issues with it in the weeks I’ve been using this diaper in frequent rotation. It is recommended that you line dry the cover, but it dries so quickly you could drape it on your shower rod if you are not a line drier normally. We haven’t had any leaks or blowouts, the encased elastic does a great job at keeping everything in. The fleece liner is already pilling quite a bit, but that is normal for fleece and is really only an aesthetic issue as far as I can tell. The option to purchase more liners is nice, though. When it does wear out, I’ll just get a few more.

Fit ✩✩✩✩

This cover offers a four step rise, with two rows of rise snaps. I tried the snap version, though it is also available with hook and loop. It is marketed as a one size diaper for 8-40 lbs. It does look like it would fit a newborn, though it would be rather bulky (as any one size I’ve encountered would be… Harper didn’t fit comfortably into one size diapers for a couple months, but she was a tiny newborn and sized diapers were just a better solution for her at that age). The fit is good, the thinly encased elastic did leave red marks on Harper’s thighs a few times but she did not seem uncomfortable and they faded quickly. We haven’t had any leaks with this diaper, and I love how trim it is, perfect for her sweet little summer outfits (it seems like clothing stores are obsessed with leggings and tunics for babies these days, has anyone else noticed this?).



{Note from Kim- I used this diaper as well before Ev potty trained and had the velcro version.  One concern I have is how long it will last since it seems to be fraying a bit near the line of stitching on the strip across the stomach.}


We really love this diaper, and it is a great multi tasker for those looking to simplify their stash or start from scratch. My biggest qualm is that it is currently available in only three colors (orange, blue, or brown) and though they are nice shades, I love variety. I hope these diapers will eventually be available in more colors and prints. With these features, I could see TushMate becoming as popular as some of the most commonly known brands. But most moms I know want more than three colors in their stash. Variety aside, this diaper is very aesthetically pleasing. Trim, bright, and modern, it’s everything I could ask for in a diaper, and one we reach for again and again.

Kim’s 2 Cents- I like that this system solves many of the problems I had with gDiapers and the snaps that left red marks on my kids and that also didn’t seem very comfortable.  No matter how you use this diaper those snaps will never be a discomfort.  It also  makes a diaper in this style, similar to the Hiney Lineys I wanted to love but it just never found a true place in my heart, a lot easier to use.  We also used this cover during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge and I had a good experience with it overall and appreciate the little details that make it an easy system to use. Where to Buy- TushMate.com
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  • Amanda

    Seems like a lot of work. Nice Idea though.

  • Rachel N

    I agree with Amanda, that seems like A LOT of work! I would much rather only have to snap an insert in like the grovia with 2 snaps or just lay in like the flip… The hidden snaps also seem a bit strange to me. I think it would just be easier to offer 2 different styles of soakers, one with stay dry and one without.

    • kimrosas

      I will point out that your solution doesn’t allow for people to add their own inserts underneath this stay dry layer. A perk for anyone using flats but who like or need a stay dry liner.
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • meljc

    I could see how this would be good for my travel stash of flats and covers because my DS needs some stay dry time.

    However, I’ll agree with others that it seems a little too complicated for day-to-day use. I can leave our babysitter or my mom with a drawer full of random Grovia parts and it’s very intuitive what to do without any instruction. I don’t think this would pass the test (would they use a microfiber insert without the liner? would they use a stay dry liner but no insert underneath it?).

    Every time I get tempted by gdiapers and they ADORABLE little cotton covers (aloha, anyone???), I remind myself that there are just more parts than necessary and there will just be more pieces with poop on them that need to be cleaned.

  • Marie S

    Ditto the above comment. I could see it becomes a problem with so many option when one is in a hurry! Not very intuitive in that perspective, especially for beginner in cloth diapering!

  • Brigitte T

    Thank you for the great review! These diapers look fantastic. I am so thrilled to know that finally someone came out with a diaper system that is versatile enough for all occasions l!! I’ve never understood why or how the market got so saturated with all the different choices of diapers, i.e., all-in-one, all-in-two, one size, pocket, etc… It also seems easy to use. Can’t wait to order some for my little one.

  • Jojo

    Any idea about where these diapers are made? US or China?

    • kimrosas

      They are manufactured in China.

  • Amori

    What seems special to me about this diaper is the ability to snap in a liner with hidden snap, But unfortunately, I think the hidden snap maybe a deal breaker for me. I can not imagine myself patiently trying to snap in inserts and liners in a hurry or at night.
    There are 8 hidden snaps, but they seem tiny. Each pair is located close together with only tiny holes visible. Not very easy to locate for someone like me who do
    not wear my glasses all day. It looks like you have to be careful to not snap the inserts into the holes for the liner, otherwise you won’t be able to snap in the liner. And when you snap in the liner, you have to carefully work around the inserts that is already snapped in there……..It is just a lot of pieces to assemble together over and over, so much complexity!! I would much rather prefer Grovia.

  • Donny

    I think this diaper is overpriced, it’s material looks cheap, for several more dollars, you can get Grovia that is far more superior in material and style.

  • kaylamom

    We purchased a starter kit, strangely my 4 month old daughter had leak every time we use this diaper, I am new to CB….maybe I am just not doing it right?

    • lvelyse

      A friend of mine recommended TushMate to us. So I went to check their website. It seems they have the satisfaction guarantee for the starter kit. If it doesn’t work for you. You can refund it. And I was told their customer care is pretty good. Maybe they can help you??

      • Imahart

        We have trouble with the Hemp inserts, its causing my baby to have breakouts, happened twice when I didn’t use the liner. Did your friend have to return her diaper? Maybe I will return and get a refund….

      • lvelyse

        No, I don’t think she had any issue with it. My friend loves the diaper system. That’s why she recommended it to me. If you purchased the starter kit, you can get refund. But it has expire date or something. Good luck.

      • Imahart

        We did not like it after trying, plus the hemp insert issue, I’ll stay with the Flip we are using, Flip is simple enough……

      • Sunny

        Ivelyse, you said your friend had not had ANY issue with the diaper, how does she know their customer care is pretty good? Are you the seller/customer care yourself?

  • Jessica Kennedy

    I just have to say, these are enormous on a 7lb newborn (ok he’s a premie, but at 37 gestation now, and there are bigger os covers I haven’t even ventured to try on him). I still love them. Awesome cover, inserts, and liner. Bonus! The snaps fit the gDiaper pouches. So I can use the gDiaper pouches in my fave cover and not get EBF poo everywhere (on the cover) when I use a sposie =) Win!

    The hidden snaps rock. I get them every time. I “load” a cover before I go to use it, and swap the covers. Otherwise I use flats with it.

    The hook and loop on this is awesome in my book (can’t do snaps,
    arthritis). It is fraying a bit, as mentioned in the video. Still. Love.

    Customer service there was great too. I had a defective cover… stitches coming out already? Less than 24 hours… really??? Yep, but they mailed me a new one and I had it less than 2 days later. They sent me a return envelope too =)

    Thanks for the review Kim!

    • kimrosas

      Thanks for the information on fit. That will be helpful for others reading this. Hidden snaps are awesome huh?

      • Jessica Kennedy

        The hidden snaps rock =) I figured out that to get a better fit on this I didn’t use the snap-down rise and did the accordion fold like people from Green Line Diapers use on their covers. Much trimmer and much better fit! And the velcro is so sticky that my 4y/o couldn’t undo it, lol =)

  • Pam

    Don’t expect this diaper to be useful once your child reaches about 25+ lbs. The claim that it fits into toddlerhood is ridiculous. My 2 year old who is 50% in weight and height and 28 lbs now can no longer wear this without deep crease lines in his hip and groin area. Diaper I think is worth it for an infant but don’t expect it to perform as long as the company claims.