Traveling across the country with Cloth Diapers.

When I decided I was definitely going to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas the next question was how was I going to diaper my son?  Disposables are the easy answer, followed by G Diapers or Gro Baby Bio Soakers.  The hardest answer would be full time cloth diapers.  Now, I have mentioned before that I have an issue with leaving dirty diapers at home and also with bringing dirty cloth diapers with me to a location.  I don’t like to think of my diapers sitting in the pail for more than 3 days.  Yuck!  I have read the horror stories about mushrooms and mold growing on diapers.

Picture 38I set about looking for a local diaper service in Las Vegas.  I figured that if I could find one perhaps we could arrange a way for me to use them.  I lucked out and found Happi Bunz Diaper Service.  They were more than accommodating and arranged for my diapers to be delivered to the Hilton.  They delivered 40 bleached regular size prefolds and a Pail.  I packed my own covers and snappi, and brought wet bags to keep my dirties in until I got back to the hotel each day.

What about my flights?  For my airport and plane time I used Gro Baby Shells and the new Bio Soakers.  I was able to try the Bio Soakers a litle bit before their release because I like my Gro Baby shells more than G Diapers.  I wasn’t disappointed by the Bio Soakers!  Because they have elasticized edges they hold in the poop really well!  And, even though they have way less SAP gel than a disposable they were plenty absorbent.  I didn’t notice having to change any more than I regularly do.  I will give one tip, when placing your soaker in make sure that it is very close to the edge of the front.  Somehow the very first one I used at home leaked from the front.  When I removed it I saw how I placed it.  If there is hardly anything in the front to catch the pee, then it is going to leak!

Like I said, the Bio Soakers lasted me until I got to the hotel.  Happi Bunz left a baggage claim for me and I wheeled my pail and clean diapers up to the hotel room using my stroller.  I changed Fletcher from a Gro Baby to a prefold with a cover.  We used these exclusively until check out four days later.  This was my first time ever using a service.  The prefolds were very absorbent, I even used them at night with a wool cover or a PUL cover.  He never leaked.  I did notice that the prefolds were very pilled and they weren’t the softest things on the planet.  If we were using the service full time I might have an issue with that.

We have used prefolds at our home but not as much as we used fitteds or pockets.  Apparently, Fletcher is always a pain to put a prefold on.  My diaper changes lasted 10-15 minutes each.  No kidding.  I was sweating and out of breath by the end of each one.  He squirmed, crawled away, turned upside down, and in general made each change a nightmare.  I am not a prefold master.  I can get them on, but it isn’t second nature.  This experiment has reaffirmed to me that pockets are the best thing for our family.

Once we checked out of the hotel I left a baggage claim for Happi Bunz.  The dirties and the pail were left in the hotel and I walked away with no laundry to do and no dirties to carry with me!

There is almost always a way to use cloth diapers on vacation.  It might not be the easiest or most convenient thing, but you can do it.  Do I think you should always?  No!  Disposables were invented for traveling, and became the norm.  If cloth diapers were the norm, then maybe using a few sposies for traveling wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  I don’t think that if you use them for your trip you are the devil!  I do think there are ways to make responsible choices, like more earth friendly disposables, or disposable inserts for your cloth.  I hope my experience has given you some ideas for your next trip!

What do you use when you travel?  I’d love to hear!

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