Tot Wraps Dream Diaper One Size Review

Tot Wraps Dream Diaper AIO

I was contacted about doing a review of the Tot Wraps diaper a while back.  The maker was very proud of her diaper, as she should be, and boasted that it was a one size that truly fit a newborn.  So, since I wanted to test that out I had DDL Contributer Kristen review the diaper.  Not only did she have an adorable newborn who could try it, she also has a toddler!  This review was written and performed by Kristen using DDL’s star rating system.  I was also sent a diaper so that I could film the video review.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The Tot Wraps Dream Diaper OS AIO Hybrid is a snap diaper, which in my opinion, makes it a little more difficult to use.  The first time I used it on either my toddler or my newborn, I had to figure out which snaps to use and then each subsequent time, I was trying to remember which ones to use.  But after using it regularly, I got accustomed to the positioning.  Aside from snaps though, it is super easy to use in that you don’t need to stuff it or figure anything else out in order to use it.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰✰ At $18, this diaper is very affordable, especially since you can use it from 8lbs up to 40lbs. I was able to use it on my newborn when she was around 8lbs and also used it on my toddler, who is around 21lbs and it fit both really well.  The rise is also high enough when unsnapped all the way that I think it really would fit a 40lb toddler.  Also, there are a few colors and prints to choose from, although I would like to see more offered.

Performance ✰✰✰✰  I had no problems with leaking with my newborn and it was able to contain her messy poops really well.  I love the inner fabric because it is so soft and I felt comfortable putting it against my newborn’s skin.  I was concerned that it might stain but I didn’t have any issues with that, even after I switched to a high efficiency washer and had to figure out a new washing “system”, so I was impressed

I did have a leak when I used this diaper with my 16 month old.  She is a very heavy wetter but I wanted to see how absorbent the Zorb soaker inside was.  She had pretty substantial leaking so the next time I decided to add an insert to increase absorbency and I didn’t have a problem with leaks after that.

Fit ✰✰✰✰✰ This diaper fit my newborn and my toddler very well.  I was impressed that I was able to get it snug on both of them, and it didn’t leave bad red marks like some of the other diapers I have used.  It is a pretty slim diaper, thanks to the Zorb soaker, so my newborn was able to fit in the regular clothes/pants that she would normally wear and even with the added soaker, my toddler was able to wear her regular sized pants as well.

Overall- I think this is a great OS AIO diaper!  It worked well for both of my kids and it dried faster than any of my other AIO diapers, which was pretty amazing considering the soaker is sewn in.  It is trim for them to wear under clothing and it follows through on what it advertises…it really can fit an 8lb newborn!  It contained messes well and did a good job absorbing for my newborn and held up well after I added an extra insert for my toddler.  $18 is a reasonable price to pay for a well made, well performing diaper that can last from newborn stage up to potty training!

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