Tis Post Brougt to you by te letter “H”

So tis morning I was trying to entertain my son.  E was done wit is bouncer, activity gym, jumper, floor time, mommy time, etc, so I decided to try an infant computer game.  A friend of mine said er daugter really loved tem, especially one tat does a peekabo wen you smack on te keys.  We found te game and I let im smack away.

Except, e didn’t smack.  E grasped.  E likes to scratc at tings.  Well, tis time in less tan 2 seconds e got a letter in is grasp.  Guess wat tat letter was?  It was an “H”, mon’.

I am able to insert H’s using my caracter palette but tat takes too long.  So for now don’t expect a blog post from me.  I could use our oter computer but I ate tem.  Well, I didn’t eat it.  I just ate it.  mmmmmm…… tat doesn’t work so well.  

Tis Blog post is brougt to you by te letter…..

Reminding you ow important e is.

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