This Baby Knows!

I am patiently (mostly) waiting to go into labor.  As of now I am 5 days “overdue” if my due date is to be trusted.  The thing is, my baby takes directions pretty well.  Here is why:

First, my in-laws, who are going to drive here from North Carolina (12 hours), couldn’t come until after the 8th.  I waited until the 8th and felt relief when that date passed.  It will be nice to have them here to play with Fletcher.

Then, my main midwife was going to be out of town the 8th through the 11th.  I have been seeing 2 midwives but she is the CNM.  The evening of the 11th arrived and the baby was still baking.  Midwife called and said she was back in town, all systems go.  Sweet.

Around this time my husband had a nasty cold and was acting like the biggest baby on the planet.  Here I am waddling around, with a giant thing inside me, and he is being pitiful and absolutely NO HELP around the house.  Also, bringing a newborn into cold infested air sucks.  Now he is over it.

My husband has also been super busy at work with a big project.  He goes in early, he comes home late, and he works in the evening from home.  Seems like this is going to be done after this week so he can be off of work without working from home as much and stressing about this.  That is good news.

The biggest worry has been that my toddler has regressed in his sleeping habits.  For the past 3 weeks he has been waking at night.  He screams and won’t go back to his bed, when normally I can just give him a cuddle and he will go back to sleep in his bed.  So he started sleeping with us at least half of the night again.  2 nights ago I decided it had to end before the baby arrived.  He woke twice that night and I managed to get him back to sleep in his bed both times.  Last night he slept all night in his bed again!  Please say he is over this!  What a wonderful thing that would be!  The great thing is that I actually just talked to him and told him he was a big boy and needed to sleep in his bed.  He nodded and said “yeah” and let me put him in bed that night.  Amazing!  He is growing up so fast!

The last thing on my list I wanted to do was see Jackass 3D.  I am going to try and see it today.  My hope is I will laugh until my water breaks!

Do you think my little tummy baby is really listening for the perfect time to come out? I do, because anytime before today would have been less than perfect.  He is welcome to come any day now!

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  • Rachel

    I just had my baby last week at 40 weeks 6 days. I felt like I’d be pregnant forever! Even when I was having contractions, I was totally in denial. By the time I finally decided this was the real deal and went to the hospital, I was 9 cm when the mw checked me. Can’t get better than that!

    Hope you have a lovely labor and delivery and that your homebirth will be all that you imagine!

  • Abby

    I am sending positive birthing vibes your way! My Hypnobabies mantra was “My baby knows how and when to be born, and I will be patient”. It is hard to keep that in mind when you are large, uncomfortable, and excited, but it is true! Good luck!

  • stacy h

    good labor vibes for you!! =)

  • I love a woman who has her priorities in order. Jackass 3D is definitely something that I would need to check off my pre-labor list, if I was pregnant. I hope your baby continues cooperating so you can get this accomplished 🙂

  • Brandi Elam

    Hope you have a great labor and delivery now that baby is free to come (after the movie tonight, of course!).

  • I think they totally know when the timing is right.

    With #1 he was 15 days overdo and made his appearance the day I was scheduled for inducement.

    With #2 I’ve been in graduate school – she came on a three day weekend so I did not miss a single day of school.

    Amazing how that works. I really hope everything works out just how you want. Sending you positive thoughts for a speedy and healthy labor and delivery and a very healthy and well behaved newborn son.

  • Best of luck! My baby came a day before his due date, but after lots of teasing! I was dilated to 3 cm for 2 1/2 weeks and had tons of labor. Finally, a massage therapist friend of mine gave me some peppermint oil to rub on my feet and ankles – next morning I woke up in labor! Sending positive labor vibes your way. I’m glad he’s at least waited for you to get a few things out of the way first!

  • The good news is I got the see Jackass. Bad news: didn’t jump start labor. Oh well! Thanks for all the good vibes!

  • I think they know best but sometimes they need a bit of help. I just had my 3rd child last week at 41 weeks 3 days. I couldn’t believe that I went so long with #3!

  • Well, for one, certainly don’t doubt that babies are connected to their mamas and being “in tune” with one another!! I have listened to/read countless stories of babies “holding on” for any number of reasons that the mother needed: dad was out of town, midwife/OB was out of town, certain family member couldn’t make until a certain date, etc. (And a number of these women literally went into labor within a few hours after everything fell into place.)

    I do think, too, this also has to do with a mother’s hormones and her ability to subconsciously “let go” of her baby. And I think sometimes a mom not ready/able to do that until all her ducks are in a row. 😉 Mothers and babies are so amazing! Many blessings to you as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

  • My kids never waited until a convenient time. They just came when they felt like it… but frankly, I didn’t care much by the time they got here. I just wanted them OUT of me!

    This baby and you have been a topic of conversation around the office the last couple of days, Kim! You are in our thoughts and prayers.