Thirsties New Hook and Loop Video and Review

harperelfWith the holiday season officially in full swing we’ve begun unpacking the lights and decorations and wrapping gifts. This year Harper is old enough to really appreciate the bright festive lights and shiny ornaments she sees everywhere. She “helped” decorate our house with Daddy and clapped when he turned the lights on that night. I love seeing Christmas through her eyes, and I’m giddy to plan new traditions for us. What do you like to do with your loved ones each December?

Today I’m reviewing an exciting new feature on a classic stash staple. Thirsties has released a brand new hook and loop on their diapers, and I’m thrilled to say it’s stronger and better than any I’ve tried. The strips of hook and loop you use to fasten the diaper are gently rounded so there are no sharp corners to accidentally dig into baby’s skin. These “bullets” (named for their shape, I imagine) are very generously sized which makes wrangling a squirmy toddler so much easier. The laundry tabs are arranged so tightly in line with the tape that it almost fastens itself shut upon removal, and the bond has remained tight throughout several washes.

The sizing on this hook and loop tape is very flexible, the waist piece measures seven inches across and the bullets are double sided (hook on one side, loop on the other) so you can stack them if you need that extra tight fit. Having that option is a lifesaver when you have a skinny baby with a small waist. I think many parents with thin toddlers prefer hook and loop for this very reason, the fit can be much more custom then some snap diapers.


We love the new (bigger, better) hook and loop from Thirsties, especially since Harper can’t take it off by herself like she can with some of her other diapers. The generous sizing and the strong grip of the tape make life easier on both of us.

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