Thirsties Natural One Size All In One Diaper Review

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I hope all of our mothers had a memorable and sweet Mother’s Day. I was surprised with heartfelt gifts in the morning, and we went to a local antique/vintage market where I found some cool Bakelite buttons and an antique post office box door my husband is going to turn into a mail niche in our front hallway. It had a three letter combination, but by observing the mechanism I was able to figure out the code, which made me feel very clever. We followed up with a leisurely lunch with my mom and brother followed by a trip to the park, and then spent the evening at my mother-in-law’s house where her boys cooked her dinner. It wasn’t easy striking a balance in honoring the mothers in our lives, and there are other mother-figures I would have loved to honor as well, but I think we did our best and enjoyed all the chatter and love and family time.


Thirsties is one of my favorite go-to reliable brands of cloth diaper. They are simple, quick, effective, and the bright colors and patterns are cheerful. I love using Thirsties cloth on my baby and diapers that I used on Harper three years ago are still in amazing condition and working well for Autumn (with no break in between thanks to their cozy age difference). The new Thirsties Natural All In One combines the convenience and simplicity of an all in one design with the natural materials and incredible absorbency of organic cotton and hemp.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Thirsties Natural One Size All In One is about as easy as it gets. The soft PUL shell is lined on the interior with three layers of gentle organic cotton for comfort and extra absorbency, and two trim yet powerful soakers are sewn on one side to the diaper, each packing a whopping four layers of organic cotton/hemp blend, for a total of eleven layers of all natural absorbency. I love that it is sewn on one side, allowing you to wash without having to search for and match up pieces, while the open ended design allows a stronger wash and faster dry time, and with the dual soakers you can fold absorbency where your baby needs it most. If you have someone else changing the baby with this diaper, you may choose to fold the absorbency the way you like it in advance or mention it to them if you are concerned. But even without targeted absorbency this diaper has a lot of longevity and will provide amazing protection while your baby plays carefree.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ Retailing for $24.75 this diaper is on par with other popular natural all in one one size cloth diapers, and I feel the design is superior to some of the styles and configurations I’ve used. I love supporting Thirsties, which is made in Colorado, with US sourced components and a family focused staff (including lots of work from home moms!) so even if this diaper were higher in price I would still prefer to support this amazing company, and since it’s actually equivalent in price to many options I find for me it is an easy choice.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to all those thirsty layers (see what I did there?) this diaper can really go the distance, and I love it for long car rides, days of marathon play dates and errands, and those wonderful lazy at home days when my eighteen month old doesn’t want to stop playing for one minute. If I anticipate a longer stretch between changes, I might add a simple fleece liner just to prevent wetness from clinging to my baby’s skin, but at Autumn’s age I find natural fibers are better overall. I especially like that they encourage awareness which helped Harper potty train when she was ready. We’re not “training” and don’t intend to until she shows active interest, but when she comes to me and tells me “Mommy. Diaper. Please.” I feel so proud and happy.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the amazing properties of cotton and hemp, this diaper is extremely trim. I compared it to one of my heavy rotation all in ones made with as many layers of microfiber, and there were INCHES of difference in bulk. Let me put it another way, in the latter diaper, size 2T pants do not fit past her thighs. In the Thirsties Natural All In One One Size, I can still squeeze some use out of my favorite 18 month size pants. And thanks to the three step rise and two rows of ten waist snaps to choose from, the all in one configuration we know and love will keep this diaper in rotation from about eight to forty pounds.

Overall: I’m a big fan of this natural and convenient alternative to the Thirsties product line. The inserts lay flat nicely, the diaper is soft even after countless washes in my Florida hard water, my daughter really likes it and picks it out herself from the diapers on her shelf, and the trim design makes it even easier to love. This is a great choice for building a stash of natural but easy and quick cloth diapers, especially for parents nervous about troubleshooting or assembling diapers, which means it would also be an amazing (and adorable) baby shower gift. This is a great option if your baby has displayed a sensitivity to synthetic materials. And I can’t express enough how proud I am that they are made in the US and continue to support business here in the states. This is a high quality, efficient, and charming diaper, and while the Duo Wrap has always been my favorite, I think this All In One may usurp it as my new go-to.

Where to Buy: Your favorite retailer will have them in stock, including Kelly’s Closet, Nicki’s Diapers,  and Diaper Junction.


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