Thirsties Duo All-in-One Review

Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper Review
Thirsties DUO AIO

Update: Thirsties discontinued this diaper and now maes their One Size All in One.

Thirsties All-in-One
Thumbs Up!

When I went to ABC Kids Expo I wasn’t aware that Thirsties was showing a brand new diaper. The new Duo All-in-One was what I had the chance to see and it recently was made available to the public for purchase. I immediately placed my order so that I could begin reviewing the diaper. Like their other popular diaper wrap and Duo Diaper the Thirsites Duo All-in-One is a dual size diaper that comes in either size 1 or size 2. It also comes in aplix or snaps.  Unfortunately my camera was having an issue I wasn’t aware of when I filmed the video and it was only when I started to edit and after moving that I realized it.  I have already packed my filming “studio” and moved or I would have re-shot the entire thing.  

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ For my review I used the Aplix and there is nothing easier than an Aplix Thirsties Duo All-in-One! You will need to set the rise initially and again (and again) as your child grows but once that is set your diaper will be as easy to use as a disposable. If you have snaps there is only 1 row and a total of 4 snaps to close. When it comes time to wash your diaper you don’t have an insert to remove. After the clean diapers are dry you can simply fold and put away without having to stuff an insert. The tunnel design is open on both ends so if you do end up needing to add an insert for nights it will agitate out as well.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ $15.75 for a QUALITY made, USA made, WAHM sewn, AIO cloth diaper that also comes with top notch customer service from one of the best cloth diaper companies around? THAT my friends is a good deal. It isn’t a “one size” diaper so you can’t just buy a set of Thirsties AIO’s and call it a day. However the Size 1’s will fit a newborn, and if your child is on the taller end or late on potty learning then your Size 2’s will fit up to 40 pounds.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The Thirsties Duo AIO has a microfiber soaker that should be good enough for most babies during the day. If you intend to use your    AIO for overnight then you might want to add an additional insert. We never had a leak in any situation.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Ev fits the Size 2 on the smallest snap rise. It comes a bit higher than I prefer but this just means he has lots and lots of room in the rise to grow. I’d be willing to bet he would still fit into the Size 1 on the unsnapped rise setting. I can’t speak to how Size 1 fits a newborn but if the Duo Wrap is an indication that it will fit but just look a but bulky until they grow into it and we all know how fast that happens!
Overall: The only two negative things I can think of- I miss the characteristic appearance of the white binding. The diaper just looks so naked without it, especially the snaps version. Maybe they don’t want it to be confused with the Duo Diaper? The second is that it takes a pretty long time to be thoroughly dry. If you put your hand in the pocket you might notice after one cycle that the soaker is still damp. (this doesn’t happen every single time- varies depending on how many diapers are in my dryer and what dryer I am using) It is harder to air dry the way that the soaker attaches inside to the fleece lining. Do either of those facts make me less likely to use or buy more? Nope! I can’t think of many brands I love as much as I love Thirsties. And if you want more reasons to love them you should watch their own video announcing their All-in-One.   I should also point out that this may be the first cloth diaper that has received all 5 stars!  
Where to Buy: Diaper Junction (affiliate) which is where I also purchased this diaper for review.  

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  • awesome love it i wanna get this diaper!!

  • Grace H

    I was hoping these would have double leg gussets like their covers. Still looks awesome though.

  • Katie S

    I’d love to get this diaper in a Size 1 to try on my newborn due in July. Any idea why it doesn’t come in Cool stripes? I already picked up a Size 1 Duo Diaper to try out on my baby. Now, I just need this one!

    • Anonymous

      I thought it did? If not I have no idea why!

      • Katie S

        Nope, I can’t find it anywhere in Cool Stripes! Bummer. But that’s not a deal breaker. 🙂

        P.S. Everett’s leg kicking in this video made me laugh!

  • Katja

    Hi Kim,

    thank you very much for your nice reviews:-)

    I have got the size 2 for my late, 3 year old, potty trainer, who weighs 30! lb (14 kg)
    The snap version already is much too small!!! You can’t imagine how disappointed I was because I felt somehow like Thirsties makes wrong promises to their customers: First make two sizes of diapers to buy and then size 2 still is too small for a late/average potty trainer with far less than the suggested weight range:-(
    By the way, most of our OS diapers still fit perfectly-on the last setting, but they fit:
    My five star Diaper: Bum Genius Elemental-a real OS, fitting from birth to potty!

    • Anonymous

      So it sounds like you need more room around the waist?

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

      • Katja

        Yes, we would need much more room around the waist!
        Of course all the OS diapers we have are already on the last setting, but from a 2-size diaper I have expected that it would fit longer than all the common OS brands.
        Please excuse my mistakes as well….I am from Switzerland and English is not my mother tongue

    •  I have a size 1 in snaps and it is very small in the waist on my 11lb
      baby. I think I would prefer the velcro version for a larger waist
      adjustment. I am going to have to snap it using only one snap on each
      tab pretty soon….otherwise it is a big favorite of mine.  So I think
      they may have a waist size issue with the snap version because of the snap placement.

  • Christina

    Thanks for your review, but some of your wording led be a bit astray.  I bought a couple of the size 1s based on you thinking that Ev would still fit in the size 1 unsnapped.  My daughter is tiny at 8 months and about 15-16 pounds.  I was worried about the size 2 being huge on her, hence the size choice of my order.  Well, suffice it to say that I could barely snap the waist on the largest settings on the small for her and now have to return the 3 size 1s I purchased and replace them with the size 2.  Would you mind revising your review to reflect your actual experience with the size 2 and not your assumptions about the size 1.  Thanks!

  • Mary

    I chose to use these on my first little one based on your review, price, and hubby’s insistence that he would only cloth diaper if it was like a disposable. So far no issues, but I can see how people can complain about the snaps version being small in the waist. I have both the aplix and snaps version and prefer the aplix any day. The waist fit is better – the snaps version pulls tighter and doesn’t give as much of a customized fit. I agree with your all five star rating though – LOVE these diapers.

  • Autumn

    Love these. As for the longer dryer time, I found that you can reach through the tunnel and turn the diaper inside-out easily and without harming the diaper. This makes drying much faster! I send them around in the dryer for 8 mins then turn them inside out and put them back in for 8 minutes. 🙂