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The Winner of the Referral Contest and 5 bumGenius 4.0’s is….

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2 weeks ago I announced a contest that would give readers a chance to refer their friends to learn more about my database, the Cloth Diaper Finder.  The person who referred the most people would win 5 bumGenius 4.0’s cloth diapers that I would buy for them with my own money.  This was NOT a sponsored giveaway by bumGenius or the store I plan to buy the diapers from.  Since I was buying bumGenius the contest was closed to Canada.

Within the first couple of days I did have to change the rules to make sure people were not offering incentives.  Any who did before that time didn’t lose their referrals since it had not been in the rules prior.

With all of that said here are the winners!  


Angela Heffner won with a total of 138 referrals.

I did include the obvious variations of her name as you can see here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.34.06 AM

Same for Holly Miller who placed 2nd with 135 referrals.  It was an insanely close contest!

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.34.45 AM

I want to thank everyone for their participation! In total 936 people were referred to the contest by you guys! I’m very grateful for everyone’s hard work who put their time into this.

As a special thank you to Holly Miller Steffen, who referred nearly the same number of people as the winner, I’ll be sending over two bumGenius 4.0’s in her color and closure choice from Diaper Junction thanks to a few affiliate credits I have stored up.

Also congrats to the winners of the giveaway!

Cindy Bazzel won the GEN-Y GO Bag generously sponsored by GEN-Y Diapers.
Erin Mills won the Eco Sprout Soap and Balm which was sponsored by Eco Sprout.

Both winners were referred here so that is awesome news! Maybe they will both stick around and become readers of DDL.

I hope everyone who learned about the Cloth Diaper Finder through this fun contest will continue to use this valuable cloth diaper tool and keep telling their friends!  It is a labor of love and something I’m so proud of and want the cloth diapering world to know about and use, which was the whole reason for this contest.

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Kim Rosas began Dirty Diaper Laundry in 2009 out of a desire to help more parents understand modern cloth diapers. She lives in Florida with her husband of 5 years and her two boys. Even though none of her boys wear diapers anymore she is still just as committed to promoting them. In her spare time Kim enjoys video editing, photography, and coffee.
  • Jessica K Long

    I am glad that so many people have discovered your site I hope that most of them checked out the Finder