The Trimmest Cloth Diapers Round-Up

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Is there such thing as a Trim Cloth Diaper?  I say yes!

Using cloth diapers can sometimes mean that your baby looks like they have a little extra “junk in the trunk.”  Most mama’s are either indifferent or happen to like the “fluffy” booty.  Then there are the moms who really want trim cloth diapers.

I am going to say here and now that there is not a cloth diaper on the market as trim as a disposable. And you don’t want them to be.  The reason for a disposable’s trimness has everything to do with science and the chemicals used to make them.  The non chemical fabrics can’t compete and I don’t find that a bad thing.

Out of all {100+} cloth diapers I have tried and tested there are some that stand out from the crowd for their trimness.  I’ll be listing them here for all of the mamas looking for cloth diapers that don’t *ahem* accentuate the booty.

BumWare Extreme AIO

The BWX is probably the trimmest cloth diaper I have ever used and the closest in sihlouette to a disposable when under clothing. Also, there is no elastic around the back. The diaper is Sized meaning you need to size up when they grow out of one size. The soaker is microfiber and is sandwiched between the PUL waterproof exterior and a Microfleece interior which is next to the baby’s skin. This is not the diaper for Heavy Wetters unless you plan to add a doubler.  {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Swaddlebees Simplex {review}

Many will argue that a Side Snapping cloth diaper is the trimmest option.  People- Meet the Swaddlebees Simplex!  There are so many things that made me fall in love with the Simplex: Clean front, TRIM, Fast Drying, Durable Birdseye cotton lining and soaker, and Made in the USA.  The Simplex comes in sizes (currently 2.0 is sold in Medium/Large only).  It is a mix between a pocket and an All in One- the insert is sewn at one end and agitates out on its own in the washer- then needs to be re-stuffed before putting back on (you can also lay it on top if you prefer and skip stuffing).  The Simplex can be purchased in prints too.  {If you prefer a stay dry lining the sister diaper- Blueberry Basix- has Microfleece lining and a Microfiber soaker and is just as trim}  Simplex 2.0 was just released with more room in the waist.  {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Ragababe Easy AIO {review}

There is a reason that you can’t get your hands on a Ragababe Easy AIO.  They are pretty fabulous and happen to also be pretty darn trim.  More than being trim, they are extremely light weight thanks to the Bamboo used for the soaker.  This diaper comes in sizes and is a true All in One which means the soaker is sewn in, however there is a small pocket opening towards the front if you need to add more absorbency.  If you do then it won’t be as trim.  Hopefully the mama behind Ragababe can catch her breath and a break to let more folks get their hands on them.  For now, keep stalking the facebook page or various FSOT forums.{Buy from Ragababe}

bumGenius Elemental {review}

The BGE was one of my first cloth diaper loves.  At the time it was released it felt revolutionary; it was an All in One with a shorter drying time and it used natural fibers.  The BGE is certainly trimmer than it’s cousin, the bumGenius 4.0 but it is also more expensive.  This is my Go To cloth diaper for my diaper bag, especially when I had two babies in cloth.  Unlike the above diapers mention, the bumGenius Elemental has the distinct honor of being the only One Size and All in One cloth diaper in the list.  It even looks fairly trim on newborns; that is impressive! {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Evolution Ion {review}

The Evolution Ion is a great diaper.  It is also a very Trim cloth diaper that is a Pocket too!  The inserts that come with the Evolution Ion are trim and absorbent, plus the sizing in the legs keeps the front looking clean and distributes the fabric so there is no bulk in the front.  These diapers have a Cool Max lining which wicks mooisture away from the baby and is made from recycled plastic bottles.  Another reason to love them: they are Made in the USA. {Buy From Kelly’s Closet}

Flats and Covers are also very trim on older babies and toddlers.  I have yet to find a “trim” fitted but when it comes to Fitteds versus Fitteds Bamboozle is less fluffy than most.

Have a Trim Cloth Diaper Recommendation?  Leave it in the comments!

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Kim Rosas began Dirty Diaper Laundry in 2009 out of a desire to help more parents understand modern cloth diapers. She lives in Florida with her husband of 5 years and her two boys. Even though none of her boys wear diapers anymore she is still just as committed to promoting them. In her spare time Kim enjoys video editing, photography, and coffee.
  • Chari

    Some of those diapers still look pretty bulky to me. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, hands down Tot Wraps (a WAHM maker) is the trimmest. It’s a bikini cut AIO made with ZORB. Under clothing it looks and fits like a disposable. ZORB also absorbs a ton which makes it a great night time diaper. I could go on and on about Tot Wraps diapers though. I think it blows all of these you’ve mentioned out of the water when it comes to trimness IMO. 

    • Anonymous

      I have reviewed the Tot Wraps and didn’t find it SUPER Trim, but the
      trimmest of all of the diapers listed was the BMX. I also find some diapes
      look trimmer when under clothes. That was taken into consideration in my
      list as well.

  • Vixthemom

    I find a hemp pf to be trim as well. Any pocket would be trim with hemp.

  • Kathy Townsend

    I think the tots bots easy fit is pretty trim, about the same as the bge IMO.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the Tots Bots Easy Fit is trim, and even relatively trim looking on new
      babies. It just missed the cut but there is nothing bulky about it!

  • Amcorbett1125

    Kissaluvs Marvel AIO is the absolute best…oh and Smartipants are incredibly trim too!

  • Jan_canadian

    Cloth kept my DD’s pants from falling off her skinny bum.  Now that she’s toilet trained, we have trouble finding things that fit (besides leggings…she loves jeans).  My DS is not as skinny but have never had trouble fitting pants.  We use mostly BG 4.0′s and Flips.  I have BG AIO’s in S + M for trimmer fit when necessary, but it’s never been a problem.  I look forward to trying the Flip Newborn inserts for #3 in Dec. 

  • Tikitikitembo

    The trimmest diaper I have used (and it is my current favorite) is GAD (Green Acre Designs) AIO or pocket, they are also frekin adorable!!!!, downside, his pants fall off when he wears them

  • Kristy Anstett

    My AMP OS Duo pocket / AI2 dipes are definitely the trimmest in my stash. I had leaking problems when I used them as pockets, but they’re perfect as AI2s with hemp inserts (I often use the ones I got with my Sprout Change diaper shell.)

  • Regan B

    I love my Bright Star Ultra Trim.  LOVE!  I want to try some other trim diapers for certain outfits, but I’m just not sure I want to branch out!

  • Slalomgirl

    I have found bg aio and itti bitti d’lish sio to be trim as well! Also etsy mom stephanie makes itty bitty bums and they are super trim and come in a wide variety of prints, fabrics, and solids!

  • jesika_rae78

    I actually sew my own cloth AIO Pocket diapers.  Currently testing out many different inserts on what works the best vs. how trim they are.  The only time I have issues with fluff is when putting them in clothes.  Sometimes the tops poke out above the jeans…but at least they’re cute!!!!  I’m glad I came apon this site though cuz it made me realize that trim in a cloth isn’t really ever going to happen! :o)

  • Simone M

    I find my AppleCheeks WAY trimmer than any of the other diapers in my stash.

  • MA

    Do you have an opinion on the new bum-ware adjustable? I’d love to know if it’s at least comparable to the BGE as far as trimness. And realizing it’s brand new, but maybe you could do a review soon?

  • Michelle

    The trimmest diapers I have found are SoftBums or Flips.

  • Lindsy S

    By far the trimmest diaper I have owned is a BabyKicks 3G. The only diaper out of that lineup that I own in a BG Elemental and the BabyKicks just blows that one out of the water. I also don’t feel like I am sacrificing absorbency in favor of trimness in my 3G. BG products are just too wide across the bum for my liking.

  • Julie Ghrist

    I think the GroVia AIO should be on this list… super trim and more narrow between the legs than most diapers. It is a OS and the fit was so great on my son when he was little. They are what got me into cloth b/c i was one who at first was scared of all the fluff, especially since I started with disposable and switched to cloth later.

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