The Miracle of Sun! On Cloth Diapers that is.

Up until this week I have never had a stain on any of my cloth diapers.  Then the unthinkable occurred!  I removed my diapers from the washer to put them in the dryer and I noticed 2 shells and one insert had horrible poopy stains on them.  Oh no!  I knew that sunning was supposed to be the cure for diaper stains, so I put the damp and stained items on the back patio.  I am on vacation so North Carolina has a lot better sunlight than New York.  I left to eat lunch with a friend and came back a few hours later.   This is what my diapers looked like when I left.  (I forgot to take a picture of one of the shells)

A Smartipants Microfiber insert and a Fuzzibunz shell
A Smartipants Microfiber insert and a Fuzzibunz shell

This is what I returned to!

Insert, FB shell, and Smartipants shell
Insert, FB shell, and Smartipants shell

Is that amazing or what?  One thing to note is that I bought the Fuzzibunz used.  There is a wicked stain that was already there (the black one) that didn’t come out all the way.

So how can you do this to your own diapers?  I usually take the stained diapers directly from the washer to the sunshine.  I lay them out in an area I know will have many hours of full sunshine.  Once they are dy (and stain free) I bring them inside.  Sometimes, if I feel they have been soiled outside by something, I wash and dry them again with my next load.  Otherwise I toss them in thew dryer to soften them up.

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