The Great Cloth Diaper Change- Syracuse, NY 2011

Yesterday was the big day- The Great Cloth Diaper Change.  This was an attempt to set a Guinness Book of World Records™ for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously around the world.  Since I live in Syracuse, NY I attended an event put on by Basic Baby.  There was also a location on the north side of town and quite a few in the surrounding areas.

The event was held at our local Mall which was nice since this allowed plenty of space, and a chance for a Soy Toffee Nut Latte for me.

It was a very good turn out, 35 babies were changed that day.  I saw tons of cute fluffy diapers!  I had a hard decision to make for what I would be changing my son out of and into.  I chose an Artist Series bumGenius! 4.0 for before, and the Charlie Banana “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth!” diaper for afterwards.  It was a show stopper and everyone loved it.  In fact, Everett’s butt was plastered on a few news stations and in our Sunday newspaper.

It was nice to be a participant and not a Host.  I was able to mingle and chat with other like minded moms, some I had met before, and some that I hadn’t.  I think the funniest thing was after we were all corralled into the “pen” where only the changer and baby were allowed, per Guinness rules, we had 20 minutes to wait.  Many babies, including my own, were getting tired and cranky.  The obvious solution for many moms was to put a boob in their mouth.  I was nursing Ev for part of the time, and looked around to see many moms doing the same.  But some were nervous since there were many cameras pointing at them!  It was quite funny.  “Pull boob out or not?”  they were thinking!

Before- bumGenius! 4.0
After- Charlie Banana

At 12:30 we changed out babies along with thousands of other parents all over the World!  The best news is that most of the locations received media coverage.  Cloth Diapers can’t afford airtime for commercials but this was an amazing opportunity to show parents that there is another option and it is EASY!  How cool is that?