THE Black Friday Sales Post is Coming!

I wanted to make sure all of my amazing readers are aware (if you’re new here, hi and welcome!) that I’ll be posting an EPIC Black Friday sale list that will point you in the right direction for cloth diaper stores and makers who are offering specials and promotions on cloth diapers and more!


You can get an idea of how it all works by visiting the 2013 post– there are featured listings first- these stores paid a fee for prime space (girl has got to eat!) then there will be tons more listings from other stores.  The exact order has yet to be determined for free listings- I may group them by kind of sales or the order they send their information.  All I know is that it WON’T be alphabetical.

For the stores who want to list all featured slots sold so you can add yourself for free by filling out this form.  I sent an email to my current and past advertisers from the year first so there is one more reason why advertising is a good idea!  (and advertising this time of year is also a great idea because it’s when I have the highest traffic of the year- see what ads are available).

First- sales will be posted on the Monday before Black Friday but most stores won’t publish at all or will only publish certain sales this early.  The FULL list will publish at midnight on Black Friday.

This is always a HUGE undertaking for me to organize and publish this post (I can only imagine how crazy it is for retailers to organize their sales AND the rest of the work that is involved) but it is so worth it because you can compare sales in one spot them make your decision and BUY!  Frankly- this might be the best time to order cloth diapers so I hope you’ve set aside a little diaper money for next week!

Retailers- sign up for your free listing today:

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