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buffetIn the past few weeks things have changed in my son and I’s nursing relationship.  It used to be that I would know he was hungry, or he needed a nap, so I would whip my boob out and feed him.  We were down to 1-3 times a day of nursing, and he has night weaned for the most part.

Then, he hit 13 months some something changed.  He decided to help himself!  I will cop to not taking a shower first thing in the morning, mainly because I wait for his nap.  It just makes life easier that way.  This also means I am wearing the clothes I slept in for a majority of the morning.  My night uniform is no bra, a tank top, and PJ bottoms.  Sometimes I wear a nursing tank.  Either way, the top is low cut.

I check my emails first thing after feeding him breakfast.  Then, after entertaining himself for a short while, he crawls (now walks!) over to me to hit some buttons.  Then, he pulls my shirt down and seeks out my nipple.  He latches on and sucks for a bit, then pops off and laughs and smiles.  Adorable, yes?  This goes on for the first hour of the day.  Eat and run, eat and run, eat and run.

A few more times in the day he tries to pull my shirt down.  If I am properly clothed he doesn’t succeed, then cries and screams.  I have a hard time saying no!  I am not planning on weaning him, however, I want to keep the nursing sessions few and far between.  I have already been through nursing a newborn, I don’t want to redo it with a 14 month old.

I am also wondering if the reason he eats so little in the way of solid food, and drinks so little whole milk/ water is that he nurses so often.  One of these days I am going to want to leave him for a day or two with a close family member.  I am afraid he will starve to death!

Yes, the fact that he helps himself to my boobs (and now plays with them and laughs hysterically!) can be endearing, heart warming, and humorous.  However, it is cause for concern.  I did not plan to go past 2 years, which is a personal decision.  I respect all of the mothers who go longer!  I just want my boobs back, just for a little while, before another baby stakes their claim on them!  But, I still cherish our little sessions, even when he takes it “to go!”

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  • Kristin

    I just weaned my son at 8 months (i am pregnant again didnt feel comfertable nursing during) and was afraid he would starve since he refused a bottle or sippy. So we stopped cold turkey and he took a bottle, and a sippy with juice/water, like a champ. He had not had a bottle since he was 2 months old! So dont worry, your son wont starve. But I had the same worry. I had nightmares of me going to the er with a dehydrated baby because I stopped nursing him. But that never happened lol. Good luck, I know how you feel about not wanting to be a all day buffet!

  • Isn’t it funny how their interest in nursing goes up and down, seemingly at random? I love that my daughter waved her first goodbye wave to my boob, because she likes to pop off several times a feeding (one of the reasons it is hard to NIP), so I get kinda tired of it and say “buh-bye milk” and start to cover it up. When she was done, she would wave to it, if not, she would dive and re-latch. Cracks me up. My daughter can’t walk yet (almost!), but I’m sure she’ll want to eat on the go as well. Can’t wait.
    But anyway, I do notice that the more she nurses, the less she seems to eat solid food. But I don’t think 1-3 times a day is very much for a 14 month old. Each kid is different though. If he’s hungry, he’ll let you know. As long as he’s growing, everything is likely going okay nutrition-wise. Judging from how cute he is….. I think Mama’s got some good eats!
    .-= Jennifer B´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: I can’t get enough of these guys. =-.

  • he is probably just testing the boundaries. so set them where you want them, and stick to that. he’ll learn.

    it’s so hard not to giggle with them when they’re being adorable, isn’t it!
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..scream it if you have to. =-.

  • Caitlyn

    Hi Kim!
    Just yesterday I was reading something about how babies and toddlers can feel like they need more nursing time if things in their environment have changed recently. They just like the comfort and security sort of thing and one on one time with you. One of the situations listed is if you have moved recently. Maybe your little guy is still getting used to the new place and just likes more mommy time!

  • Gretchen

    I weaned my daugher at 20 months (right before my husband and I found out we were expecting baby number 2). She still will try and sneak a snack every now and then (no milk left anymore, but she still shows interest in nursing). But it gets a little embarrassing now that she can clearly tell people that momma’s milk is YUM. We absolutely do not nurse at all anymore – but I think the new baby coming has made her a little protective of what used to be her diner. I am trying to make it clear that the baby drinks momma milk and that she is a big girl and gets big girl juice and milk.

  • This is so sweet. Thirteen month olds ARE playful eat-and-goers, aren’t they. I love reading about your feelings about what he is eating, how he might fare away from you, and wanting some time with your body all your own. I can relate. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness!! That is so cute!!!
    .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Gomen Wat (Ethiopian Greens) =-.

  • Gretchen, just a tip… When the new baby comes, call it “baby milk” rather than “momma milk.” I think that would have made my then 2 1/2 year old less adamant about wanting to nurse when his little brother was nursing.


  • I just weaned Talia one month shy of her third birthday. She said to me, “Mama, I love your boobies but they’re broken”. Sigh…