The all you can eat buffet known as “Mom’s Place”!

buffetIn the past few weeks things have changed in my son and I’s nursing relationship.  It used to be that I would know he was hungry, or he needed a nap, so I would whip my boob out and feed him.  We were down to 1-3 times a day of nursing, and he has night weaned for the most part.

Then, he hit 13 months some something changed.  He decided to help himself!  I will cop to not taking a shower first thing in the morning, mainly because I wait for his nap.  It just makes life easier that way.  This also means I am wearing the clothes I slept in for a majority of the morning.  My night uniform is no bra, a tank top, and PJ bottoms.  Sometimes I wear a nursing tank.  Either way, the top is low cut.

I check my emails first thing after feeding him breakfast.  Then, after entertaining himself for a short while, he crawls (now walks!) over to me to hit some buttons.  Then, he pulls my shirt down and seeks out my nipple.  He latches on and sucks for a bit, then pops off and laughs and smiles.  Adorable, yes?  This goes on for the first hour of the day.  Eat and run, eat and run, eat and run.

A few more times in the day he tries to pull my shirt down.  If I am properly clothed he doesn’t succeed, then cries and screams.  I have a hard time saying no!  I am not planning on weaning him, however, I want to keep the nursing sessions few and far between.  I have already been through nursing a newborn, I don’t want to redo it with a 14 month old.

I am also wondering if the reason he eats so little in the way of solid food, and drinks so little whole milk/ water is that he nurses so often.  One of these days I am going to want to leave him for a day or two with a close family member.  I am afraid he will starve to death!

Yes, the fact that he helps himself to my boobs (and now plays with them and laughs hysterically!) can be endearing, heart warming, and humorous.  However, it is cause for concern.  I did not plan to go past 2 years, which is a personal decision.  I respect all of the mothers who go longer!  I just want my boobs back, just for a little while, before another baby stakes their claim on them!  But, I still cherish our little sessions, even when he takes it “to go!”

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