The 5 Phases of Cloth Diapering


For most of us cloth diapering started out as a little idea that would save money and maybe look cute too.  Little did we know what a roller coaster it would become!

Phase 1:  Bright-Eyed and Fluttering with Optimism


Saving the world, saving money, and cute diapers! What isn’t there to LOVE about cloth diapering? When is the baby getting here? I’m READY to get this thing started and prove to all the naysayers that I’m gonna rock this!


Phase 2: Am I in Over My Head? There is SO MUCH POOP!


Started out strong with a basket full of beautifully prepped diapers but now the baby is here and things are getting REAL! Not sure if I can do this- my nipples are working overtime and the baby is playing a cruel game called “poop whenever I start a load of diaper laundry.”




The Internet has become my social outlet and I’ve found new friends in cloth diapering groups.  I learned about “limited edition” prints and this thing called “bum placement.”  At first I thought it was dumb but now all I want is a Jules and I’d do anything to get it (for less than $50).


Phase 4:  I’ve GOT THIS!


Not only am I fluent in “cloth-ese” but I’m now a recruiter.  I carry my prettiest AIO in my diaper bag and share it with unsuspecting moms I be-friend in the park.  I’m no longer just a “cloth diapering mom,” I’m now trying to #makeclothmainstream.  I’m even starting to enjoy the extra laundry and have a “the poop is solid today” dance.


Phase 5: Bittersweet Ending


As cliché as it sounds, the days are long but the years are short. Just as I was figuring it all out it is time to say good bye to my precious diapers.  Now I’m looking forward to my toddler earning the “wipes own butt” merit badge in the game of life.  The struggle is real.


Did I miss a phase? What were YOUR cloth diaper phases?

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  • Liz

    Phase 3 and 4 are interchangeable for me, but you’re right on the money with this post!

    • kimrosas

      Phase 3 may extend from pre-Phase 1 all the way to post Phase 5… for some of us 😉

  • Kaitlyn

    Ugh. I’m absolutely in phase 3… one of the tabs on my browser RIGHT NOW is a diaper I’ve been debating for 2 days. I shouldn’t spend the money…. but it’s so cute!! It’s like the diaper angel and demon on my shoulder!

  • Amanda Hearn

    Too funny. I have one more.

    Phase 6: Want another baby just to cloth diaper it. In other words: Insanity.

    • kimrosas

      Yep! That is definitely real!

    • mthousewife

      Definitely! My newborns are just SITTING there in a crate. They look so lonely without a tiny squish to put them on.

  • carolyn

    In between phase 4 & 5….I get sad thinking the end is near lol and its true I finally.have it all figured out finally and found what works for us

  • Ashley Feit

    I’m in a weird phase. I’ve probably tried just about every style of diaper and I’ve practically come full circle and now my favorite thing is the simplicity of flats and covers. I used to be in a constant state of buying and selling. I don’t care about “rare” prints and don’t really care about getting “fluffy mail” nearly as much. I also don’t kick myself for the times when we use disposables (like at night). I’m ready for potty training, but my toddler has other plans.

  • Alaina Kroes

    So true!

  • Leigh

    experienced with cloth, but a bit overwhelmed so lets slide into disposables … ooops it turns out I like washing poop out of diapers better than onesies. and hair.

    And I carry my explaining it diaper on my key chain. Thank you Happy Heinys.

  • Monica

    I’m in a different phase. My diapers stink and I have to keep stripping them. I can’t figure out a wash routine that works in our new house. I want to throw them out the window.

  • Cynthia Cecil Birtharts-Doula

    The F this phase Lol when your done fighting the stinkies and scraping s*it after 5+ years of CDind lol. Pass me the pampers please.

    • kimrosas

      Well most of us (myself included) who read this blog never quite made it there, but many have had times when they needed to take a break. It happens.

  • Melynda

    I have another phase: between 3 & 4 there is a phase of learning to spray/dunk/swish when transitioning from EBF to solids. I don’t have any funny quips because I’m not quite there yet– feeling nervous! I definitely identify with phase 1, though, and I am already becoming a recruiter just a few months in. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Jennifer Clark

    The figuring it out stage! The buying, selling, trading, even requesting HTFs as gifts, to learn what works for you. It’s a long phase for some! And trying to explain to your spouse why you need more than 15 diapers. And the phase where you finally prove the naysayers wrong! Love it!

  • Briana O’Steen

    Skipped two phases.
    I’m sick of this!
    So much laundry, so little time!

    What was I thinking? I Love this!

  • Sandra Nelsen

    I’m a cloth diapering granny. Love it when my grandson comes over and looks over at the cloth diapers in the bins, picks one out, and we stick it on his hiney, and his smile. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want cloth underwear instead of paper? I use the poop catchers aka liners.

  • Angela Puccinelli

    I’m in the phase where I just discovered prefolds, fst, flats/covers and wish I didn’t have a huge stash of pockets with microfiber.

    • kimrosas

      Ah… that regret 🙁