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Bugga Bugga One Size All in One Diaper Video and Review

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Matt joined a gym this year and the membership includes access to a highly visible child care center while you work out. He loves the layout because he is able to do a set, then stop at the water fountain next to the glass doors and observe Harper playing before moving on to the next machine. Last week they held a member appreciation day where he was allowed to bring a guest so I was able to see firsthand Harper’s experience with the gym’s facilities. I love that they always have two caregivers on hand and that they know Harper by name and look forward to encouraging her play. I found a treadmill on the second level that allowed me to see the play area clearly, and while I listened to my music I watched her play with the pretend kitchen, ride around on a little push toy, and color with a flock of pre-k age girls who all seemed to love and dote on her. When our workout was complete I walked into the room and she gushed “Mommy!” and rushed towards me, but I know how much she enjoyed her play time with the other children and it made me feel so much better about the hour or so of “me-time” it grants me each week day to catch up on chores, take a shower, and eat something. I never realized before becoming a mom how important it is to have a little time to yourself. Seeing how much good it does Harper as well just makes me feel that much better about it.  


Bugga Bugga sent us one of their brand new improved all in ones to test, and after having stalked their page several times in the past for some of the adorable one of a kind diapers they’ve offered, I’m really excited to talk about this one!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩This diaper is a one size all in one, which is what most parents consider to be the easiest and most convenient choice for their stash. There is no stuffing, wrapping, folding, or sorting to worry about. When the diaper is dirty you wash it, then you dry it, then you put it away. Just like that. Everything is attached and there is no guesswork involved.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This ooga booga print all in one diaper is listed at 27.95. This is a higher price than many all in one diapers using bamboo fleece, however it is very well made, and the designs offered are often custom and unique. I don’t know about you, but I’d happily pay several times as much for a diaper with, say, a Tardis, or Serenity on it, then for a generic solid color diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The interior of this diaper is lined with bamboo fleece, there is a large piece sewn directly to the pul to ensure baby’s skin only touches soft material, and there are two thick soakers sewn on top, affixed at both ends for ease of use. I did notice after several washings that the edges of the inner piece and the soakers did fray up along the stitched edges, but the fraying does not go past the stitches and does not affect the utility of the diaper at all, it is just the expected reaction of this type of fiber. Bamboo is extremely absorbent, and it wicks moisture away quickly, perfect for babies like mine with sensitive skin. I also love how breathable the material is. Harper can go two or three hours in this diaper without fretting, and when I change her she is still quite calm and patient, since she is comfortable. The hook and loop tape is extremely strong, which is great for an older child who may try to remove his/her own diaper, but was at times a little frustrating for us, because the seal is SO strong it was difficult for even an adult to remove. I’m sure over time and many repeated washings this will wear in more and become easier to use. As with any hook and loop tape, little bits of fuzz will find their way to the tape and need to be removed if their appearance bothers you. On the bright side, while many parents complain about some brands of hook and loop diapers which lose their hold and need to be replaced often, I have a feeling that will not be an issue with this diaper, at least not for a year or two.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These one size diapers are made with four rows of rise snaps and a generous nine inch band of hook and loop tape. The hook and loop tabs are also quite large at two inches, and paired with equally sized laundry tabs to prevent them from snagging your other diapers in the wash. The layout and size of the hook and loop tape combined with strong rise snaps offers an extensive range of fit options, we’ve been lucky enough to test this diaper during a growth spurt, and while we’ve adjusted the snap rise and where we fasten the hook and loop tabs, it has still provided a perfect fit every time. I find this especially exciting as I plan my newborn stash for Harper’s soon-to-be sibling, this diaper can be sized down extremely small and it appears as though it would fit even a very small baby, while that same layout of hook and loop allows for a generous fit on a much older and bigger child.

Overall: I love the convenience of this all in one so much. Some days I’ll get a chance to wash and dry the laundry but the thought of sitting down and making stacks of covers, pockets, fitteds and soakers and pairing them all together and stuffing and snapping everything just seems too daunting (especially while Harper is awake, she is fond of ripping my carefully arranged stacks down into a pile on the rug). On days like that I am so thankful to be able to pull my all in one out of the pile and be done. It’s very strong and absorbent and I think it will probably last a lot longer than some of my other diapers. The price is higher but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true to me as this fun ooga booga print makes me grin every time I see it, and I know I can trust it even when out running errands.

Where to Buy: Bugga Bugga Boutique on Hyena Cart


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Sweet Iris Diaper Flat Video and Review

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The weather has been really gorgeous lately, so we’ve been spending more and more time outside. My husband has managed to bump half a dozen woodworking projects to the top of his list so he can work in the backyard and enjoy the day, and we even picked up some fresh plants to add to our raised beds in the driveway. I’m looking forward to planting them later this week. It’s amazing how good I feel after spending a few hours outside, and Harper loves it, too. There’s just so much to see and do, and it makes me so grateful to have a home with a yard after many years of apartment living. sweetiris
Today I’m reviewing a luxe flat from Sweet Iris, it is called the Snug Bug bamboo viscose stretch terry flat.  {Learn more about why flats are awesome with this video and infographic}

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Flats are a wonderful choice for cloth diapering, they tend to be what most people think of when they are not familiar with modern cloth options, but they are still around with good reason. Flats can be folded in a variety of ways to accommodate any size/shape baby and any situation, yet they can be washed and dried faster than any other diaper. The learning curve can be a bit higher if you have never experimented with different flat folds before, but once you find a fold you love it becomes second nature. Some parents will prep the flats after removing them from the line/dryer by folding them and tucking them into a diaper cover or stacking them in a basket so they are ready to be placed on the baby without extra prep work while the baby is wiggling and waiting. Many parents will just use a simple pad fold which is certainly as easy as using a regular insert, it just requires that moment of folding which is negligible. {Editor’s note:  In the video the folding is shown on their flat with rounded corners, but it seems they have updated to square corners which can make folding easier}

sergedflat copy

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At 13.95 for the style I am reviewing here, this flat will cost more than the flour sack towels you might buy at a local big box store or the cotton flats you can find on cloth diaper websites. The cost is for quality, however, in material as well as construction. Bamboo is very strong and absorbent, and it naturally prevents the growth of bacteria (any mom who has rescued a cloth diaper that went missing for a few days before being washed knows how terrible mildew and mold can be, and using bamboo is a great way to guard against the inevitable). It is also very breathable and doesn’t get too warm like some fabrics can, which is ideal for our Florida heat, and Harper’s sensitive skin.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The most noticeable difference between this flat and others I’ve tried is the absorbency. This flat can easily hold at least three times as much as our cotton flats, and yet Harper’s skin does not appear irritated after an extended time between changes as it would with our other flats. This is the only flat I like to use if I have a few errands to run and don’t know how long it will be before I can change her. I wish I had a second to keep in my purse since it is so lightweight and compact, it would be easy to keep on hand for emergencies (while doubling as a bib/towel/blanket if needed).

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These flats are very trim and soft, so it’s easy to get a good fit (even when Harper would rather do anything else but have her diaper changed, and is being very wiggly). The bamboo viscose is extraordinarily soft and squishable even after many washes in our wretched hard water and line drying, and it has a nice bit of stretch to ensure a comfortable fit on Harper. If we’re playing in the yard or at home I love putting her in her Sweet Iris flat without a cover, it’s a great chance to let her skin breathe while still protecting her.

Overall: I love how luxurious this flat feels. I’ve heard some parents make comments about diapering with flats, because they have only ever used all in ones and haven’t experienced how absorbent and versatile flats are. They also tend to think of them as the economical option (and they are, comparatively) but flats like these are so nice I can easily imagine them being used by royalty (didn’t I hear a rumor Kate Middleton is cloth diapering?) {editor’s note: YES!  And they only use terry nappies} and celebrities since they are so well made and tactilely pleasing. If I were putting together a baby shower gift for someone I really really loved, I’d buy a half dozen of these (you can choose which color thread you would like the edges serged with, it’s a non-wicking thread so the absorbency isn’t channeled to the edges like with some other brands) along with a beautiful wool cover and tuck them in a sweet little basket.

Where to Buy: SweetIrisDesigns on Etsy


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Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Video and Review

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Harper loves playing pretend. Pushing her “babies” around in the wagon and taking sips from her little tea cup so she can pretend to refill it from her teapot are two of her favorite games. It’s amazing to me how imaginative she is, and how she picks up on these things so quickly. We’ve used our stroller maybe three times and I don’t think she’s ever been awake while I’m having tea (that’s a naptime joy) so she’s learned these things purely from the playing we’ve done together. My mom once told me the best and most important gift you can give when you are choosing presents for birthdays and holidays is to sit down and show your child what they can do with their new toy. It seems simple, but it’s true. I remember my mom asking me all kinds of questions about a toy I had asked for after I received it, and having me point out all the things I could do with it and why I loved it so much. As an older child, I was excited to share my knowledge and didn’t even realize she was (in her own way) teaching me how to play with it by discussing every feature and possibility. What is your favorite way to play with your little ones? Do you like to show them what to do? Or ask them questions? Or observe and use positive reinforcement when you see them figure something out? I have many years of playing ahead of me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Today I’m going to share a hybrid fitted diaper from Chunky Cheeks with you, it’s made with a hidden layer of poly fleece inside. This means while you’ll want a waterproof cover (like wool or pul) on top for long term use, this diaper can be worn without a cover for quite some time. The fleece helps to keep the moisture from soaking the outer layer for a while.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks comes with two inserts which snap together and snap to the diaper. You can use one or both inserts to meet your needs. Both inserts are generously oversized, so you’ll want to do a bit of folding to make sure they tuck nicely within the diaper. This can require a little extra prep work if you’re ocd about the folds being even the way I am, but it is possible to just put the diaper on and then tuck the excess in, it’s all about what works best for you.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks generally sells hybrid fitteds for about 30 dollars. This is about average for a hybrid fitted diaper, a little on the high side, but nothing compared to some of the brands I’ve seen. You’re paying for quality materials and a very well constructed diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Those generously sized inserts are fantastic for soaking up moisture, they make this diaper perfect for overnights. I also love keeping Harper in a hybrid fitted without a cover while she’s playing because they tend to be more breathable then many diapers. Harper has very sensitive skin, so having a breathable diaper for her to wear is an excellent opportunity to allow her skin to recover from being diapered all the time (without the potential mess of diaper-free time, which I don’t often have the opportunity to do these days).

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are accented with a long row of snaps and a fold over rise, so they can probably fit a teeny tiny baby up to a chunky toddler. Chunky Cheeks lives up to its name, with a very thick and fluffy silhouette. There will be no question that your baby is wearing a cloth diaper, and some pants may not fit with these. I take that as an opportunity to show off the diaper, and skip the pants every now and then. If you can’t have a no-pants party when you’re a baby, when can you? Wait, don’t answer that, we don’t know if our bosses will read this…

Overall: I really like how absorbent Chunky Cheeks diapers are, and the prints and designs are so much fun, check out the Cars themed diaper on their Facebook page! If the thick appearance of the diaper bothers you, you can remove one of the inserts and the diaper should still hold up for a couple hours without issue. My heavy wetter definitely does better with both, and I love showing off our love of cloth.

Where to Buy: Chunky Cheeks


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Don’t Sew Angry One Size Hybrid Fitted Diaper Video and Review

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Does cold weather make you feel claustrophobic? I’m pretty lucky to live in a place where it’s nearly always warm, but I think just about everybody was hit pretty hard last week. I really count on being able to go outside when Harper gets fussy, sometimes a little fresh air and sunshine is the only thing that can make her happy. What do you do when it’s too cold to go out? Do you explore the house, looking for uncharted territory? Do you make forts out of couch cushions or tents out of bed sheets? What is your favorite way to change things up when you can’t leave the house?


Today I’m thrilled to show off an adorable hybrid fitted diaper from Don’t Sew Angry. Fitted diapers are made with layers of absorbent material, and are known for being really cute, but since they aren’t waterproof you have to put a cover over them and often don’t get to show off the charming prints. This hybrid fitted contains a hidden layer of fleece inside to help keep moisture inside longer. While it’s not completely waterproof, you can often get away with not using a cover for a while, so your baby is in a more breathable diaper and you get to revel in how sweet they look.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper features a fold over rise, which means there are two rows of female snaps along the front rim, facing opposite directions, and you fold over the diaper to expose the interior row if you need a tighter fit. Fold over rise is an excellent option for my smaller baby, but with some fitteds it can be trying to get the fold to stay in place while I adjust the snaps. Don’t Sew Angry has presented an excellent solution for this. There are two snaps in the center front of the diaper to hold the fold down when putting the diaper on, no more struggling and wishing for more hands required. Putting on this diaper really is a snap. (if the baby needs an even shorter rise, as shown in the video, you can leave those unsnapped as well) I also like that the two soakers inside nestle together with snaps on one end and a band of fabric at the other, Harper can move around as much as she wants and I know the soakers will remain in place ready for anything. You will have to make sure to unsnap the soakers and separate them when washing and drying, but this step is minimal and takes little thought or effort.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ Prices tend to range from 26 to 32 dollars depending on the fabric and features offered. I’ve seen fitted diapers going for twice that much that are the same impeccable quality as these, we have some at home (not acquired through the blog) that we’ve used many times so I can attest this diaper is just as good if not better than some of those pricey “collector’s items”. I know a lot of parents can’t or won’t use exclusively fitteds in their stash, they do add up. But if you are having issues with your overnight diaper and need something that won’t leave your baby soaked I cannot suggest fitteds highly enough. Even if you just have a few for night time. They saved me with my heavy wetter and many frustrating nights spent washing sheets and calming a miserable uncomfortable baby. Don’t Sew Angry offers very reasonable prices for a high quality well made diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Harper has worn this diaper in very heavy rotation since we received it (if you stare really hard you can see very minimal pilling from the dozens of washings it has been through with us). I do use a cover on her at night for added security but don’t bother with one during the day when I’m changing her every two hours-ish and she has yet to need one. This diaper does a fantastic job holding up to a very active baby, and I feel like the fold over rise is especially beneficial for babies who crawl or spend time on their tummies, since it creates added thickness at the waist that is similar to a dam. The soaker matches the interior, which is a pale violet, and stains tend to cling to it and show up vividly, despite sunning. I plan on trying the lemon juice trick for stains at some point, but since no one sees the interior but me, and I know it’s perfectly clean, I’m not worried.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Fitted diapers tend to have a larger footprint then their sleeker waterproof counterparts. If fluffy butt is a dirty word at your house, you may shy away. Fitteds are generally made with lots of layers of natural fibers, which adds up to a lot of bulk. Don’t Sew Angry is no exception, all that cotton, bamboo, and hemp creates a nice soft little fluffy silhouette which may require going up a pants size or two. But that bulk translates to a happy dry baby, and since the fit around the legs and waist are excellent, aesthetics is the only issue. I love the way these fit, and will gladly add more to my stash.

Overall: Don’t Sew Angry offers a lot of interesting and fun prints in a diaper that is strong and well made. They make an excellent gift, especially if you choose a custom and have one made with a print you know the recipient will love (I’m kind of obsessed with the ombre pink/purple stripes Harper received, it is so beautiful). I also recommend having at least a few of these in your overnight arsenal, they are so absorbent and soft.

Where to Buy: Don’t Sew Angry on Hyena Cart


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Pampered Patooties Lil’ Bootie All In Two Video and Review

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Last week Harper’s godfather married the love of his life, and we were so thrilled to attend. They made a major effort to include their guests that were children, packing age appropriate goody bags for them with special treats and setting up a table for them with coloring pages and stickers. I was so touched that my friends took the time to accommodate all their guests, even in the midst of the chaos that is planning a wedding. I hope every wedding Harper is lucky enough to attend will be as much fun. Have you brought your little ones to a wedding yet? Did they enjoy themselves? I’d love to hear about your experiences.
Today I’m reviewing a diaper from a WAHM by the name of Pampered Patooties. My first impression of this shop is that they have a massive variety of prints to choose from, as well as the option to request customs. The style I’ll be reviewing is classified by their brand as a “Lil Bootie” and it is an all in two with a PUL outer and microchamoise lining.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper offers a new design feature called the containment sleeve, designed to secure the insert and prevent leaks. I’ll talk about that a bit more in a moment, but I bring it up here to point out that it can be a little tricky to thread the insert through the sleeve if you have large hands. My husband had an issue with it, and while he got the insert in it was all wadded up and he passed it to me to adjust. I have smaller hands and had no problem straightening everything out, but it’s something to be aware of. In every other regard it is a classic all in two diaper, with a good cut and soft material, strong snaps, and great patterns. Having the insert held in place does make it easier to get the diaper on, especially when Harper isn’t in the mood for a diaper change. I don’t have to worry about anything falling or flopping to one side, I know she’ll be covered.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At twenty five dollars per diaper, these all in twos are moderately priced, but the seller offers a discount when buying in bulk. If you order fifteen or more you can receive a vastly discounted price. If you are building a stash or have some friends you’d like to buy with, you can get a great deal on these!

Performance ✩✩✩✩ We didn’t experience any leaks with our diaper, which may be in thanks to the special sewn in sleeve in the center channel of the interior. The sleeve helps to hold the insert in place and creates a kind of gusset to help contain leaks. When Harper dirtied this diaper the mess did stay inside the diaper (thank goodness) but I can’t say it stayed inside the sleeve area either. She is still very actively breastfeeding (along with solid foods all day long) which can affect diaper changes so it may be that a baby with more solid stools may find them well contained within the sleeve. Either way we did manage to avoid a blowout which is the point of the sleeve.
Fit ✩✩✩✩These diapers are cut in a way that seems to fit my smaller baby very well, it has plenty of room to grow without being overwhelming on her tiny frame. I was concerned about the seams of the sleeve being up against Harper’s body, her skin is very sensitive and I was worried that the thick casing would leave marks on her and be uncomfortable. After several wears I didn’t notice any discomfort or redness, so it appears the sleeve doesn’t bother her. I love that you have two snap options so you can attach the insert to lay closer to the front or the back, depending on your child’s needs.

Overall: The Lil’ Bootie collection from Pampered Patooties offers a fascinating new design element to resolve an issue many parents struggle with. They offer great designs and a well made product. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who print that was available from Pampered Patootie earlier this year, it was fantastic.  The shop will work with you on sizing and customs, and it seems like they really care a lot about their customers, which is something I hold in high regard. I think these diapers are a great choice if you’re looking to try something a little different, or if you have issues with leaks and blowouts.

Where to Buy : Check their Facebook Page


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Little Butt Diapers One Size Pocket Video and Review

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Harper is crawling all over the house like she owns the place, and experimenting with walking and climbing. She’s figured out how to open the latch on our dog’s crate and set him free, and the two of them love creating chaos all over the house. As she tests her limits and has minor tumbles, I see yet another reason I’m thankful for cloth diapers. That extra padding sure does help cushion the fall! She rarely even pauses when she tumbles now, just gets right back up with renewed resolve. I love seeing the world through her eyes, and knowing how excited she is to have her newfound control and freedom.

harperlittlebutt2 copy

Little Butt Diapers is a WAHM made diaper with a shop on Etsy. They feature amazing fun diapers in great pop culture influenced prints. A few of my favorites were Iron Man, Batman, My Little Pony, and Lord of the Rings. Oh, yeah, and the one I was lucky enough to receive, which is Harry Potter! Forgive me while I dance around like a goofy fan-girl. I read the books when they first came out (I remember reading the third one in a single sitting at the library, I didn’t pause even once until I was done, it took over my senses) and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩This pocket diaper comes with an insert made of a long piece of unbleached birdseye cotton you can fold and tuck inside for a perfect fit. Mine came with beautifully done rainbow thread serging and I found myself pulling it out of the diaper bag repeatedly to show off to friends. I love it when something is as lovely as it is effective. The micro fleece interior is soft and stretchy, and it is easy to stuff the insert, even for my husband with his larger hands.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩Prices range from 25 to 30 dollars depending on the diaper you select. Custom diapers are also available, which I love. Getting creative and coming up with ideas to make something really special is one of my favorite things about cloth diapering. While you can find embroidered cloth diapers cheaper than this, I think it’s important to note the quality of this specific diaper. The designs are meticulous and a second layer of PUL under the embroidered layer creates a well constructed water tight work of art.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The birdseye insert allows for a lot of flexibility in how you use this diaper. At night I leave a bit more material in the front since my eleven month old has taken to sleeping on her stomach, this has worked well for us and we haven’t had any leaks yet. During the day I simply fold it in half and stuff it in, for even coverage on all sides for my crawler/practice walker. I was worried that the insert might not hold as much as her microfiber or charcoal inserts but I didn’t really notice any difference, it’s extremely absorbent.

Fit ✩✩✩✩Little Butts offers three rise settings to help you get that perfect fit. The snaps on this diaper are strong and secure, and I love the way they are laid out at an angle. It provides a much better fit for my sweet little girl’s narrow hips and tiny round tummy. This diaper is not as trim as some pockets we’ve loved, probably due to all those layers of material, but it’s not unreasonable and the leg fit is amazing on my baby’s skinny little thighs.


Little Butts has some incredible designs to choose from. They’ll make a great gift and a perfect special occasion diaper (who doesn’t want a Superman diaper and a little red cape for their baby for Halloween?) as well as a really fun addition to your laundry/diaper routine (I smile whenever I see that lightning bolt). The fact that they are well made, expertly constructed, and extremely absorbent is just the icing on the cake.

Where to Buy Little Butt Diapers on Etsy.  She also takes customs and will make other diaper styles too.

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NC Green Apples WAHM Goodies {Giveaway}

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You’ll be seeing more of NC Green Apples’ wares tomorrow, but you’ve already gotten a look at their pretty handmade wool dryer balls in the video from Wednesday.  I’ll be featuring their stay dry fleece liners and their wipe cubes in tomorrow’s video.

Before that happens I have a giveaway though!  NC Green Apples is giving a lucky reader one $10.00 Gift Certificate to their Hyena Cart and sample packs of their fleece liners and wipe cubes.  I’m making this one easy to enter with less options so it is quick!  Take a few moments to read the requirements and leave your mandatory blog comment mentioned in the form, then get extra entries.

About NC Green Apples:

“Bringing you homemade or all natural products from two sisters who love helping your family go green or stay green!”

They also make cute pillow case dresses and lip balm.

You can enter to win using the Rafflecopter below.  Contest open to US only.  Ends 9/8/13.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Binky D Diapers Shirt and Diaper Set Giveaway! {8/9}

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Are you crazy for WAHM made fluff?! It can be an intimidating world of stalking and stocking schedules, oversells, custom orders, tons of abbreviations, and heartache. On the flip side- you can find the most amazing, handmade, one-of-a-kind, custom diapers and clothing if you are willing to dive into the world of WAHM’s on Hyena Cart, Etsy, and Big Cartel.

Binky D Diapers are one of those brands that produce such exquisite items. Take a look at this masterpiece by Binky D Diapers- a handmade Monsters Inc Diaper!  Ashley, the WAHM behind Binky D Diapers, started out looking for the cutest prints, then decided to try making her own!  Now she has a loyal following and a drool worthy gallery of diapers.


And while I won’t be giving away a diaper from Binky D of this level, you can enter to win one of their squishy fitteds and a matching t-shirt! The winner will get to pick if they would like Boy/Girl/Gender Neutral and this is open Worldwide! Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Ends 8/9.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Little Beasties Creations One Size Pocket Video and Review

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Little Beasties is a WAHM made diaper with a shop on Etsy. They carry beautiful and unique diapers with hidden PUL and fun embroidered designs. The diapers are available with either snaps or touchtape. I’ll be reviewing a snap diaper.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The snaps on this diaper are strong and secure, it makes changing my wiggly infant so much easier. This pocket diaper comes with a generously sized insert made of three layers of microfiber sandwiched within soft flannel. They come in really fun prints which makes my nightly routine of stuffing diapers more interesting and brings a smile to my baby’s face. The inserts feature a snap down design that bumGenius users will be familiar with, it allows a perfect fit on any rise. The diaper also boasts a very wide opening in the back where you can stuff the insert. I was initially wary when I noted the opening is just a slice in the alova material with a short zig zag stitch at either end, I was concerned the cut might expand from washings and general wear and tear. However, I’ve used this diaper for several weeks in heavy rotation and had no issues whatsoever.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Prices range from 14.50 to 29.99 depending on the diaper you select. Custom diapers are also a favorite for this WAHM, she says she loves letting customers create their own design. The diaper I’m reviewing sells for 20.99. When I consider the amount of work that goes into embroidering a design, and the added comfort of having a cotton outer over hidden PUL, I’d say this price is more than fair. I’d be especially keen to pay a little more for a diaper with one of my favorite tv shows or video games referenced, so having the custom request option available makes it that much sweeter.

Performance ✩✩✩ I’ll admit, the first two times I used this diaper were a mess. Within minutes of changing her, Harper was soaked and so were her clothes. I checked the insert in case it was human error, but it seemed to be in place correctly (it may have been the insert placement, but I haven’t had this issue since). I considered what I could do differently and realized that while I’d prepped the diaper I had only line dried it. I usually use my clothesline as it saves energy and helps zap bacteria. But as I thought about it, I realized the layer of PUL may need to be heated in the dryer to help seal it. One cycle later and it worked perfectly, no leaks, and no wicking.

littlebeastiesonbabyFit ✩✩✩✩✩ Little Beasties has two sets of snaps at the waist and four rise options (three rows of snaps to choose from or you can leave the rise unsnapped for the largest size).  It also has generous leg gussets (a lifesaver for any breastfed baby, I could write a love letter to quality gussets) to help protect your baby from leaks at the thigh. But the best thing about this diaper is the elastic. Not only does it have a wide stretch of elastic across the back to prevent blowouts, the leg elastic is adjustable! The first time I saw this feature I was in awe, having heard complaints from cloth diapering mamas about their little ones having skinny legs or chunky legs and never getting a good fit. The elastic snaps in place on either end, with three size options available. Because it isn’t sewn in, it will be easy to repair if needed.

Overall:  Little Beasties has some really fun designs and are very well made. They are a little bulkier under clothes than some pocket diapers, but with something this cute you don’t want to cover it up anyway. I feel like this diaper will easily last multiple children and is something special I will reach for again and again.

Where to Buy: Little Beasties on Etsy


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Seams Geeky Pocket Protector One Size- Video and Review

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The moment I saw Seams Geeky diapers I knew one would be mine.  The choices almost all called to me- Mario and Zelda especially.  I went with a Zelda themed diaper because it has the biggest chunk of my game loving heart.  I’ve been working on Skyward Sword ever since I got the game on my birthday.  Gaming with kids…. well….. it is a long process.  Now that I have had the diaper for a while I can give you the review.  There are positives and negatives, just like any diaper.  Sadly, the WAHM behind the diaper is not taking orders currently due to a family emergency and a backlog of orders she is catching up on.  If you must own one you will have to keep an eye out for her shop to open up again for diaper orders.  Her diaper recently won the “Geeky” themed competition on Diaper Wars for her R2D2 diaper.


Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Being that the Seams Geeky Pocket Protector only has 2 snaps per tab it is much easier to put on than snapping diapers with many more. You can see in the video that even after wrestling my son it didn’t take long to put on. The stuffing part is the hardest for me, even though I have small hands, it is hard to get the insert in and laying flat. The material lining the diaper is stretchy which does help but being so narrow it means that their included insert has to be folded very thin and still you need to work it to make it flat.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ I love finding new diapers to try and there are SO MANY WAHM’s that it is a never ending journey. Not all WAHM diapers are created equal. The craftsmanship on these is very good, you almost can’t believe they were sewn by hand and not mass produced by a company with expensive equipment. It looks very finished and polished. The embroidery is well done (machine of course) and stitching looks great. The insert is microfiber, nothing fancy, but the prefold like style of it is nicer than a chunkier insert with all the layers together.  They retail for $24.95 plus $4.00 shipping… yes more than a lot of diapers but they have a lot of character.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ This diaper works well during the day but if you are a parent of a heavy wetter then don’t expect to be able to stuff anything beyond the included insert inside. I can just barely get that one inside! You could try other inserts but again, some are made wider than the width of this diaper. I did get one leak while Ev napped in the diaper. I didn’t have any others during our many times using it. My older son demands that his younger brother wear this diaper when it is clean because he is a Zelda fan now too.


Middle rise setting, a little too low


Unsnapped to the largest setting… just right.

Fit ✩✩✩ When this diaper shipped to me it was TINY. Think- newborn diaper tiny. On the smallest setting with the insert perfectly folded and in place this sucker looks practically the size of a Lil’ Joey… it put fear into my heart that, once unsnapped, it would be far too small for my 2+ year old. Even after unsnapping the diaper it looked like a small. With years of experience I didn’t panic since a lot of the times the tightly bunched elastic will stretch enough to fit larger sizes. Still, Ev is working on either the middle or unsnapped size but I don’t know how long he can wear it. The other issue we have had is regarding the lack of “contouring” in the crotch. I love that it is so narrow because it gives moms looking for that style of diaper one more option (from few), however, there is an abrupt move from crotch to waist rather than a gradual curve. This has meant that there is sometimes a gap where the crotch goes to waist since it goes skinny to wide. I tried to get a photo of this in action. It also makes it appear that my son is wearing a codpiece instead of a diaper since the insert can only flatten as far as the width of the crotch so it is poofier than most inserts that have the room to lay flat. I wish I could add in some experience regarding the fit on smaller babies. If you have tried these and have that experience please leave a comment!


Notice the gap?

Overall: As much as I love how these diapers look with the adorable design and color coordinating snaps and their quality, the fit and comfort isn’t there compared to my other diapers. The elastic is very thin and this does lead to more red marks. We have experienced this firsthand. Not all red marks are bad or uncomfortable but I tend to think that, if the diaper is too tight and the elastic is thin, it can be uncomfortable. Please read about red marks here for more. I do appreciate that this brand is catering to moms like myself who do love to outfit their children in fun and geeky diapers. As it turns out, it seems the purpose of the male and female half/half design is so that the tabs can snap to one another as a “snap and wrap” way of rolling a dirty diaper into itself.   I really want to LOVE this diaper but it is just OK. I think with some tweaks to the curve in the crotch and maybe wider leg elastic it could be an amazing diaper. I would still own every design if I could afford it if that says anything about my love for Nintendo and cloth diapers…
Where to Buy Seams Geeky on Etsy (although she is not stocking for a while, check her Facebook page for updates.)

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