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Snuggy Baby Diaper Cover Video and Review

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Now that Instagram has opened the option to maintain multiple accounts from a single device with a simple toggle button, I am thrilled to announce an official Dirty Diaper Laundry Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/dirtydiaperlaundry/ or @dirtydiaperlaundry is just getting started with just over a dozen posts at the moment, but this extension will be another fun way to connect with Kim and Lara, see previews of upcoming reviews, updates on your favorite brands, and candids and outtakes from years past. I’m especially excited about this new medium of presenting information with you for my readers who comment on reviews from years past, wondering how a diaper or carrier has held up after three years. What better way to respond than to share a picture of it being worn by Autumn now, still in use and going strong? You’ll see which brands still look nearly new and which brands appear more well loved (Velveteen Rabbit style, some of our favorite diapers look worse for wear but are still quite effective). Follow along and tag us in pictures you’d like us to share.

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This week I’m sharing an innovative cover from Snuggy Baby (a company you may recognize after their popular line of ring slings) with an extremely strong and easily wipeable interior and a fit feature you won’t want to miss. I always recommend covers as a great way to cloth diaper on a budget since they can be reused with multiple inserts before washing and dry so quickly you can create a much smaller stash and still diaper conveniently and effectively.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper cover is fairly simple to use, some of the extra snaps might confuse a first timer but if you have the diaper preset to the appropriate sizing it shouldn’t present any issue for any caretakers unfamiliar with the design. As with any cover you will add absorbency inside, you can purchase Snuggy Baby inserts which fit neatly into place and secure with a back snap (converting this diaper into an all in two) or you can use your own inserts with a single back snap, prefolds, or (my favorite) flats.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At twenty dollars for a cover, you’re paying more than I would normally expect. But with the strong wipeable cover, soft and durable cotton exterior, and unique snap design which allows for a greater range of fit and better cost-per-wear, I’d still say this cover is a worthy investment. I believe it will hold up better than some bargain basement competitors based on the materials used and how well it has held up comparatively over the testing period I’ve washed and used this diaper (on Autumn) in heavy rotation.


Performance ✩✩✩✩ While the performance of the diaper as a whole will depend largely on your choice of insert (I especially love wrapping a flat around a bamboo or hemp insert as it seems most comfortable for Autumn and extremely effective with minimal bulk) it is extremely important that the cover remain a solid barrier to prevent leaks. This cover is practically bullet proof which is exceptional considering covers with soft cotton exteriors are not typically as strong as PUL or TPU versions, the interior PUL is thick and strong, with a noticeable difference in weave, and the edges are bound with a waterproof binding to keep everything in place. There is also thick gentle encased elastic and generously sized PUL flaps sewn into the front and back of the diaper to help keep inserts tucked in place and prevent blowouts.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper truly shines in the fit department. While many “one size” diapers rated to fit eight to thirty five pounds can be extremely bulky in the lower range of weight, this diaper offers a four step rise on snaps at the front and a unique two snap fit in the central channel or crotch area. This means you can essentially snap the channel into a narrow fit bringing the width from seven inches (measured centered between the two fit snaps) to a petite three and a half inches! I do suggest if you utilize these snaps you do so before adding your inserts and baby, so you can smooth down the fold for a trim and leak free fit. The crossover snaps and generous wings mean this diaper will fit long before and after other “one size” covers have been put away in storage.

Overall: This cover is very cute, I love the rich cotton designs available like this “Foxy” print as well as the hilarious “Mustaches” design on their website. Take a look and tell me your favorite print in the comments, I love hearing from you. I have to say, I’m especially excited to try out this cover in the Flats & Handwashing Challenge this year, it is so strong and yet pliable that I suspect it will last through more diaper changes in a day than a more economical single layer cover, and I’m interested to see how well it fares when hand washed in my makeshift mobile washer. I recommend this diaper for folks looking for a system that allows for less washing and more wearing, and for families expecting to use a single diaper on multiple littles (either over the years as babies need them or within the same time period with differently aged/sized siblings in diapers).

Where to Buy: Snuggy Baby

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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO- Win it!

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Yesterday we were so excited to share Lara’s review of the Snuggly Owl Boutique All in One.  This diaper is made by a WAHM, and expertly so in our opinion.  Natural fiber lovers, parents of heavy wetters, and anyone who appreciates a gorgeous diaper will be excited about this one!


More about this All in One:

There is an internal soaker with 2 thirsty layers of organic bamboo fleece surrounded by a coordinating blue PUL boundary to help prevent leg and tummy leaks for the ultimate in leak protection!

The snake style soaker that is sewn in at the back is made with super soft organic bamboo fleece and Hemp French Terry. The soaker folds to create 6 thirsty layers of absorbency, for a total of 8 layers in the diaper!!!

The Snuggly Owl Boutique diapers come in lots of prints and options.  This one is a recent creation that I happen to LOVE!

Snuggly own Boutique

As it often happens when a diaper is awesome, it’s getting hard to find in stock!  Snuggly Owl Boutique has a group for stocking updates and B/S/T action for their brands: Join their group.


You can enter to win one right here on the blog!  Open to US and Canada!  Winner will pick color/print.  Ends Sept 5.

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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Snuggly Owl Boutique All In One Diaper Review

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As August crawls past and the summer heat becomes more and more stifling I find myself so thankful for our pool. My husband balks about the maintenance required and all the yard space it takes up but when I can take a fussy baby and cranky toddler (and a tired and overheated mama) and slip everyone into the water for a refreshing escape, it is so worth it. Not to mention the naps it inspires. My girls never nap as long and as hard as they do after splashing around in the pool for an hour. Living in Florida, it is important to me that they become comfortable in the pool, and can tread water and learn to swim as early as possible. The fact that they see it as frivolous play just makes it so much better. How do you cool off your kiddos in the summer?

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Today is the day I tell you about that adorable kissy fish print diaper you spotted on Instagram three weeks ago. It’s been hard to keep quiet about this one, but today I finally get to share! Mandi is a WAHM who makes all of the diapers she sells (so you know quality control is never a concern) here in the United States, out of her own home. The materials she uses are excellent quality, and the prints she sources are a constant surprise and delight, I subscribe to her stockings just for the thrill of seeing such fun and lovely diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This all in one style diaper is a snap to fit (heh, snap, see what I did there?) with dual cross over snaps that allow an easy trim fit for thinner babies whether you are right handed, left handed, one handed, or just completely new to cloth diapers and trying to figure it all out. While the super long soaker could seem a little confusing to first timers, I’m pretty sure any caregiver could figure out to fold it under (in whatever way you see fit as long as it tucks within the shell) and the diaper will hold up well. If you’re leaving your tot with a loved one and you think it will be an easy, you can fold the insert in the manner you prefer and close up the diaper, making it self-explanatory to any adult.

Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $28 for an all in one diaper, the price is a little higher than you may be used to from larger corporations. I ask you to remember that this is an individual, producing at a human rate, and making these beauties right here in the states. Considering the quality of construction and the amazing selection of materials, I would happily pay a bit extra to support a mother and help pay for her beautiful babies’ future piano lessons or soccer uniforms. Since I’m mentioning construction, I think it is important to tell you that it is rare for me to see such impeccable stitching from a WAHM, I expect to see a little extra thread here or a skipped stitch that doesn’t affect use there, but this diaper is absolutely perfect. I appreciate that the print is a “one side up” style and the seamstress actually took the care to properly trim and sew the PUL so that the front and back are both “right side up” with a flawlessly finished seam subtly blending in to the most hidden area of the diaper.

Snuggly Owl Boutique inside

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is amazingly absorbent. The shell itself has a generously thick layer of bamboo fleece in the wet zone surrounded by PUL on all sides, including the tummy, which is great for preventing leaks (especially with tummy sleepers). The snake style soaker is the longest I’ve ever… Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. This soaker is 30” long, with a wide flared base to create absolute coverage over the bum area. With all that length you can fold in half and tuck under if you are on the largest rise setting, or you can get creative and fold additional absorbency in the zone where your child needs the most coverage. This is perfect for my babies who are “heavy wetters” and tend to go through some brands of all in one style diaper in under an hour. With this diaper I can trust that our errand at Target, followed by the post office, then the drive thru, and lastly the thrift store, will not be interrupted no matter how many treasures catch my eye. I have even tried this diaper on my 34 month old (is she really going to be THREE in October? Where does the time go?) overnight (not planned, my husband had the girls while I was working and he wore her out and she slept in her play clothes that night) and she went all night long with no leaks at all. She came to bed to nurse around six am and her shorts were dry and she was content.

Snuggly Owl Boutique

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The footprint of this diaper is trimmer than some styles and brands we are used to, and it took a little adjustment to remember that Autumn’s adorable chunky thigh rolls are not covered by this diaper, but with a proper fit they have no need to be, everything is contained within the encased elastic without leaving any marks. The back elastic is super strong and stitched tight to avoid the dreaded plumber’s crack and poo-splosion, and the soaker is stitched with a slight rim flaring out which makes rinsing messy diapers far easier (nothing is likely to get caught in the seams this way). I do think this diaper is best for a thin or small baby or child considering the trim cut, snug elastic, and crossover hip snaps, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that on the highest rise setting my Buddha baby still has room and is comfortable.

Overall: This diaper is incredible quality, with impressive absorbency, a wide range of fit, and a surprising variety of prints. Snuggly Owl Boutique also offers All In Two style diapers as well as Fitteds, and she tends to sell out quickly so if you’re interested in scoring one of these treasures you may want to follow her on social media to keep tabs on her next stocking. These diapers make an excellent gift, they are what I consider heirloom quality (perfect for passing on to younger siblings or saving for the future). Many of the diapers I test are great at first but may show wear after a few months, this diaper has been put through the ringer since the day I received it and apart from some light staining on the soaker (which may sun out if I ever have the patience to give it more than a few hours to dry) it still looks brand new.

Where to Buy: Snuggly Owl Boutique


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Sugar Sheep Bamboo Flat Review

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Autumn is so eager to do everything her big sister does, she’s a happy child but gets frustrated when something that seems so simple for Harper is a challenge for her. It’s astonishing how quickly I forget the challenge of a baby learning to sit, or crawl, or walk. Things that have become second nature for your older child are still nearly impossible for the younger and you have to grit your teeth and watch them learn, and be ready to provide comfort when they ask for it. Do you find having a second child (or third or fourth) child to be easier or harder than the first?


Sugar Sheep sent me a medium organic bamboo flat to review. I received this just in time for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, and I loved using it on both of my girls. Flats can be a very good option for parents on a budget, parents troubleshooting laundry issues, and parents looking for an easily customizable diaper that can also be a good option for sensitive skin.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Flats can have more of a learning curve if you have never practiced a flat fold. I recommend you begin with a simple pad fold to ease you into it (just fold it into a rectangle that fits within your cover) and then maybe choose one more fold to learn at first, something that wraps around the baby and secures with a Snappi to help keep the diaper in place. This flat does allow for an easier folding experience with a subtle amount of stretch (more stretch in one direction, less in the other, allowing you to flip the flat and create a fold that works best for you) and thick terry bamboo on both sides to ensure there is no “right” or “wrong” side to be against your baby.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Flats are generally regarded as the most economical diapering choice, and while the price of a specific flat may differ from another you can still generally expect to pay less for a high quality flat than you would pay for a more structured insert provided the materials are similar. These flats are listed at a higher price ($31.50 for a three pack of medium size which measures 23.5 inches square, making the individual price only $10.50 per flat) however they are incredibly plush and absorbent, and the material does not shrink or warp which makes certain folds much easier to master.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ This flat is extremely absorbent on it’s own, and when combined with a wool or hemp doubler, Tara (the wonderful WAHM who sews these flats) notes you can go up to four to six hours between changes. I have used this flat overnight, with a hemp doubler tucked in and a wool cover for peace of mind. There were no leaks in the morning, the hemp was saturated and the bamboo flat was damp but the moisture was spread out throughout the lower portion of the diaper so there was no pooling or compression issues. This flat is serged with heavy duty wooly nylon, which not only allows more stretch flexibility but is also a great option for babies who have a sensitivity to the polyester thread many retailers use on their diapers.


Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Flats are incredibly accommodating regarding fit, but to master certain folds you may require more or less material. Sugar Sheep flats are generously sized, with newborn and small flats measuring 16 and 20 inches square and doubling as excellent padfold choices or doublers to work with your existing diaper routine if you need extra absorbency. She also offers the medium flat I tried and a large version in a whopping 28 inches square. The material is so plush and absorbent you can get away with less passes and folds, so less layers of fabric, if you prefer to use a smaller flat. When using the size suggested, however, you will have more absorbency that I generally expect from a standard pocket diaper and can go longer between changes, too.

Overall: Whenever a friend or acquaintance tells me “I want to start cloth diapering but I don’t think I can afford it” or “Cloth diaper laundry seems so confusing. You have to prewash and wash and use a special soap and you can put some things in the dryer but not others… Is it really easy to do every week?” or even “I want to use cloth diapers but my baby is so sensitive, I thought disposables gave him a rash but now my cloth is doing it, too.” I always talk to them about flats. While there is a wonderful and extensive variety of modern cloth diapers that have made this choice so much more accessible, it’s great to go “back to basics” when you’re encountering an issue or starting from scratch and these flats from Sugar Sheep are a way to do so without sacrificing quality, style, and time. I love how easily they wash no matter what setting your washer is on, and how quickly they dry (15-20 minutes on my line and this flat is ready to go). These are a great way to build your stash or make it work better for you.

Where to Buy: Sugar Sheep on Etsy


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A Binky D Giveaway for Two!

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Already the feedback on our Binky D Hybrid Fitted review has been outstanding!  It’s so great to know there are brands with such loyal fans and that the products are making so many people happy to be using cloth diapers.


It’s time to reward TWO people for their patronage of DDL and Binky D!  Binky D Diapers is providing two prizes, one in stock item of the winner’s choice and one custom embroidered diaper with their choice of 1 design on the bum!  This giveaway is for two winners, first pulled gets the in-stock choice and the second pulled gets the custom!  If you’re already a fan of Binky D Diapers you know how hard it can be to get a diaper sometimes so this is even better than a golden ticket!

If you didn’t get a chance to see the review Lara did on their Hybrid Fitted here is a bit more about what that is: “A hybrid is a fitted cloth diaper that is designed to be worn coverless made with a hidden layer of poly fleece, to push moisture back into the soaker system and keep the outer shell dry.”

Since Binky D Diapers are often so gorgeous it can be hard to want to cover them up.  That’s why the hidden fleece layer is so fabulous!  You can have them on longer without needing a cover before wetness makes it to the front of the diaper!  They’re also good for daytime diapers when you need a rash to air out since they will be more breathable than a diaper with a PUL cover.

Since you know you want to win one enter using the Rafflecopter below. Open worldwide!

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Binky D Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing in her “big girl” room now that we’ve updated it with colors that appeal to her, a blackboard wall with chalk and lots of easy to open boxes and bins to keep her toys organized in. She still seems nervous about being in it by herself though, even with the door open while I fold laundry just steps away. Lately she’s taken to raiding her play kitchen, and hauling her doll quilt and a collection of “foods” and dishes out into the hall to have picnic tea parties with our dog, Valentine. I don’t allow our dog into the girls’ rooms (too many memories of cherished toys destroyed by my childhood dog who assumed they were for her), so it’s possible she just really wants to hang with her pup, but if I’m in the room with her she’s happy to stay and draw or do creative play. I’ve taken to bringing Autumn in there with us (I can’t bring the laundry in, Harper wants to help fold and I end up with more work than ever) and trying to have a designated amount of time there each day to help her get used to it, but part of me wants to go be productive. How do you relax and enjoy the tea parties?


Today I’m sharing a review on a hybrid fitted diaper from Binky D, made by a wonderful WAHM right here in sunny Florida. The diaper I received is made from the most lovely and plush cotton velour, a soft sky blue exterior and a cheery light green interior. The back of this diaper is embroidered feathers, meticulously placed and crafted from the richest glossy luxe threads in shades of blue, green, silver, orange, and coral. One glance at her website gallery will show you the amazing variety of one of a kind or limited edition diapers she has crafted in the past, and while I think I’d be happy with any diaper I’ve seen from her I am absolutely in love with this design.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Hybrid fitteds are constructed with a hidden layer of water resistant poly fleece inside the lining of the diaper so it offers greater leak protection without the use of an additional cover. These best-of-both-worlds diapers are breathable and soft, and packed with tons of absorbency. My diaper came with two inserts which snap together and to the diaper so it is easy to use, and quick to put on. The top soaker is generously over sized so you can fold some excess material to add additional absorbency where needed.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Prices range from $36 to $45 for a hybrid fitted diaper with two soakers. While this can be an investment if you are buying an entire stash of hybrid fitted diapers, you will find that the materials are luxe, the quality is high, and the stitching is impeccable. I’ll always pay more for an item that is made by an individual, especially someone local to me, knowing my money is going to help their family directly and not trickle through hundreds of cogs in a machine. If you can’t afford to purchase a full stash of 12-20 diapers I highly recommend you put at least one or two of these on your wish list. This diaper is so plush and breathable, a few hours in this style each day can really help if your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to rashes. I like to follow her Facebook page for updates on stockings to see when specific designs will be available, since she is a WAHM there is limited stock and demand is quite high.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Along with that hidden layer of poly fleece within the diaper shell, there is also a layer of heavy bamboo fleece inside each of the soakers. These premium materials result in a ton of absorbency so my girls are able to wear this diaper for hours even without a cover and have no leaks. At bedtime I will top the diaper with a wool cover and know that we can wake up to dry bed sheets.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This plush fitted offers a fold over rise to allow a greater range of sizes for every child, rated from about 10-12 lbs to 40 or more. A thick and strong elastic cinches the leg holes into a rich set of ruffles (I’m using a serged version, she does also offer turned versions), helping to keep everything where it belongs. One wing on this diaper offers cross over snaps so it will fit even a tiny child (although he or she will have a very fluffy bum). Harper is 2 years 8 months and can wear this diaper with the outside snap on the outermost setting, if she were to still need it when she is bigger I could pick up a couple snap covers and this diaper would easily fit her another year without issue, it has tons of room to grow. The rise on this diaper comes up fairly high, adding to the absorbency and blow out protection. Binky D rises used to be lower so if you have an older version your rise may be about an inch lower. Most fitted diapers are generally less trim than a diaper made with a PUL or TPU cover, so if you’re putting pants over these you’ll need to size up, but with a design this lovely I try to avoid that as much as possible. My girls love wearing this diaper at home with just a shirt, or out and about in a little sundress.

Overall: I’ve seen Binky D diapers before, many of the girls in my October baby online parenting group use them, but this was my first chance to try one in person and I was so impressed with the quality and absorbency. The gorgeous design and color choices make it easy to reach for this diaper as often as my laundry schedule permits, and I love that the breathable fleece contributes to healthy skin, especially in the summer heat.

 Where to Buy: Join the Chatter Group for Binky D to find out stocking times


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Winning Colors Baby All in One Diaper Review

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Mornings are always the most peaceful for us. We have a routine with milk and oatmeal and coloring and quiet time that seems to work pretty well for us. When Autumn arrived that routine definitely took a hit. I still try to make sure Harper’s oatmeal is cooked around the same time, but there are days I’ll wait for her to request it, which may not be until nearly noon. Coloring becomes more of an independent activity then a shared one. And quiet hasn’t been a member of this household for a few months, we just have to address each issue as it comes up as best we can. Still, Harper adores Autumn so much and is so eager to help whenever she can. I’m so glad she has been incredibly accepting of these changes and while she’s on a nap strike she doesn’t ever take out her frustrations on her sister (not yet, at least). Seeing the two of them together is the sweetest thing.


Winning Colors Baby is a WAHM located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She offers semi custom diapers with super quick turn around time, so you can submit a request and anticipate receiving your new diaper in two weeks or less. For a one woman operation, that is some serious dedication, I love it!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The best thing about custom options is that you can choose the style that works best for you. Each buyer is given a choice of All In One, All In Two, or Cover. You select whether you prefer side snaps or front snaps. You can decide on an interior lining made from suedecloth, microfleece, or bamboo jersey. Even the snap colors can be influenced based on gender if desired. I was sent an all in one style diaper with side snaps in medium for Harper, and as a bonus she sent me a polka dot newborn diaper with front snaps for Autumn with the tiniest sweetest little neon booster to increase absorbency. Being an all in one style, it’s easy enough to wash and wear, no assembly required.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Prices vary based on what you request, the diaper I am reviewing ranges from $25 to $33 based on materials used. This is a little high based on the overall cloth diaper market, but considering you are supporting a working mother who is purchasing her own supplies on a smaller scale and providing all her own labor rather than outsourcing, when I consider how much work goes into making a diaper (remember when I made diapers for the girls with my supplies from Babyville Boutique? That was no quick task!) as well as the fun PUL prints and appliqués you can request, I think the value is on target. She recently posted a “gamer” themed custom on her Facebook page featuring Nintendo controllers and retro game icons that I’m obsessed with, and she’s always on the hunt for great new PUL prints for her fans.


Performance ✩✩✩ I did find this diaper needed to be changed a little more frequently than other all in one style diapers we use. It’s possible the absorbency may not have reached its maximum potential yet, but after about 90 days of use I still find this diaper is best changed after one hour of use. I will admit my toddler is still breastfed on demand throughout the day and also always has a cup of water kept available, so she tends to be a heavy wetter and can go through a bulkier leading brand all in one diaper within just under two hours without breaking a sweat. For most babies you may not notice absorbency being an issue at all.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These are mostly sized diapers, available in newborn (7-12 lbs), small (10-18 lbs), medium (15-28 lbs), and large (25-40 lbs), though a one size option is listed in the front snap category (10-30 lbs). The snaps are arranged at a slight angle which allows you to choose snap placement based on your baby’s body type. Having one baby who has always been very skinny and petite and another baby who is all round tummy and chunky thighs I have a vast appreciation for this style, it allows a looser fit at the tummy for my little chunk, and a tighter trimmer fit for my tiny toddler. The fit on this sized diaper is quite trim and with the even trimmer side snapping feature I am able to dig out pants that are too tight for my 15 month old in her other cloth diapers. The newborn diaper is a tiny bit smaller and trimmer than our other newborn diapers, perfect for a brand new baby, and comes with a snap down rise at the center just right to allow room for the umbilical stump.

Overall: These diapers are well made, bright, colorful, and charming. They are trim and it is clear a lot of thought and love goes into each design; these are definitely diapers that are made individually and with careful consideration. I adore the option to customize your choice at every level, it allows parents a wonderful opportunity to express themselves far beyond just picking a color or a pattern. This is an excellent choice for a parent with particular tastes who may be unsatisfied with the ready-made choices in the market. It could also make a wonderful gift if you know the taste of the recipient, you could customize the diaper with their favorite colors and features!

Where to Buy: You can find Winning Colors on HyenaCart


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Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted Giveaway!

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Like a lot of you, Lara has a heavy wetter so hybrid fitteds like the Kissing Blake we just posted a review for are a great option!  The hidden fleece hold in more wetness and the super heavy bamboo fleece soakers will hold it all!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.19.11 PM

If you’re dying to try one you definitely want to try your luck on winning!  Kissing Blake posts often on their  Facebook page about stockings, new fabric choices, embroidery options, and more so you’ll WANT to follow their Facebook page to keep track.  When entering the giveaway please visit the page and hit the like button!  I was perusing their photos section (something I really love doing on WAHM pages because I get a great idea for their style and options since so many post their diapers as they come off the sewing machine) and above you can find many examples- my favorite print would have to be the one on the bottom left.  Several have a Lisa Frank feel to them- it’s bringing me back!


Enter to win below- the winner will get to choose the fabric used for their diaper from in-stock fabric and they’ll also get 2 free wipes.  This one is open Worldwide (but if you win outside of the US or Canada you may be responsible for shipping fee).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Kissing Blake Hybrid Extended Wear

Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing outside, it’s my perfect cure for any day when she’s being especially moody or disinterested in her usual toys and activities. It’s a bit trickier to manage supervision now that her baby sister has arrived, but thanks to babywearing and a little planning ahead, I’ve been able to make our backyard adventures really special and exciting even if I do have to stay in the shade and take lots of breaks to nurse.


Today I’m sharing a review on Kissing Blake, they offer a wide variety of quality and hard to find prints as well as custom embroidered diapers at a variety of price points. I tried out a diaper called Mermaid, a one size hybrid fitted with a shimmery swimsuit fabric outer that sparkles in the sun.  For the video the diaper shown for the first portion is their Extended Wear Overnight but my review reflects the Daytime Hybrid Fitted option I was sent.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ With a fold over rise and cross over snaps, it’s easy to get this diaper on just right. I love that the soakers snap together then snap to the diaper so nothing shifts on the baby. The materials used in each Kissing Blake diaper are washed prior to arrival, so you can start using it right away (no lengthy prepping to get through), though they don’t reach their full absorbency until they’ve been washed about four times. If you’re looking for extended wear or have a heavy wetter, you’ll want to add a cover over this diaper (any kind will work, but I especially love wool as it is so breathable). Keep in mind if you have a grandparent or babysitter over who may not be familiar with fitteds you’ll want to clue them in or you may receive a frenzied phone call that your diapers are leaking (not that I’d have any experience with that).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Prices for a Kissing Blake diaper vary based on the materials used. This particular diaper was listed at only 26 dollars, which is a fantastic deal for a quality hybrid fitted like this one. Many of the diapers offered feature fabrics which are hard to find prints and some have even been customized with intricate and beautiful embroidery. Some of these designs can run up to 50 dollars, which is on the high end for fitted diapers but understandable given the market and the options being offered. I love that a variety of price points are offered so any family can try Kissing Blake.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩This diaper is a hybrid fitted, which means it contains a hidden layer of polyester fleece behind the decorative outer layer and is somewhat waterproof, but not entirely. You’ll still want a cover for any prolonged wear or maximum protection. I love letting Harper play in our backyard while wearing a hybrid, though, as they are so breathable and if she’s outside and her diaper becomes damp, it isn’t a hassle to take care of. This Kissing Blake diaper is so beautiful I love seeing it on her and only use a cover if we’re running errands or if it’s nap time. The organic bamboo fleece used on the soakers is 500 gsm (SHOBF) which means it is super heavy weight, perfect for absorbing a lot of liquid. Kissing Blake also offers some diapers specifically meant for overnight and heavy wetters, these diapers have three soakers included instead of two.

Kissing Blake Hybrid Extended Wear

Fit ✩✩✩ I did find that the outer most snaps on the wings of this diaper were really far out, so while Harper has plenty of room to grow in this diaper, she will need snap covers to prevent the snaps from cutting into her skin as she is already on the very last setting despite being very petite. A snap cover will provide a barrier so the male snap doesn’t press into and hurt her skin.

With this fitted diaper you can expect some bulk, the diaper itself includes a layer of decorative fabric, a hidden layer of polyester fleece, and a layer of cotton velour on the interior. You then have two generously sized soakers, each is made with two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece, that can be folded over if you need additional absorbency in a specific wet zone. Based on how you fold the soakers, you can have up to 12 layers of absorbency, which can lead to a bit of bulk. Not that I’ve EVER minded a fluffy butt. It can be a bit tricky if you like dressing your little one in pants with a traditional cut to them (this is the time to pull out the Project Pomona Pants or the baby leggings!) but you can always remove one of the soakers if you don’t need full absorbency and the cut really matters to you (ie for a birthday photo shoot). Oh, have I mentioned how perfect these diapers are for a special photo shoot? There are such great prints available! I have my eye on that Dalek diaper.

Overall: I think these diapers are so cute and very absorbent for a hybrid fitted. I love them for playing outside, or for bed time with a cover. They are great for special photo shoots if you choose a special print you love (many of my cloth diapering friends like featuring a favorite diaper in their baby’s birthday or milestone photo shoots). These would also make a wonderful gift, either for a baby shower or if you have a pocket obsessed friend struggling with absorbency on bedtime diapers who you’d love to try fitteds. I love following Kissing Blake’s page to see what new prints they’ve come out with, they have something for everyone.

Where to Buy: You can find diapers listed on the Kissing Blake Hyena Cart.


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Bugga Bugga One Size All in One Diaper Review

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Matt joined a gym this year and the membership includes access to a highly visible child care center while you work out. He loves the layout because he is able to do a set, then stop at the water fountain next to the glass doors and observe Harper playing before moving on to the next machine. Last week they held a member appreciation day where he was allowed to bring a guest so I was able to see firsthand Harper’s experience with the gym’s facilities. I love that they always have two caregivers on hand and that they know Harper by name and look forward to encouraging her play. I found a treadmill on the second level that allowed me to see the play area clearly, and while I listened to my music I watched her play with the pretend kitchen, ride around on a little push toy, and color with a flock of pre-k age girls who all seemed to love and dote on her. When our workout was complete I walked into the room and she gushed “Mommy!” and rushed towards me, but I know how much she enjoyed her play time with the other children and it made me feel so much better about the hour or so of “me-time” it grants me each week day to catch up on chores, take a shower, and eat something. I never realized before becoming a mom how important it is to have a little time to yourself. Seeing how much good it does Harper as well just makes me feel that much better about it.  


Bugga Bugga sent us one of their brand new improved all in ones to test, and after having stalked their page several times in the past for some of the adorable one of a kind diapers they’ve offered, I’m really excited to talk about this one!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩This diaper is a one size all in one, which is what most parents consider to be the easiest and most convenient choice for their stash. There is no stuffing, wrapping, folding, or sorting to worry about. When the diaper is dirty you wash it, then you dry it, then you put it away. Just like that. Everything is attached and there is no guesswork involved.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This ooga booga print all in one diaper is listed at 27.95. This is a higher price than many all in one diapers using bamboo fleece, however it is very well made, and the designs offered are often custom and unique. I don’t know about you, but I’d happily pay several times as much for a diaper with, say, a Tardis, or Serenity on it, then for a generic solid color diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The interior of this diaper is lined with bamboo fleece, there is a large piece sewn directly to the pul to ensure baby’s skin only touches soft material, and there are two thick soakers sewn on top, affixed at both ends for ease of use. I did notice after several washings that the edges of the inner piece and the soakers did fray up along the stitched edges, but the fraying does not go past the stitches and does not affect the utility of the diaper at all, it is just the expected reaction of this type of fiber. Bamboo is extremely absorbent, and it wicks moisture away quickly, perfect for babies like mine with sensitive skin. I also love how breathable the material is. Harper can go two or three hours in this diaper without fretting, and when I change her she is still quite calm and patient, since she is comfortable. The hook and loop tape is extremely strong, which is great for an older child who may try to remove his/her own diaper, but was at times a little frustrating for us, because the seal is SO strong it was difficult for even an adult to remove. I’m sure over time and many repeated washings this will wear in more and become easier to use. As with any hook and loop tape, little bits of fuzz will find their way to the tape and need to be removed if their appearance bothers you. On the bright side, while many parents complain about some brands of hook and loop diapers which lose their hold and need to be replaced often, I have a feeling that will not be an issue with this diaper, at least not for a year or two.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These one size diapers are made with four rows of rise snaps and a generous nine inch band of hook and loop tape. The hook and loop tabs are also quite large at two inches, and paired with equally sized laundry tabs to prevent them from snagging your other diapers in the wash. The layout and size of the hook and loop tape combined with strong rise snaps offers an extensive range of fit options, we’ve been lucky enough to test this diaper during a growth spurt, and while we’ve adjusted the snap rise and where we fasten the hook and loop tabs, it has still provided a perfect fit every time. I find this especially exciting as I plan my newborn stash for Harper’s soon-to-be sibling, this diaper can be sized down extremely small and it appears as though it would fit even a very small baby, while that same layout of hook and loop allows for a generous fit on a much older and bigger child.

Overall: I love the convenience of this all in one so much. Some days I’ll get a chance to wash and dry the laundry but the thought of sitting down and making stacks of covers, pockets, fitteds and soakers and pairing them all together and stuffing and snapping everything just seems too daunting (especially while Harper is awake, she is fond of ripping my carefully arranged stacks down into a pile on the rug). On days like that I am so thankful to be able to pull my all in one out of the pile and be done. It’s very strong and absorbent and I think it will probably last a lot longer than some of my other diapers. The price is higher but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true to me as this fun ooga booga print makes me grin every time I see it, and I know I can trust it even when out running errands.

Where to Buy: Bugga Bugga Boutique on Hyena Cart


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